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  1. These are the problems I am facing in the attached file. 1. Why slabs texture is not showing in 3D view? 2. Wall-House class has attribute of fill opacity 0% and line opacity 100%. But this is not showing on the top plan view. Infact none of the house walls are showing on top plan view. 3. Why one of the house wall is showing white in the 3D view, whereas brick for other one. [class attribute is brick for both] 4. How to make default changes in Tag etc [length, angle]? i.e. when we create landscape area, hardscpae area... the default lenght of tag is very long, default text style is too big etc. How can I change this Tag default settings so that I dont have to manually change it everytime in Object info palette. 5. Why hardscape texture (and area) is not showing on 3D view? 6. Like in this drawing I have only drawn a portion of house walls. In this case, how can I draw roof that is just shown as half or broken roof as the drawing is focussing morTest 3.vwxe on garden area and not the house itself? Thank you for all the help.
  2. BGD

    View - Right Iso

    Thank you so much. Without people like you replying on this forum, we beginners cant learn VW.
  3. BGD

    View - Right Iso

    Hi, I was doing this design and all the views were working fine. Suddenly, I dont know what happened now when I choose the Right Iso view, it is only showing me a long brick wall and not the whole page's perpective view. Thanks for helping. Test 2.vwx
  4. Both mirroring and adding surface were good ideas. Thanks
  5. I am finding a bit difficult to draw half shape of heart.
  6. Hi, Can someone suggest me easiest way to draw a symmetrical 2D leaf shape (a bit like heart shape)? Also how to draw a uniform and symmetrical wavy line (a bit like ~ )? Thanks
  7. Hi, Like plant objects, is there a way to access stationery symbols/objects (like Pencil, pen, ruler, compass) to insert in a vectorworks drawing? A little naive question but like in MS Word/PPT one can insert symbols, clip art, picture... can that sort of thing possible in Vectorworks? Thanks
  8. Hi, This is the design I'm working on. For some reason the plants I've inserted shows on Right Iso view, but it doesn't show on Top/Plan. Any idea why is this happening? Thanks Test.vwx
  9. BGD

    Plant database

    That works now. Thank you.
  10. BGD

    Plant database

    Hi, I'm trying to find plant based on some characteristics in plant database. However when I open get plant data, it doesn't open the Plant database dialog as shown in the Vectorworks Help. It actually opens a window like the one attached and does not easily let me look for plant with certain attributes. What am I missing here? Thanks for the help. Plant database.docx
  11. Hi, I am trying to fillet the edge where cuboid & cylinder meets (highlighted by drawing a red line in attached file). But the fillet edge tool is not letting me select that edge. Why am I having this problem? Thanks for your help. Untitled2.vwx
  12. Hi, On the printscreen, my ruler is showing mm in 0, 2000, 4000... How can I change to 0,50,100... ? Thanks, B Ruler unit.docx


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