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  1. @Antonio Landsberger Thank you for the answer! If the scale is a thing I will keep that in mind and try to stay on the same. Will this also be a "bug" if you drop a red symbol onto a design layer(same scale as created) and then later on change scale?
  2. Hi, Im not sure if I am the only one that have this problem but the following is happening. I have a lot of marionette plugin symbols drawn in different files. If I try to copy a plugin-symbol from the file that I build the plugin in, to a new file the symbol disappears as soon as i try to do some changes to the the symbol. This also happens if I rotate the symbol from top/plan 2D. It seems that some of the nodes looses its connections when i do the copy/paste operation.. I have made a screenshot trying to show the problem.. Its kinda confusing because i have spent a-lot of time on some of these plugin-symbols.. My version is 2021 SP3.1 (build588748), running from a Macbook pro M1. Marionette copy:paste bug.mov
  3. Came up a question in the Vectorworks Spotlight user group at facebook: Anyone know how to change the position of the leveler on a screw jack? Made a quite simple plugin symbol for this. Layher base 20 w:handle adjustable.mov Layher adjustable base 20.vwx
  4. @JuanP, Thanks! I also have a few more pickup symbols, more to come!
  5. Hi, I have made a few more truss parts that Milos have in their "standard" stock, also some pickup symbols that I use a-lot. Who will be the right person to talk to, to have this added to the service-select library? (I guess that there is not only me that wants this symbols). Attached are some screenshots of the parts.
  6. Hi, I have some objects that is created from the path extrude node, trying to add thees obects together with the "solid Boolean - add" node, cant get this to work. The obejcts are created from different path`s. I have attached the file if anyone would have a look.. Solid Boolean - add error.vwx
  7. Hi all, Is there a way to modify the connection lines between the nodes? I want to have straight lines not the one at the attached image.
  8. @Philip Kühlbach I did some re-modeling to one of the "default sling symbols" and I think it worked out quite well. One for a 290x390 Litec truss, and a 290x290 with two shackle, just to get the orientation of the hoist the right way.
  9. @JustinVH I love the improvements that 2021 has! Would it be possible to have a sling-symbol for a 290x390mm truss also? it is for Litec RF40. We have spesial slings for keeping the rigging as "tight" as possible, is there a "easy" way to add your own? Tried to duplicate a symbol in the library file and adjust that, but it didn't work..
  10. Wow Thannk you Sam! have been strugeling with this for soo long!
  11. Hi all. I have a few marionett plugin-symbols where I use the Slider-node. The slider seems quite "slow" to use, and it shows a lot of decimals. Is there some way to make this slider more responsive, and set how many decimals I want it to "use"? Have attached a video showing what I mean. Marionette slow slider. .mov
  12. @KingChaos Hi, I learned this by alot of reading on this forum. I also have a little-bit of experience in coding from earlier. Sorry to not answer on the post over here. Have not noticed that you posted. This thing i created is a plugin symbol(not a plugin). The plugin-symbol consist of alot of marionette-nodes and the geometry for the symbols I am editing. For videos / tutorials:
  13. @twk Thank you!! That worked out perfect! I didn't know that was the way to do it! 🙂
  14. Hi all, Pretty new to the Marionette coding, but it seems quite nice! Is there a way to “load” a symbol in a plugin symbol(w/marionette)? My plugin symbol consist of 7 symbols. These symbols are only showing when the right parameter is chosen in the OPI. The problem is when I am inserting the plugin-symbol to a new file. Then there are 2 of 7 symbols missing. As I am quite new to this, there is probably a better way to do what I want, but it works for me, almost! 🙂 Marionette Roe Lightweight beam stack:hang.pdf
  15. @MA68340 I can understand that you may be expected that your renders would look like the picture from the promo. But do you ever need or want to do renders like that? The way I assume braceworks is mostly used is to generate paperwork, not beautiful renders. Attached is a PDF from a project earlier this summer.
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