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  1. I'd like to point out one other thing for discussion on this thread. Once the stake objects are created in design layers, the scale of stake objects does not respond to any scale value change of the design layer. Further, stake objects does not respond to the scale of related sheet layer viewports. Our team consider this as inconsistent object behaviour compare to other objects in VW. P.S. Big thank you to everyone whose sharing their knowledge on this thread!😁
  2. Thank you guys for contributing to this thread! Currently, our team is doing the same thing. Put stakes in the design layers. But I wonder why this problem occurs: the coordinates values only differs by 50~100-ish, not a huge difference.
  3. Hi, I'm using stake tool as coordinates label for my drawing. However, the stake placed in viewport annotations (underlined in yellow) shows different values from the stake in design layer (underlined in red) for the same insertion point. The scales of stakes are different as well. Could someone point out what's the possible causes of this issue? Thanks in advance! My software is Vectorworks Designer 2021 on Windows 10.
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