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  1. BGD

    Tile/Image attribute

    Yes got it. Thanks ever so much for your prompt help... much appreciated
  2. BGD

    Tile/Image attribute

    Some Qs 1. What does grouping and then ungrouping does? 2. What do you mean by select all lifework? How do you do that? 3. My tile is just showing some lines that I probably used to insert plants..
  3. BGD

    Tile/Image attribute

    Hi ya, Cant open the file. Giving an error message. Also, pls share how did you go about creating it? Thanks
  4. Hi, I want to create a fill attribute that I can use to fill a landscape area to show mixed planting in top/plan view. For this, I have inserted certain plants and now want to create a fill attribute that shows only 2D graphics of these plants. What's the best way to go about it? The idea is to completely get rid of 3D component of plants that is making the file big and also easy to use as a resource to fill landscape area in general. Thank you for the help. Plant mix.vwx
  5. BGD

    Design plan fix

    Ok thank you. 2 more Qs.. In the hardscaped area - decking, flagstone and gravel.. is there a way to show the 2D fill only partially rather than the whole of the area? That will give a much tidier look. And, in the middle bit flagstone area one edge isn't showing. Not sure how that happened ūüôā Is there a way to show it? Thanks
  6. BGD

    Design plan fix

    Hi, I have drawn a garden design plan with some hardscape area, some raised beds etc. If you zoom really closely then you can see a bit of gap between two different areas/raised beds etc... Is there any way that I can join two objects edges next to each other without any gaps? Thanks Plan.vwx
  7. Hi, 1. When I'm opening the resource manager and searching for an object style - plant in VW Libraries, I cant see the 3D view in the RHS pane? How can I fix this? Also in RHS pane of RM, for an object style in active document that is showing 3D view in RM, by default render mode is on wireframe mode and view mode is on 2D. Is there a way to change this default setting?
  8. Thats excellent. Thank you
  9. Hi, Is there a way to create grayscale or more prferably just B&W viewport of my garden design's masterplan that has various hardscape with different attributes and textures? Also, whats the quickest way to cover a landscape area with just 2D symbols of plants to show mixed planting border? Thanks
  10. Wow... I will try to follow step by step and learn from it. Thank you for your time .
  11. Hi, What's the easiest way to model a raised bed fille with soil in vectorworks? The way I am trying to go about it is form a shell and then make another cuboid inside thats textured as soil. But is there any other simpler way? Similary whats the easiest way to make a simple rectangular pond filled with water slightly lower than the brim? Thanks
  12. BGD

    Gravel hardscape

    Hi, I am trying to create a hardscape that looks like gravelled area. I looked Resource manager thorougly but could'nt find any suitable fill attribute for 2D component of hardscape and texture for 3D component. Any suggestions? If not how do I go about creating fill attribute from image? I tried to do so but the image still has white outside area plus the gravels are looking very big in size in attribute. Thanks
  13. Ok thank you. You're right editting Plant style is simpler than actually making changes in database. Thanks
  14. Hi, Suppose I open the Vectorworks Plant Database and make some changes in a plant's height and spread. How can I then update Plant style in resource manager that reflects this changed height & spread... as in the plug-in symbol of plant gets smaller or bigger depending on change in plant database? Thank you


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