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  1. I cannot figure out how to get the size of a steel (wide flange 3D) into a new data tag , looking to make a simple tag with steel size and length ? Can get the length ok but not the size (ie. the 203 x 203 x 46 part)
  2. you could use the pillar tool in AEC menu also - gives you a solid fill in 2d
  3. 1 - you may have to use two roofs? 2 - it might be easier to 2d model the birch panels and extrude rather than use walls , use internal elevation tool for reference 3 - in the classes of the door object you can set different internal & external textures
  4. fabrica

    Joining Walls

    you might need to 'remove wall breaks' first - should work though? or manually disconnect walls and use wall join again?
  5. fabrica

    Joining Walls

    use the wall join tool , T join and capped option
  6. @Taproot also these two : https://texturehaven.com & for HDRI's : https://hdrihaven.com
  7. My defaults are https://www.textures.com/ and https://www.poliigon.com/ , the 1k textures on textures.com fine for vector works
  8. Should work fine if your roof layer is above your wall layer , post a problem file to have a look?
  9. @bcd very impressive renders , equally impressive Lumion Pro price !!!
  10. theres 5 keynote videos ? which one has the new renderworks features?
  11. @TomWhiteLight you have to say that ! 😀 but there's no way renderworks will ever have the ability or features of vray or corona etc , and all the associated plugins with those. (and nor should it as thats not its function) I like renderworks btw but its not for the high end arch viz renders some clients want. you just can't do in renderworks the examples from here: https://corona-renderer.com/forum/index.php?board=3.0
  12. @Jim Smith I think if you want real photorealistic you should factor in sending it out to a 3d vis company. Renderworks is basic and more for outline communication / design intent with clients , while the 3d vis companies do the brochures / sales buff stuff , with the nice lens flare and depth of field etc! The dedicated 3d render packages just have too many features missing from render works and ease of use. Definitely move from OpenGL to renderworks though - there's loads of sites for textures (poliigon.com , textures.com), an OpenGL v renderworks image below (image took 1min.23 secs in renderworks)
  13. i normally publish the sheets (plans, sections, elevations, details etc) as dwg files to send to the engineers for them to work on , and a pdf copy for reference.
  14. @Ruby S very good presentation btw. pity the features not for 2021....
  15. + maxon/redshift integration + tabbed pallets as per C4D (no mention of door / window / stair improvements though !😂 )
  16. there is a recent 2020 webinar on the vectorworks university site on energos - (haven't watched it yet) or this might be of use? : https://www.markstephensarchitects.com/shop/vectorworks-energos-training-notes/
  17. @Kevin C it should appear on your resources as below - just make sure all icons ticked on top bar at red line? - you will have to set up the files first also. My understanding is that 1 is for each user and is not shared online - ie. each user can set up their own preferences and hot keys etc to suit. , 2 - templates, title sheets, wall styles etc are in a shared 'office' vectorworks file on your cloud.
  18. @Christiaan it should read as 2 on cloud and 1 on local computer
  19. 1 & 2 straightforward - put your drawings standards on your preferred cloud based system, not sure 3 is possible. someone needs to be in charge of 2 so libraries can be updated for all.
  20. Hi, I'm on an iMac with 2020 .SP.3 and Catalina 10.15.4, but not having any problems. I find it goes a bit crazy if I have the navigation graphics set to best performance , so I leave it at good performance and compatibility.
  21. video working for me -- try right click and download?
  22. agree, it should be unlimited installs , then a check-in and release option similar to what C4D / Maxon did for R21, so you can work from any computer.
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