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  1. Thanks. I just kept playing with it until I figured it out. There is a lot of things I need to understand - data tags and records and worksheets especially. Frankly the Vectorworks help is very hard to follow sometimes. I do better with the videos. I really appreciate your's and Wes' help with this.
  2. The trouble I am having with the number stamp tag style is that it will not allow me to enter the text. I place the tag. I click "edit tag data". I enter text. It will not let me click the "OK" button to finish the creation. Is this a problem with v2020 or is there another step I am missing. I have attached what I am seeing.
  3. In am trying to make a label that looks like my door tags, but does not require me to attach it to anything in order for me to place it oon a drawing. I have some doors that were not created in Vectorworks so the regular door tag does not recognize them, and there for will not place the label. I can worry about attaching records later.
  4. Well I tried that and it does not seem to let me enter any data. I can enter it into the "data box" but nothing happens when I click "OK". It is like the "OK" button does not work.
  5. I am placing door tags on my plan. Everything is fine as long as I am on a door created by the VW door tool. The problem is I have a few doors I had to create using WinDoor because VW cannot make stacking doors. The data tag will not go on the drawing unless it touches a VW door. How can I use my tag without it having to be associated with an object. I am not linking to a record or anything.
  6. I am a member of a Facebook group of architects and one of them has been talking about how he can create so many elements instantly from SketchUp plug-ins that take many modeling steps for us Vectorworks users. You can view the plus-ins here: https://valiarchitects.com/sketchup_scripts Go to the site and especially look at roofs and the tutorial videos Particularly interesting are the roof scripts in that you get 3D tile, rafter tails, etc. I talked with a Vectorworks rep and he reminded me that the objects didn't look like they would "attach" to walls, etc so they would not be parametric and change with other elements. Well currently I have to create objects like rafter tails, moldings, gutters, etc by using the modeling tools so I am already not using parametric. These Sketch-up objects seem so simple to make that for instance if the roof needed to change, redrawing would be a very easy option. It would be great if someone would just take some time to write similar scripts that can be used in Vectorworks.
  7. Very cool! Thanks, but I never would have figured this out from the VW Help file.
  8. How do I access the marvin Windows in thw Vectorworks library. When I access it through the Resource Browser there is only one window available.
  9. I have preferences set to make a backup every 20 operations (and save 50 backups also). When I get the "are you sure" notice that it is backing up, I try to remember to save my file so the file I am working on is allso updated. I would like for the Vectorworks to do this automatically.
  10. Would it be possible to provide a back-up option that not only saves a backup to another location, but also saves the file you are working on. I try to remember to do this manually when I get the back-up notice, but if I am working intently on something I often forget.. It is very frustrating to have a crash (which still happens far too frequently) and find that your current file is a couple of hours old. To use the latest backup from another location I have to obviously rename it, and sometimes, because of this "stripping" you do, I have to recreate certain 3D objects. While I am on that subject, why do you do that? What is the use of a backup if it is not your exact file?
  11. Unfortunately I am fairly certain I have a corrupted file (section viewports are showing the cut view plus a random view at the same time in Open GL). It is happening in all of my back-ups so rebuilding from there does not work. VW Tech people could not figure out what is going on and sent it to engineering. Meanwhile I have to move forward on the project. It seems in the past I have read about a process of cutting and pasting into a new file drawing by drawing and recreating viewports, etc. I tested it with one drawing and it seems to work. Is this the correct thing to do and does anyone have a process/checklist for doing so. Fortunately the project is in the DD phase so it won’t be as bad as if I were deep in CDs - but I suspect it will take up much of my day because there is still a lot of information there. How can I make sure I don’t transfer the “bug” in the process? Thank you for any suggestions. Dick Jenkins
  12. I am having the exact behavior as Kevin. The column tool is totally unusable. I am on a Mac, Yosemite 10.10.5.
  13. Also make sure you do not put the drawing label in a class that has a text style, because the text in the table will try to align to the way you have styled the text. For example a text style for notes may have an alignment of "top" and "left" because it is how you would want a text block to start. It would also shift the writing in a label.
  14. Working on a project that was started 4 months ago so it was in VW2012 - but now I am doing the CD's in version 2013. Some operations are really really slow (joining a wall brings up the beach ball and sometimes takes 15-20 seconds). Are there some settings I need to be looking out for that may be causing things to run so slow. I am on an iMac, 2.66 GHz Intel Core 15, 12 GB RAM, 1067 MHz DDR3 (whatever that means) I am running OS X (vs 10.7.5) Thanks! Dick Jenkins Jenkins Architecture 307 West Martin Street Raleigh, NC 27601 (919) 856-0856 www.JenkinsArchitecture.com "Don?t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." -Howard Thurman


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