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PDF Export - Scale oddities with positioning?

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Can someone explain what this weirdness is when exporting to PDF?


1. Draw two circles at x:0 y:0, one with 2'0" diameter, one 2'6" diameter on a design layer with scale of 1:24

2. Create a viewport to sheet layer

3. Duplicate a few times each with a different scale from 1:200 to 1:1300


Everything looks fine on the screen...




Export to PDF and things get funky. What's going on here?







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Thanks! The DPI setting on the Export PDF dialog does appear to help fix the issue. Although I have to set it about 1200 DPI before all the circles look correct which seems excessively high.


I guess the next question is how do I set the DPI with the Publish command? This is how I normally export PDFs since my drawings almost always have multiple pages. I can't find anywhere to set the DPI when using Publish, and it doesn't appear to use the DPI of the Sheet Layer.



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In the right hand pane of the Publish dialogue if you select one or multiple sheet layers you have an 'Options' button at the bottom

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Well crap. Thought I explored everything in that Publish command, but somehow missed that Options button becomes active only after you move one or more sheets to the right hand side and highlight them. Thanks guys, appreciate the help!

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