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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll try that!
  2. It would be nice if one could modify/edit classes in multiple viewports simultaneously. Not just turn them on or off, but also override class attributes like textures etc.. This would speed up work if one is rendering different options for certain components, ie. cladding options, component colours. Also it would be great, if one could override the texture for all aspects of object (wall, roof directions) with one button click. So you don't have to click 5 times to make sure the texture is going to be overridden for all aspects object. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I seem to have the same problem here. All of a sudden a slab object has disappeared and when I try to copy from backup file, the slab in backup file disappears, too. Notice another slab sitting on another class than None; and it disappears when I move that slab to the 'None' class...
  4. hajom

    Energos - Space Volume is Zero

    Will do. I send the file to CAtech@vectorworks.net as well yesterday.. Learned I had to turn on 3D settings for object info palette; but still didn't show up for Energos... Thanks
  5. hajom

    Energos - Space Volume is Zero

    I have a problem with my space objects not showing the volume as well, and I have the 'show 3D' turned on.. @cxs Was that your issue? Did you resolve it? @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Any suggestions? Thanks


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