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  1. Is there a way to download a fairly accurate 1:200 site plan from Internet etc(OSmap) or through geolocate on VW for free so I ca create a Block plan to send to an authority. (the Bock plan is the site for development with adjacent properties included.
  2. Yes a little. below is an email from tech support which shows where I was going wrong. Tech support wrote:- The issue is that the landscape areas aren't assigned to a design layer with a site model on. Please see the below screenshot to see where this option is. There is a site model on Design layer 1. This site model is invisible and seems to be inside of the actual site model. This needs to be removed as it may start causing other issues. Hope this helps you as it has helped me a little but I still need convincing. regards Tristan
  3. Dear all I followed the landmark essentials seminar. managed to create site model with plants etc. when I came to start taking the first viewport the plants were deep below surface of the site model. Does anyone know what I need to do to align model with mulch and plants etc? Essentials Template #3.11.pdf
  4. I have created a wall with rectangle mode and then filled with a slab auto bounded. The outer wall is not containing the slab but is sitting ontop. Any ideas of what i'm not doing right here? Tristan home 1.pdf
  5. thank you for all the feedback. It has solved my issue.
  6. Hi All What is the easiest way to transfer self made classes from one project to a new project?. Would I need to make a database of preferred classes?. If so what is the process? Or is there a an area in Vectorworks where they are automatically stored?. Regards Tristan
  7. Hi all I am new to project sharing. I wish to send a Garden design to a customer to view Plans and 3D walkthrough. I wish to minimise what they can see (Plant lists). What would be the best way to send these?. Not sure if sending via e-mail is an option and is a working file ok, or is the project file best?. I will get them to open up Vectorworks viewer to see plans.
  8. Thanks for your reply Art V. The iMac has an i7 processor with 8gbs RAM and 8GB VRam. Thinking of adding more Ram soon. The HP will be an add-on not a replacement. So looking too se if its worth getting a laptop or a dedicated graphics card for the HP Pavillion.
  9. Is it possible to add a door from the door tool to a massing model?. How?
  10. I have been offered the use of another computer to use Vectorworks landmark 2019. Do I need to upgrade it?. It is an HP Pavillion 500-242ea Desktop with AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics. 6GB RAM (5.18GB usable). I am an entry level user.
  11. Thanks Jim and Christiaan. To Jim. I see you are very experienced and are using windows and Mac OS. I like the suggestions based on budget. The other consideration is buying a smaller sized Macbook with lower spec and connecting to an external monitor then buying an add on external GPU at a later date when needed. If this is a good idea what would you suggest. Also with a casual user like myself at the moment and in need of training would it be hard for me to work between the 2 OS platforms? Or are there benefits with respect to working with customers in he future etc?
  12. I have a fairly high spec iMac 2017(27") used to learn VW18/19. I have a full-time hands on gardening business outside of landscape design to earn bread and butter . Now thinking of a lower/necessary spec computer/laptop (Apple or windows) so I can work away at my girlfriends who is about to live 50mins away. I am still at entry level status with Vectorworks. Also what is it like to work around 2 platforms (Windows and MacOS) VW19 in mind?. I prefer larger screens. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
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