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  1. Endre Torkildsen

    are there d&b bumper files

    @C. Andrew Dunning Thank you for sharing! Have been looking for the d&b frames for a while!
  2. Endre Torkildsen


    Thank you for the intel! 🙂 I also have sent a request/video about the issue, haven't got an answer yet. I am a bit disappointed about a lot bugs for a 2019 update. Having massive issues with resource manager on truss items, this function is way to slow to open...
  3. Endre Torkildsen


    @Jim Wilson Do you have any videos of the Structural Members tool? Have tried abit but it do not seem like this tool works? Maybe I do it the wrong way.. When i try to draw with the tool, there is nothing showing up.. Really looking forward to the new Braceworks tools!
  4. Endre Torkildsen

    Milos and layher symbols

    Hallo VinceK, I had a meeting with sales at Milos Europe today. He told me that this is beeing woorking on and was hoping to see some action soon.
  5. Endre Torkildsen

    Mirror / copy tools, braceworks load ID

    I often have a setup that will be quite the same on the other side of the centre point. Therefore I often want to use the mirror or copy tool. I cant say that this always happens but I often have a problem with objects that have been "mirror/copied" do not have a new Load ID. It still keep the same load ID as the symbol that it was "mirrored / copy" from. Is it a fix for this? I have attached a picture that shows an example of what I mean. At this project, it is a 360 degrees screen, and when I have drawn all of the projection of the one side it would been nice to mirror it to the other side. When I do the Mirror function I need to adjust all of the "load ID" on the items I mirrored. Yes, it is not a very big issue, but it takes a bit of time to do that to very time you mirror or copy symbols that need to be a part of the braceworks calculation.
  6. Endre Torkildsen

    Hoist self weight

    Thank you for answers @Rob Books. Have tried what you wrote, but I still feel that this is a bit tricky. I have now adjusted the 1ton, 1/2ton and 1/4 ton to the specs that our hoist have. if I open a new document and first insert a 1ton hoist, all the data is correct. When I try to insert a 1/2ton afterwards, all the specs from the 1ton also shows up on the 1/2. Why is that? Second question: Would it be possible to add my own hoist (Loadguard) the same way that CM/Stagemaker/Tour rig ect?
  7. Endre Torkildsen

    Hoist self weight

    Where do I change the self weight of a chain hoist? (Hoist and chain weight) All the hoist`s possible to choose are having the same weight..


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