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  1. I made a Class Chart plug-in. It creates a chart of all classes. Then you can easly copy and paste (and delete again) the classes from one file to the other. Have fun. Create Class Chart.vsm
  2. Hi, Contact Vectorworks. Please bare in mind that everything you create in the Vectorworks version for students can not be opened in the commercial versions.
  3. True. The oval of VW is an ellipse. An ellipse can be made by taking a circle and scaling it in one direction. (to check individual points on that ellipse you can convert the circle to a Polygon and check if the points lie on the ellipse (oval). They do.) Back in the MiniCad days the offset of the oval was a polygon (good) and later a polyline (nicer but less precise). But at some moment in time VW decided to let the offset of an ellipse be an ellipse again and this is not true. This is easily check by drawing dimensions between the first oval and its offset.
  4. Make sure not to make the class while setting up the wall. The class must be made prior to opening the wall settings dialog and the class must be set to "Use at creation", else it won't work. Chnaging this later won't help. I ran into this in VW 2018 and VW 2019.
  5. True, but the eyedropper comes so close that I never made a point out of this.
  6. Please don't change how it works now. You can change bulk symbols by selecting them and edit teh info in the OIP or by listing them in a spreadsheet and change them there.
  7. I don't know about these two. Just major problems in displaying 2D plans: - Objects not showing, just selection handles visible - Objects showing on a different location, Selection handles seem to be in teh right place - Showing objects that are actually on invisible layers - Editing a group still seeing objects outside the group even though "show other objects while.." is switched off. - Plans redrawing not showing the whole plan. Quit VW and then open VW and the file again seems to be the only cure.
  8. Sorry, the Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics card is not up for the task.
  9. In other words, you need a MC7 or, in my experience, VW 8 (not 2008) running as steppingstone between MCD files and current VW versions. This means running an old Mac with OS9 in a classic environment. An old G3, 1st generation iMac for instance or a G4 (blue front) will do.
  10. There is a build 461124 maybe it helps? https://www.vectorworks.net/downloads/ServicePack?major=2018&servicepack=5
  11. You can add them to the Vectorworks menu using the workspace editor. (dragging them from left to right). .vsm file are menu items and .vst are tools.
  12. Hi Onyhus, We ran into the same problem and found no standard solution for it. As a workaround we made a menu command that runs through your document and puts everything on ScreenPlane. The Set to Layerplane command was just a small change so we made that, too. Set_to_Screenplane.zip Kind regards, Gerard
  13. Again a VW 2018 dialog: A similar dialog opens when you hit the Options button.
  14. The export resolution is too low. Increase its setting. Shown here is the VW 2018 dialog:
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