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  1. willofmaine

    Text Attributes

    Oh, okay. I did find the "Set Character Properties" node, and it seemed overly complicated with having to set which characters got the formatting; I thought maybe I was missing a simpler node. Thanks!
  2. willofmaine

    Text Attributes

    Is there a node to set basic text properties, such as font, font size, and alignment? I can't seem to find such a thing...
  3. willofmaine

    Marionette Objects Relentlessly Reset

    @Nuno Antunes I've been having lots of success with Marionette in Vectorworks 2018, with only a few snags that necessitate work-arounds. Hopefully it will be even better in 2019... good luck!
  4. willofmaine

    Offset Sweep Profile

    Well... at least I was sort of thinking along the right lines... I tried using "Group" instead of "List" to incorporate the locus. "List" works better... Thanks!!
  5. willofmaine

    Offset Sweep Profile

    When creating a sweep in VW, a 2D locus can be used to create a "donut" sweep (a sweep with nothing at it's center). But how is this accomplished with Marionette? The Sweep node's "nOffset" input seems to only introduce a Pitch to the Sweep, not the desired displacement of the Sweep's profile away from its center of rotation...
  6. willofmaine

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    Hmm... I don't get that message. Try going to Vectorworks Preferences > Session > Check for Updates (near the bottom) and make sure that "Never" is selected.
  7. willofmaine

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    Glad I could help calm the Irritation-O-Meter!
  8. willofmaine

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    You should be able to prevent this without uninstalling. In the Finder, right-click on one of your 2018 files, select "Get Info," and then adjust "Open With" so that VW 2018 is the default for all of your .vwx files.
  9. willofmaine

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    I don't know... I think they've succeeded admirably in enlisting the widest group possible with the best real-world files for Beta testing... their entire customer base. All of us users. After at least 20, maybe 30 hours with VW 2019, only about 10 of which were billable, I'm back to VW 2018. Excessive crashing was the final straw (and this with a brand new, fresh project; luckily I didn't convert any projects over from 2018).
  10. As it turns out, ultimately, the ability to search may be preferable to having the sub-classes automatically expand, though, absolutely, both abilities would be best!! Unfortunately I say this based on brief use, 'cause I've run, screaming, back to VW 2018. The ability to search in this case is especially effective because as soon as the "Class:" menu is clicked on, the cursor is in the search field, ready for typing without yet another click. It's these little things that make a huge difference in a world where time used to be money, but now clicks are money. Too often, VW requires way too much clicking...
  11. Thanks, Matt! Thanks for confirming & for submitting a bug.
  12. In Vectorworks 2019, the ability to hover over classes in the OIP and see them automatically expand to reveal sub-classes has been dropped(!?!). This is SORELY missed!! Please bring this ability back!!! Soon. With Service Pack 0.5. Thank you. VWIS147
  13. willofmaine

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    I've had a couple of problems with section viewports. One is that I wasn't getting a single, continuous fill for the cut plane. Turns out there's a new setting in the OIP, "Detail Level," that needs to be set to "Low." Otherwise, in the "Medium" and "High" settings, wall and slab components are shown. Another issue, which I think is a bug, is that if the viewport's section line has a jog, the cut plane fill may partially or entirely disappear... Maybe you're encountering one or both of those issues...
  14. In VW 2019, Viewport Sections with Section Lines that have jogs seem to lose their fill at the section plane. This doesn't seem to always happen; it seems as though it may depend on how the section line relates to geometry in the model. But in complex (i.e., real world...) project files, it does seem to always happen (I'm assuming this is because there's so much more geometry that the section line passes through...). This isn't an issue in VW 2018, where fills are as expected, in all cases. See screenshots; related VW files also attached. VWIS144 03-Fill as Expected in VW 2018.vwx 02-No Fill in VW 2019.vwx
  15. willofmaine

    VW 2019 Crash when attempting to "Replace" Symbol?

    "Refresh Libraries." Who woulda guessed? Anyway, that did the trick, Thank You!


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