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  1. Gerard Jonker

    Line types

    You always draw 1:1 (a door = 800mm wide), but your display scale of the Design Layer is best kept close to the output scale of the View Ports. That way hatches and text need less correction scaling. I have a fixed Design Layer scale of 1:50 as it lies close to output scales I use most: 1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200. Just my 2cts.
  2. Gerard Jonker

    VW2019 Fundamentals - Tools Taken Away

    If this is not "Trumping" Vectorworks' feathers: I'll advise my fundamentals clients not to upgrade then. It also makes the step in version of Vectorworks a lot less useful so more difficult to get people to make a first step in our direction. Pity.
  3. Gerard Jonker


    May I suggest to you to start working with ViewPorts in all of your projects and forget about the saved views. At first you draw in the design layers and make every now and then a viewport. When the drawing nears completion your angle of attack changes: You roam the SheetLayers and double click viewports when you see something that needs editing. You edit DesignLayer or edit annotations. Then exit the viewport again and check the other Viewports. When VW introduced Viewports I thought it would be great for bigger projects but after a very short period of time I started using them on even the smallest and simplest of projects, like the bike shed for the neighbours. They are so powerful, I can't imagine having to live without them.
  4. Gerard Jonker


    These scripts were useful in the transition for pre Viewports era projects to set them up as Viewport projects. For new projects they have hardly any value as you setup your Viewports as you go??
  5. Gerard Jonker

    creating new classes

    Hi Andrew, Indeed, usually you want new Layers to be invisible and new classes to be visible in all existing viewports and Saved views. The dialog doesn't follow the general logic, which is a pity but we can correct for it. However, most om my new classes are not created new in the current document but instead they come along with copy and paste from older projects. These pasted classes are all set invisible. Such a shame. At least we should get a question about that when pasting objects with classes new to this document. a bit more than 2 cts, Kind regards,
  6. Gerard Jonker


    @Matt Panzer I'll hit the brakes then. Need to do some paid work as well.
  7. Gerard Jonker


    Among my clients there were many who Used to set up their files in such way that you needed merely changing the active layer to have another drawing in sight. The command "Create ViewPorts from DesignL" assumes your LayerOptions to be set correctly, Then it flips through the DesignLayers and creates a ViewPort on a new SheetLayer for each new actively Layer. Some of these VP's maybe maeningless (only showing grid and Title border) but all other VP's should be useful. Enjoy.
  8. Gerard Jonker


    -Install the plug-in "Create ViewPortss from Views". See movie in the link below. -After installing run the command in a file with Saved Views. -A dialog pops up asking if you want each ViewPort an a new SheetLayer -Check your SheetLayers. The youtube movie is about a tool, in this case it is a menu command.
  9. Gerard Jonker


    When Vectorworks first introduced ViewPorts I thought them great for bigger projects. Only a few months later I started to use them for all projects, even for little things I draw for the kids. Now I hardly ever use Views anymore as the ViewPorts also store the views. Just my 2ct.
  10. Gerard Jonker


    @HEengineering I noticed I gave this command already a try in 2006. This time I managed to get a working version. Although not perfect (no perspective and no render info). It should do for 2D work and simple isometric views. How to know it is a view and not a script? I checked the name of the palette: "Saved Views". Please give it a try. There are two plugins. The one you asked for and one with a little twist. I hope it helps you through the bulk of your work. Download address: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ady3rx2kxn2kul/Create_ViewPorts_from_.zip?dl=0
  11. Gerard Jonker


    @HEengineering Is it 2D stuff or does it also involve 3D views?
  12. Gerard Jonker

    Door ID Tag Text Size

    Set your Design Layer to a scale more or less matching your viewports. IAC not 1:1. I use as my standard scale for most of my project 1:50 in the Design Layers now the scale factor to my viewports is not too huge to get all nasty moving of of text and other ill effects.
  13. Gerard Jonker

    Font Preview

    It would be nice, however, this is not (in the humblest of my opinions) Vectorworks core business.
  14. Gerard Jonker

    Measure box doesnt show up?

    I don't see the sprocket in the rightside of the option bar, but there you will find the extra fields to show: If the sprocket doesn't show you can switch it on by going to the menu in the triangle in the same bar. Regards, Gerard
  15. Gerard Jonker

    Snap to midpoint question

    You are absolutely not alone. Not tablet related, it is also a problem if you use a mouse It used to be the centre point seeming more to the front so it would snap better.