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  1. is it possible to add a point object plugin to an existing tool set? i was messing around with vs.ws2GetMenusCnt() and all them but gave up after not understanding how to use them.
  2. yeah i've been trying that but when i go to print the sizing is all messed up and based on the print paper size not but the size i set with SetDrawingRect()... i guess back to banging my head against the wall trying different ways. lol
  3. i got that setup already, but how do i choose that custom page size with my script.
  4. after creating a new sheet layer, id like to change the paper size. normally this is done by Page Setup > Printer Setup > Paper Size. ideally id like to select a custom paper size or create a custom paper size. anyway of doing this?
  5. I'm new to braceworks so bare with me.... I'm trying to hand a projection screen and keep getting an error of "The load is part of a hanging position, but cannot be assigned to a structural element." not sure how to fix this i also seem to be getting this when same error when using the cable tool that has cable dropping to the ground off the truss.
  6. the one of the outdoor stage with the white background? thats shaded?!
  7. which rendering mode did you use for that?
  8. there seems to be guru for just about every micro topic here, which is awesome! who's the person thats the wizard at braceworks? we finally got braceworks and i have some questions about integrating some of my plugins with it.
  9. hey yall, I'm gonna start here and might move this to the bracework forum if its better there... an i attach a custom PIO to a truss system and have it carry weight? if so what do i need to add to my PIO for this to work? and also can can i attach custom symbols to a truss system? you know when you hover over a truss and you get the red line and such.
  10. when i run a menu command plugin is it possible to sort selected objects by the order they were selected in?
  11. yeah I'm not sure where it pulled these endpoints from. is there another "external" API for vectorworks?
  12. i was bored on a show so i decided to ask the ChatGPT from OpenAI to "build a python Vectorworks plugin that horizontally distributes all the selected items evenly" and this is what it spit out. interesting. # Import the Vectorworks Python API import Vectorworks as vw # Import the VWObjects module from Vectorworks.VWObjects import * # Define the plug-in class class CExamplePlugin: # Called when the plug-in is loaded def Load(self): # Get the selected objects selectedObjects = vw.selection.GetAllObjects() # Calculate the total width of the selected objects totalWidth = 0 for obj in selectedObjects: bounds = obj.GetBounds() totalWidth += bounds.GetRight() - bounds.GetLeft() # Calculate the space between the objects space = (totalWidth / len(selectedObjects)) - totalWidth # Distribute the objects horizontally for obj in selectedObjects: bounds = obj.GetBounds() obj.SetBounds(bounds.GetLeft() + space, bounds.GetTop(), bounds.GetRight() + space, bounds.GetBottom()) # Called when the plug-in is unloaded def Unload(self): # Clean up resources here pass # Create an instance of the plug-in class plugIn = CExamplePlugin()
  13. well thats a damn shame. ill post back here if i come up with some sort of workaround or solution.
  14. ive been exploring using vs.TrackObject() but have run into a whole other issue of getting it to run more then once. it doesn't seem to play nicely with while loops in python. might need to bang my head against the wall some more with this.
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