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  1. LJ TMS

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Yep, deleting the textures folder will remove all textures from the geometry (obviously backup the vwx first so you can always get back the original library w/ textures). After viewing the 3D components of some of the symbols after removing textures, it looks like many of them have colors set (amps dark gray, cymbals yellow, etc). This script by Pat Stanford (Convert Objects in Symbol to ByClass) would help you achieve your all white look. Since everything is on the "None" class, running that would convert the symbol contents to "By Class" with a white fill. You would just need to place an instance of each symbol on the Design Layer to run the script against (still much faster than editing each symbol individually).
  2. LJ TMS

    Strange arrow during viewports

    @gmulder You can also add a dropdown to the top toolbar to quickly toggle the setting.
  3. There's a field at the bottom of the Object Info palette where you can type a name in for any object.
  4. LJ TMS

    Simulating lasers

    No problem, glad to help!
  5. LJ TMS

    No Fixtures in MVR but are in ESC

    I actually recently encountered the same issue with a lighting plot originally drawn in VW2017 and exported to Vision via MVR in VW2019. Exporting MVR showed all the fixtures in the MVR export dialog, but only the geometry came through on Vision import (and ESC worked as expected). I stumbled on a solution while prepping to file a bug report... copy/paste everything to a new file. Turn on all your classes (if you have multiple layers, you'll need to do each individually), Select All (Ctrl+A), Copy (Ctrl+C), start a new file in 2019, and Paste in Place (Ctrl+Alt+V). Export MVR and everything came through for me.
  6. LJ TMS

    Simulating lasers

    Individual fixture geometry can be turned off without doing so globally. In the Scene Graph, if you expand the dropdown of the fixture one level below it's name (called "base"), select it, then uncheck "Visible" in the Properties window, the fixture geometry will no longer appear.
  7. LJ TMS

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    So if I understand correctly, you could use whatever controls you wanted to map the main texture properly to the object in VW (map type, scale, H offset, V offset, rotation), send to Vision, then replace out the bump/reflectivity/alpha/normal textures and they will match up to however the main texture is mapped?
  8. LJ TMS

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Can you explain the process to do this? I can give this a shot if @scottmoore wants to send me a few of the images used? @bbudzon I see where to assign textures in the Materials dropdown of Properties but how would you go about mapping correctly on the object (map type, scale, H offset, V offset, rotation) that you have in the VW Render tab?
  9. LJ TMS

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Just dropped a few random symbols into a VW file and sent to Vision via MVR and everything looks great!
  10. LJ TMS

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    @scottmoore Hey Scott, one item for clean up I noticed. In the 2D component of your 5' Grand Piano (Glossy & Matte) symbols, there are 900 polygons that can be removed from the curved portion of the frame.
  11. LJ TMS

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    @scottmoore These are awesome symbols Scott! The modeling strikes a nice balance of complex enough to look good while simple enough to maintain speed and the textures look great!
  12. LJ TMS

    Fixture request

    Well that would explain it. No red astrick indicating a required field next to Phone, and I know I didn't fill that in last time I tried to submit. @Rob Books Did you fill this field when you tested the form?
  13. LJ TMS

    Video wall preview in perspective view

    @nickvaphiadis If you can't find any objects nearby, it may be the rear surface of your video panels if they have very little depth. You could try giving them more depth so the rear surface isn't as close to the front surface. Or give them an extrusion of 0 so there is no rear surface. The further distance you have the camera away from two surfaces Z-fighting, the further apart they need to be from each other to prevent it.
  14. LJ TMS

    Fixture request

    Hey Rob, can you clarify... does this mean you found no problems with the form, or that you found problems and it is now fixed?
  15. LJ TMS

    Fixture request

    I had this issue as well when I last tried to make a fixture request. I ended up putting a fixture request in the VSS area and specifying I needed Vision profiles. https://serviceselect.vectorworks.net/support/fixturerequestform


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