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  1. Actually, it looks like Auto Hybrids simply ignore the 2D Attributes of Contained Objects in Vectorworks 2022, whether they're from Materials or even just from applied Fills. Bug submitted on 022222... Hopefully this will be fixed soon... ... ...
  2. In the meantime, might it help to use World scale-hatches instead of Page-scale hatches?
  3. Right, and that's why "Fine Tune Camera" updates the view as expected, because you're explicitly manipulating the camera.
  4. My experience is as follows: I right-click on a Viewport that's linked to a camera and select "Edit Camera." Upon reaching the design layer, I manipulate the view as desired. Upon returning to the Viewport, if I failed to manually Activate the camera, my view is not updated as desired. So "Edit Camera" is misleading and most certainly counter-intuitive. If it's working as designed, maybe it should be changed to "Edit Design Layer with Camera Selected" (which currently appears to be the only difference between "Edit Camera" and "Edit Design Layer;" they're practically redundant). Alternatively, and maybe preferably, the design should be changed so that when editing a camera the camera is automatically activated...
  5. @MarcelP102 ... Thank you for the suggestions, but, as Tom & Andy say...
  6. Wow, I do believe I've just solved the problem of the inability to disable legacy 2D features... ... ... (or at least I seem to have discovered one solution...) The warning dialogue box says "Cannot disable legacy 2D features because the drawing contains screen plane objects and/or saved views with unified view settings." Yet even after deleting all objects and all saved views from the file, it's still impossible to disable legacy 2D features. And even after deleting absolutely everything (classes, layers, sheets, resources, etc.) from the file, it's still impossible. 'Cause it's not an object in the file or a saved view. It's a document setting. Cropped Perspective. Turn off cropped perspective, and then (assuming the conditions of the warning dialogue are met, and assuming there aren't other rogue settings), then legacy 2D features can be disabled! Hallelujah! Well, except that now, evidently, we can't frame our perspectives in order to compose them... ( https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/87782-no-screen-plane-in-2022/page/2/#comment-434018 ) (VWIS233)
  7. I'm finally getting going with VW 2022, and I've just realized that "Cropped Perspective" has fallen victim to the (mostly welcome) "removal" of Screen Plane. It's bad enough that I originally had to seek out "Cropped Perspective" (why wasn't it the default??) so that I could frame my camera views. The blue corner crop marks are indeed useless; beyond useless. Am I missing something, or do we really, still, after 9 months and with SP3.1, not have a way to frame and compose perspectives??? VWIS233
  8. Well... I think planes only apply to planar objects. 3D objects and symbols and hybrid objects and symbols can never be on the "Screen Plane." And 2D symbols can only consist of planar objects, and those have to be on the "Screen Plane." But... 2D symbols can either be on the Screen Plane or a 3D plane. But that's meaningless when they're just a resource in the RM, because it depends entirely on how they're placed in the drawing itself. Of course, in Vectorworks 2022 there no longer is the "Screen Plane." Or so they say... "2D Component," "That which will only display in Top/Plan view"... call it what you will, "Screen Plane" is a fundamental requirement of Vectorworks' hybrid environment and it is still very much with us. Open a brand new blank file. Draw a rectangle, duplicate it, extrude the copy, and make a (hybrid) symbol out of both. Edit the 2D component of the symbol. In the OIP the rectangle has no plane option associated with it. Exit the symbol, enable legacy 2D features, edit the symbol again, and you will find that now in the OIP the rectangle does have a plane option, which is "Screen." So, with Vectorworks 2022, all they've really done is remove the ability for us to optionally draw in the screen plane (thus the new ability to set the working plane parallel to our computer screens... ("Align Working Plane with Current View")). Otherwise, Screen Plane still persists "behind the scenes" in all hybrid objects, and is the only way to draw in the 2D Component of a hybrid symbol. So the inability to turn off legacy 2D features in older files, especially when there are no screen plane objects in the drawing space, and very especially when everything has been deleted from the file, definitely seems like a bug. I contacted Tech Support about this in December and sent them files, and I submitted it as a bug in January. So, you know... good luck.
