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  1. this seems to only be in 2021 version.... still rocking 2020.
  2. hey guys, so I'm having some trouble assigning a texture to a 3d polygon thats being created in a PIO... ive got color working using vs.SetFillBack but i can't figure out what to use to apply a texture to the surface...
  3. thanks! this helped me a lot! I'm almost successfully made my first PIO with parameters! the only real issue i have right now is when i insert it from the tool set, i get a "HANDLE Variable is NIL"... I'm using vs.FSActLayer() but obviously thats not what i should be using... any advice with what i should be using to get the handle of the PIO would be great.
  4. hey guys, a few questions on understanding how plugin objects work... so i've made a plugin (via the plugin manager) and I'm trying to understand how to interact with it. - when i insert a plugin object from the tool set does it run the whole script? - if i have made parameters for my plugin object, does it run the whole script if i change any of the values? - how do i actually get the value of the parameters after changing them? i've tried vs.GetObjectVariableHandle (and the various version of that) and doesn't seem to be working.
  5. hey guys, wondering if its possible to have a plugin run when i start vectorworks or when i open a drawing. either will work.
  6. ok so i have a few more questions about some things i can't find. what should i be using to set the Z height of a symbol? UPDATE: solved this. vs.Symbol(symbolName, x,y , -22.5) last = vs.LNewObj() vs.Move3DObj(last, 0, 0, 180) what should i be using to get the symbol type? the name that is just below class and layer. (normally its polyline, focus point, 2d/3d object, ect.) can i inset a symbol from a drawing thats in my favorites folder? this one is more of a general python question but i need to find the length of the side of a 90º triangle only knowing the length of 1 side and 2 of the angles. ive tried what i though was correct but doesn't seem to come up with the right answer... ive attached a picture and the code i tried for reference. in the image I'm trying to find the length of the A side. import math angle_a = 22.5 b = 56 a = b * math.tan(angle_a)
  7. @Tobias Döngi so what is the handle parameter the first function is referencing? is that what is currently selected?
  8. so i've been using Vectorworks for a few years and decided to make some python scripts. i understand python but i've having a hard time getting off the ground. i've made some basic scripts but I'm ready to start making useable ones now... what i want to do is to select some objects and get some basic info about them (location, size, ect.) and add some symbols based off the positions of the selected items. I'm stuck on step one of looping through the selected objects. any help would be appreciated.
  9. @markdd yeah everything runs fine, but i would expect more out of a 12 core 2 GPU machine...
  10. hey guys, so i just got my hands on a 2013 Mac Pro(12-Core Intel Xeon, 2 FirePro D700 6 GB, and 64gb of ram) and my 2018 baseline macbook pro seems to out perform it... is there anyone still using a 2013 mac pro. Has VW just moved past hardware from 2013? i can never remember what part of the system VW uses the most. Does it help that the mac pro has 2 graphics cards? does the 12 core Xeon help or hurt it? does VW2020 prefer clock speed over core count? my main workflow is Spotlight and occasionally OpenGL/renderworks. thanks guys.
  11. Yes I did find that Last night and it worked. Forgot to post about it. Thanks!
  12. hey guys, whats the proper way to get a fixture added to the fixture mode library database? need them to use vision for a previs show. Ovation B-1965FC https://www.chauvetprofessional.com/products/ovation-b-1965fc/ Ovation B-565FC https://www.chauvetprofessional.com/products/ovation-b-565fc/
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