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  1. Weird. I swear to almighty I searched and could not find an instance of that word anywhere but now coming back what I wanted to create is there. You got me. I tried a few times and it must have done it the first time without me seeing it but the org lists and search didn't show it on the subsequent attempts and searches. Cheers. BTW, does anyone know where there are some sample room layouts such as a powder room a bedroom, etc? Think I saw something like it in the RM but cant find it after a bunch of searching.
  2. I am trying to create a class called "slab". For some reason the app is saying this name is in use. When I go to the Org manager and search for "slab" it is not present under any tab. Any idea why this would happening. Seems really strange.
  3. ddcpe

    Door Trim

    Yeah...I went to the RM and found the symbol then altered its settings there and Whalla! (or however you spell that). Interestingly though, I chose the interior and exterior both in the RM but for each instance in the file I had to select them and individually set the exterior to show up. Thanks.
  4. ddcpe

    Door Trim

    I have a model where I have input a bunch of doors and windows in walls not knowing the trim config ahead. Now I know what I want to use on the doors (no trim on windows) and when I go to a door and click on the settings/trim tab only the Exterior box is available to check, the Interior and all its settings are grayed out. Also when I check the exterior trim box none of its parameters can be changed. Does this have to be set through the symbol in the resource browser?
  5. Thanks all. I figured out I had some setting wrong but now I've forgotten what I did. Oh well.
  6. On the most current build. In top plan view. Have a 27ft long line. Have a 3.5" square centered the end point of the line. Select both object and choose DAP command. Choose the line as the path object. Set the fixed distance to 7ft. Set to centered on path and 0 end offset. Choose preview and it looks right. Click ok and the original goes away. Is this a bug of some sort? I thought this sequence of choices would keep the original but I can't figure out how to make that work. Below is directly form the Help documentation. I interpret the underlined phrase to mean that it keeps or puts a copy of the original where it was. I'm at a loss. Start Offset: Specifies the distance from the start of the path to the first duplicated object; enter zero to place the first object at the start of the path
  7. ddcpe


    Well I guess it was just VW being goofy. I closed out the app and restarted again and now everything is working fine. I tried the app and file restart previously but it didn't change but now it does...weird.
  8. ddcpe


    I was just working with the file. From the right rear iso view you can see the top of one of the green extrudes (furthest to the left. If I activate the PP tool and hover over that top face it will not highlight now matter how I look at it. I then selected it and drug a couple copies out to the left. If I activate the PP tool and go over the same face it highlights. Its almost like there is a screen on the face of the wall that stops the face being selected. I've never encountered this before.
  9. I have created a simple rectangle and extruded it to make small column like object. I have copied it and moved it around so now there are many of the same object. I was going about using the P/P tool to stretch a face to meet another object. I have my view set to one of the iso views and chose the push/pull tool go to the face I was to stretch and on some of the identical objects they will highlight and others wont. They are all identical copies, same DL, same class, all on. If I first select the object then the tool will work. Why do some of the objects have to be selected first and others can be directly manipulated without selecting? I've restarted the app and closed and reopened the file but nothing stops this weird behavior. Any clue why? shed model 10-16-23.vwx
  10. Oooh; that might do the trick. I seem to need to do this quite often for some reason.
  11. Thanks all. Why didn't I think of a bookmark...friggin obvious. Sometimes I just cant see the forest for the trees. Cheers,
  12. The VW library has a 2d/3d symbol and I want to add it to the resources in my current file. If I right click on the symbol I can "make new resource in active document" in the drop down. BUT, what kind of resource is it? Symbol is not on the list of choices. The closest thing I can think of is that it is a "resource folder" but I'm not sure and isn't abundantly clear what to do. Any advice? And yes I've gone through the help but can't seem to find this issue in there.
  13. Anyone know how to quickly get to VW help from the Forum page rather than having to go to VW app then click on help? Would be nice when in the forum and trying to figure something out if there were a hyperlink to Help so you could click on it and have it open in a new tab or window so you could go back and forth quickly.
  14. It was set invisible then I changed it. That's how I figured as part of a symbol it is buried on the none class and doesn't change even though the symbol attributes are set to "by class" that is active when the symbol is inserted. I found this out with another symbol (drawing label).
  15. Yeah, I guess I'm "quite well" getting to know that :). Cheers.
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