  9. Over five months later and this problem appears to persist with SP3.1. We get per-face textures, but we lose attribute mapping. Why is it so difficult to realize net gains with Vectorworks?
  10. I couldn't get that to work, though I'm not sure I understand exactly what you did. It doesn't seem like planes ("3D or Layer Plane") are associated with resources (in the Resource Manager; i.e., a 2D symbol can be placed either on a 3D plane or the Screen Plane... in the RM it's "plane-less" if you will...).
  11. Benchmark elevation in a sheet viewport: for Elevation Display (in the OIP), select "Y value relative to reference elevation". You can then set the Reference Elevation to whatever you like. For example, if the First Floor of your building is 216', set the Reference Elevation to -216'. (This assumes your First Floor is at Vectorworks' Z=0, which I highly recommend: if you need to change the vertical elevation of your building, move the World, not your building/model). When creating the Elevation Benchmark, you can click on the Wrench/Pencil icon at the top to set the Reference Elevation and other settings for future creation. That Wrench/Pencil icon applies to other tools as well, and may address some of your other questions. Not sure what a "Control Point" is (at least as a VW tool)...
  12. I have found that the problem appears to be the presence of Floor objects with a Pen Style (Line) of "None." If there is just one of these on any design layer that's visible in the Viewport, ALL objects in the viewport (naturally and logically...) will be represented at the cut plane as if they have a Pen Style of "None." It really doesn't seem like the 2D attributes of an object should affect its 3D display in a Section Viewport ( https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/91244-why-are-3d-objects-subject-to-a-2d-attribute-fill-of-none/#comment-416165 ), let alone affect the 3D display of all objects in the viewport. VWIS232
  13. In my project file, my section viewports have no lines associated with the cut plane (which uses the Section Style) class (but the fill displays and can be controlled entirely as expected). I've checked viewport settings, class visibilities, class overrides, and everything else I can think of, all to no avail. Maybe most telling is that when I copy one of these viewports into a brand new blank file created with my template, the issue is resolved. And when I copy a viewport from the brand new file into the project file, that viewport then fails to display any section plane lines. Which makes me think it's a file issue, and not a viewport issue. And I can't think of any file settings that would affect or control this. So now I'm thinking "corrupt file?...". Or maybe I'm being dense and completely missing something obvious. Any thoughts, anyone?? Thanks! VWIS232
  14. Is it just me, or do Materials and Auto Hybrids not work with each other in Vectorworks 2022?.. In both Vectorworks 2021 and 2022, in brand new blank files, do the following: 1.) Create 4' x 4' x 8' extrude. 2.) Apply "Brick Clay Modular MT" material to the extrude*. 3.) Duplicate the extrude, and change the height of the second extrude from 8' to 2'. 4.) Create an Auto Hybrid from both extrudes (use the default settings). 5.) Create a Horizontal Section Viewport (use the default settings, including for the Sheet creation). (Files attached) Issues: 1.) In Vectorworks 2021, in Top/Plan view, the Auto Hybrid displays the "Component Brick HF" hatch, as expected. But in VW 2022, the hatch is not displayed; just a white fill is shown. Why?!? 2.) In both Vectorworks 2021 and 2022, in the Horizontal Section Viewport, the "Component Brick HF" hatch displays for the cut plane, as expected, and, even better, the "Brick Modular Running Bond HF" surface hatch displays for the extrude that is below the cut plane. It kinda seems like Auto Hybrids similarly should show the surface hatch below the cut plane, and not the cut plane hatch... Is there a new feature or setting that's necessary for Auto Hybrids to properly display materials in Vectorworks 2022 that I'm missing?? Thanks! VWIS230 *Brick material can be found in the Resource Manager at: Vectorworks Libraries > Defaults > Materials > Materials.vwx > Masonry > "Brick Clay Modular MT". 04-VW 2021-Material.vwx 05-VW 2022-Material-00.vwx
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