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  1. All 3D hoists are shown without gates on the hooks. Please change this. All 3D Reeved / double purchase hoists do not show reeve blocks. Please change this.
  2. I shall give that a whorl. Thank you
  3. Also, can the icons be moved from the bottom right of the drawing page? It's so close to the bottom the every time I go near it I get my MAC dock appear.
  4. Is it just me or is the new snapping pallette a pain in the bum to get right? Setting the 'Snap' and 'Smart cursor' was (for me) a 'set & forget' in 21. Now I don't know whether it's on or off. Hamo
  5. Thank you Pat. That was going to be my next port of call. Just discovered something else about the Nut & Screw assembly. Change the fill colour of the bolts and it changes the the colour of the whole assembly. Another path to travel down. Oh well. H
  6. Hi Pat. Think I've found the answer. Using individual components, we get loci. Using the Screw & Nut assembly, we don't get loci. Now I just have to replace everything. Thank's for pointing out about 2019 - I'll update the profile H
  7. Exactly. that’s interesting about the commercial web service. I’ll have a look into that. H
  8. The status of ‘Greenhorn’ for forum posters is insulting and misleading. It implies the poster is an amateur and new to VWX. just because someone doesn’t post that often should not be taken to mean they are not experienced with the program. Recently in posting to the community I get replies that make an assumption I’m an amateur and respond accordingly. status could quite easily just be the number of years a poster has been using the program. 1 to 10+ would work. it’s insulting and needs to change please.
  9. Hi Pat. ive been using VWX since it was Minicad back in the 90’s. I’m not sure why you would suggest I should check out the demo version. Can you enlighten me please as I may be missing something? not sure why you can’t see the 3D loci insertion points. They are definitely there. You must have something turned off in your prefs. Love to find out what it is. As an excercise (please humour me). Drop an M10 metric 3D hex bolt from the ‘Fasteners’ tool box into a drawing. In wireframe, zoom in on the head of the bolt and see if you can see the 3D insertion point loci. H
  10. This is what i'm referring to Pat. If I have 20 screws in a detail the 3D loci zoom up as I zoom out. Now, if I can get to the original symbol of the plug-in object then I can edit it and change the class to 'NonPlot'
  11. Old shot, but there’s an hydraulic drawing board under there somewhere. H
  12. Hi Markdd. Thank you. unfortunately, the 3D loci are fully embedded in the plug in without a separate class allocation. Something that needs to be fixed at source please VWX. Plug in’s now cannot be edited at the working drawing insertion level, but rather need to be found in the application files (if you can find them that is) and then ‘drilled’ down still further to edit one simple symbol. Whenever I create a plug in from scratch I ensure that the insertion points are classed as ‘NonPlot’ to avoid the visual cluttering that can happen, particularly when drawing detailed machine drawings with lots of nuts, bolts, washers etc. Another little nugget for the VWX wishlist pile. H
  13. I'm using the Logitrch MX Vertical and whilst it takes a bit of getting used to at first, the reduction in wrist strain and and RSI has been very noticeable. Certainly recommend investigating it.
  14. I would like to add a class of 'NonPlot' to Plug In insertion points (3D Locus). I'm aware they don't print, that's not the problem. However, when I'm using a lot of plug in's from the the 'Fastners' or other tools pallets, they start to clutter up the drawing and I would like to turn them off. Anyone know how this can be done now? H
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