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  1. In Vectorworks 2019, the ability to hover over classes in the OIP and see them automatically expand to reveal sub-classes has been dropped(!?!). This is SORELY missed!! Please bring this ability back!!! Soon. With Service Pack 0.5. Thank you. VWIS147
  2. willofmaine

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    I've had a couple of problems with section viewports. One is that I wasn't getting a single, continuous fill for the cut plane. Turns out there's a new setting in the OIP, "Detail Level," that needs to be set to "Low." Otherwise, in the "Medium" and "High" settings, wall and slab components are shown. Another issue, which I think is a bug, is that if the viewport's section line has a jog, the cut plane fill may partially or entirely disappear... Maybe you're encountering one or both of those issues...
  3. In VW 2019, Viewport Sections with Section Lines that have jogs seem to lose their fill at the section plane. This doesn't seem to always happen; it seems as though it may depend on how the section line relates to geometry in the model. But in complex (i.e., real world...) project files, it does seem to always happen (I'm assuming this is because there's so much more geometry that the section line passes through...). This isn't an issue in VW 2018, where fills are as expected, in all cases. See screenshots; related VW files also attached. VWIS144 03-Fill as Expected in VW 2018.vwx 02-No Fill in VW 2019.vwx
  4. willofmaine

    VW 2019 Crash when attempting to "Replace" Symbol?

    "Refresh Libraries." Who woulda guessed? Anyway, that did the trick, Thank You!
  5. willofmaine

    Nasty Crash 2019

    Oh no, are you falling behind? Won't they let you upgrade from 2018 SP3 to 2019?!?
  6. willofmaine

    VW 2019 Crash when attempting to "Replace" Symbol?

    Holy mackerel. Yep. I get the spinning beachball, and it's game over. Oops, actually, didn't have to Force Quit. After a minute or two, the "Replace" dialogue box closes and Vectorworks is back, but with no replacement realized and, further, selected objects don't show in the OIP. Closing and reopening the file resolves objects not showing in the OIP. But it gets weirder - after reopening the file and trying "Replace" again, it still took a couple of minutes, but then I was able to successfully select a replacement symbol and carry on with no (apparent) further issues... Sporadic, inconsistent bugs are my favorite... *sigh*.
  7. willofmaine

    Nasty Crash 2019

    Odd, mine says "Story" in that empty column header. I'm guessing Spotlight doesn't use stories? In which case, maybe it's having a bit of an identity crisis; maybe it thinks it's Architect and is looking for stories that aren't there?...
  8. willofmaine

    Mirror Node Huh?

    Thanks Alan, this is great. Guess I shoulda searched for "Flip" as well as "Mirror"... I guess the only difference between this and mirror is that you can't define the flip access. And, oddly, unlike the Vectorworks Flip command, this flips about the origin, rather than the object's own center (which, for Marionette objects, may actually be a good thing since, at least so far, I've always wanted to mirror about the origin). Any particular reason that in your "Mirror object (2) v2018.vwx" file you use the "Duplicate Object" node? It seems to work just as well without it (it seems the Flip node always creates a duplicate...). Thanks!
  9. willofmaine

    Mirror Node Huh?

    Seems like it's the English language that's the culprit here! Thanks!
  10. willofmaine

    Mirror Node Huh?

    So... when it says "Create a duplicate object", it's really actually saying "Retain original object;" it's not referring to the mirrored object itself as a duplicate of the original object...
  11. willofmaine

    Mirror Node Huh?

    In the attached file, a rectangle is duplicated and mirrored with the "Mirror" node and the pair is then extruded. In order to get it to work properly, it seems necessary to both select "Create a duplicate object" in the OIP and to bypass the "Mirror" node with a second wire (that goes directly from the Rectangle to the Extrude). It seems like the "Mirror" node should simply spit out the mirrored object, and it's original if "duplicate" is selected, and pass those on to the "Extrude" node. Right? Or am I missing something? Also, is there not a 3D Mirror node? File: 1801-F03-03 03-Mirror Node Huh.vwx
  12. willofmaine

    Hybrid Objects in Hybrid Symbols: Invisible Geometry

    It looks like turning Unified View OFF resolves this as well (as well as invisible 3D loci and invisible hybrid objects in symbols). For today's super productive activity with Vectorworks, I'm editing a default door hardware handle (because for whatever reason, much of the default hardware doesn't seem to use "by class" for its attributes...). When working in the symbol and rendering in OpenGL, everything disappears. Oh, wait, if I zoom way out, it's there, visible way off to the side (but only selectable at the origin). (It looks like how far away this mirage image is is a function of how far the symbol is from the file's page center...). Further, while scroll zooming, and only while scroll zooming, its mirage self disappears, and it's temporarily visible at the origin. All just like your flipped symbol, only the symbol isn't flipped. And in this case, turning Unified View ON seems to resolve the issue... It's getting really hard to keep track of whether or not Unified View should be ON or OFF to make Vectorworks a graphically viable software... PLEASE FIX!!!
  13. willofmaine

    Hybrid Objects in Hybrid Symbols: Invisible Geometry

    A flipped symbol still has a relationship to the rest of the 3D model - even if the model has to be upside down and rotated 135º - so why can't objects outside of the container be visible? I wish they could be.
  14. willofmaine

    Hybrid Objects in Hybrid Symbols: Invisible Geometry

    Yep, I hadn't picked up on that, but I can replicate it in my file. Further, in both my file and your file, if you flip the host symbol and then edit the 3D component of the flipped nested symbol, all seems to behave as expected (just the same as my flipped symbol resolves the issue of the invisible geometry of hybrid objects when editing the 2D component of the host symbol...).
  15. willofmaine

    Section Viewports Invisible when Zooming

    Well, I've had everything in a group, in a regular viewport, disappear not when zooming, but just when editing and when "show others" is on. If "show others" is off, then it's fine, but then editing it in a vacuum is pointless.... VW Workaround No. 124,398: ungroup and regroup groups in viewports.