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  1. Martijn Wingelaar

    BridleTool a mess

    @ Moritz and all other users. Again. A bad Tool. So what if I want to create a 3 leg bridle and all the hanging points are at a different height? Like in a spaceframe with an extra level? "Image 1". Leg 1 at 11m, Leg 2 at 15m, Leg 3 at 19m. This happens a lot weight wise. Now in the tool I have to give a trim height that's for all the legs. This is the wrong way around. Snap to a House Rigging Point or Structural Member. Set this as trim height. Some more things I think are strange. 1: Bridle leg angle. How can you choose the max angle? What's the max angle? 120 degrees? Why if I want to make it 130 with a load of 500Kg I get an equal load of 590.31Kg in both legs. If I use 1t steel then what?? 2: Bridle leg length. How can you choose the leg length before you've created the Bridle? Metric you can choose steels with a 25cm interval. Leg 1 should always be the shortest. And "you prefer this one without a S.T.A.C or Chainclutch". What does not work in the Bridle Configuration. The creator of the tool is thinking the wrong way. Is not a Rigger and got the advice from the wrong people. There are some good examples of how it should work. 1: http://www.vectorbridle.com/ a vectorworks plugin 2: http://bridlecalculator.com/ a AutoCAD and Bricscad plug-in
  2. Martijn Wingelaar

    Structural member

    Just updated to SP1 and it’s working now
  3. Martijn Wingelaar

    Structural member

    Can someone draw a round tube as a 2019 structural member for me. I need a 300mm roundtube thickness doesn’t matter with a length of 5305mm. I wanna use it in braceworks but i can’t draw it in spotlight. I think you need Designer for that Greetings Martijn
  4. Martijn Wingelaar

    BridleTool a mess

    Hello Sebastiaan. I've started so redo all the steel length and chains. I'll add my file. I'm still working on it now I only got metric length. And I also discovered that you can only snap to a hoist hook with a 3 lag bridle. And leg one should always be the shortest without a chain or S.T.E.C. Greetings Martijn. Stock Bridle.vwx
  5. Martijn Wingelaar

    BridleTool a mess

    Hello Users. I've been trying the Bridle Tool. But I think is a mess. They tried to make something but didn't understand how. 1st The bridle doesn't snap to a hoist that's inserted with the Hoist Tool. You can change the downleg for a hoist. But what rigger start with designing bridles before you got a hoist. 2nd Why do is there always a downleg "what's called a drop or stinger in the business". A downleg should be used if the hoist does not have enough chain length or you need a steel for a deadhang. 3th why is there a 4 leg bridle choice. A 4 leg bride won't work cause there's always a leg who does nothing cause steelwirerope is never exactly on the mm. 4th They should change the trim height to apex height. If the tool snaps to a house rigging point or structural member you don't need a trim height you need a apex height. What I'm missing is the text from the bridle configuration in the drawing instead of the assembly diagram. How is the rest thinking about this? Greetings Martijn.
  6. Martijn Wingelaar

    Create Report List All gone in 2018

    Hello Users. The Create Report List All Symbols function is gone in VW2018. Is there a way to do this in 2018? I use it a lot to check DWG imports or other VWX drawing i get from 3rd party suppliers. Anyone? Greetings Martijn.
  7. Martijn Wingelaar

    Bridles and Ground Support?

    Hi CETLV For calculating bridles you can check vectorbridle.com
  8. Martijn Wingelaar

    Help creating marionette tool

    Sorry for the late response guys and girls. But thanks for the help. It's working now and i'm a step to my end result. greetings Martijn
  9. Martijn Wingelaar

    Help creating marionette tool

    Hi there. I don't get it can someone please help me to turn this in a editable tool? Greetings Martijn. Dropdownmenu.vst
  10. Martijn Wingelaar

    Help creating marionette tool

    Yeah that works. So now i need to create a tool. And add a parameter to make it editable. If i'm not mistaken. But where in the script can i find the parameters and what does it need to be? (integer,boolen....)
  11. Martijn Wingelaar

    Help creating marionette tool

    Helo forum users. I'm kinda stuck and need some help with marionette and python. I'm trying to make a object info tool with several dropdown menu's that will output a combined text file. But i can't get more then 3 fields. And if i turn it into a new tool i don't understand how to make it editable. Can someone help me with this? Greetings Martijn Dropdown.vwx
  12. Martijn Wingelaar

    Can i add a new truss type to Insert Truss

    Hey Rob. Yeah your right. I found the convert to truss option in the braceworks menu. Thanks for the respond.
  13. Martijn Wingelaar

    Can i add a new truss type to Insert Truss

    Hello forum users. Does anyone know if or how you can add a new type of truss to my VW libaries. I've got Prolyte truss that is not included "yet" Greets Martijn.
  14. Martijn Wingelaar

    Text spacing

    Hello. Does anyone knows how to text spacing in marionette? I try to combine multiple dropdown lists. But the text from the list is placed on top of each other.
  15. Martijn Wingelaar

    text to report

    Thanks for the help Michaelk.


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