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  1. Hi CETLV For calculating bridles you can check
  2. Sorry for the late response guys and girls. But thanks for the help. It's working now and i'm a step to my end result. greetings Martijn
  3. Hi there. I don't get it can someone please help me to turn this in a editable tool? Greetings Martijn. Dropdownmenu.vst
  4. Yeah that works. So now i need to create a tool. And add a parameter to make it editable. If i'm not mistaken. But where in the script can i find the parameters and what does it need to be? (integer,boolen....)
  5. Helo forum users. I'm kinda stuck and need some help with marionette and python. I'm trying to make a object info tool with several dropdown menu's that will output a combined text file. But i can't get more then 3 fields. And if i turn it into a new tool i don't understand how to make it editable. Can someone help me with this? Greetings Martijn Dropdown.vwx
  6. Hey Rob. Yeah your right. I found the convert to truss option in the braceworks menu. Thanks for the respond.
  7. Hello forum users. Does anyone know if or how you can add a new type of truss to my VW libaries. I've got Prolyte truss that is not included "yet" Greets Martijn.
  8. Hello. Does anyone knows how to text spacing in marionette? I try to combine multiple dropdown lists. But the text from the list is placed on top of each other.
  9. Thanks for the help Michaelk.
  10. I've got a question. Is it possible to add text from a drawing to a report. What i want to do is link text what i add to the drawing to a report. Instead of adding symbols to the drawing. I try to combine steel wire ropes to get a total length. If i add symbols it's al lot of work to align them.
  11. Ah that explains a lot. Thanx to all anyway.
  12. Yes i already found that. But i can't find the marionette tool in the workspace editor. So i can't add anything.
  13. Can any one tell me where to find Marionette in Vectorworks? I'm using Vectorworks 2016 Fundamentals.
  14. download the new version 1.9.4 we found a bug that wasn't visable for us but we fixed it
  15. what version are u using?