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  1. Hi @DomC Thank you for answering my post! I guess it is what it is ,but if your report gets to the engineers and they fix it I will gladly appreciate that. I checked your method for Windows and It works for me to, so I guess for now this is how I will do it. Until later time!
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently using a German version of Vectorworks 2022. I am trying to duplicate while maintaining the original object using the above procedure. I understand in a MAC this same command would be : Drag and Copy + Double Alt. I could simulate this same action by Dragging + Tab (input distance) + Tab again + Holding Ctrl and right clicking. This is far from the simplicity of doing the same thing on a MAC. Am I doing something wrong? I get the sense that Windows is overriding this somehow. Btw, I already clicked on the Preference Allow Option+click in place duplication. This gentleman does the action from minute 11:54. It would make so happy to be able to do this so easily. Thanks in advance for the help.
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