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  1. Thanks for your feedback! I made a request for the fixture at your request site. However I guess both solutions will take some time to implement. Do you have any idea about how busy your colleagues are in the fixture request? We are working full speed in pre. vis at the moment. 🙂
  2. Hello everyone Are any of you also experiencing problems with the shapers of the Mac Ultra performance? It seems that they don't have any impact at the beam. See attached screenshots. I use the GDFT fixture, that are available online. Best from Mathias
  3. Thanks for a great and clear answer bbudzon! It makes a lot of sense, and I believe you are right, that most often I dont need fixtures to cast shadows. At the moment we are working on the file at a Windows system, with a GTX 3080 graphics card, that does a pretty god job in performance. The screenshots are from my MacBook Pro, that struggles a bit more. However it seems like a god performance upgrade to use objects, and not Objects & Fixtures. It is interesting with the GDTF fixtures, and the edits to come in this area.
  4. Thanks a lot Jesse. I also found Sebastian at YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5FCBswShIbv3dKLipLSVPg He has some videos.
  5. Yes, it works when I disable shadows. However I usually have a set-design to interact with, so I need shadows. A work around for the JB P18 was to disable shadows for fixtures. This solves the problem to. But since the problem keeps coming up, I hoped to find a better solution, or at least make my own GDTF files for the fixtures I use often. I will send you the MVR file directly. 🙂
  6. Hahaha.. You are right.. I filmed off the screen, with my phone. Old school screen capture 😆 I am not allowed to upload GDTF files to the forum. But put them in my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0aglrzzo93vnesr/AACJEaNhg9SEkspL27rZvX6da?dl=0
  7. Hi I am having some issue with the Martin Mac Ultra Performance, and the Aura PXL GDTF files. It seems some geometry is in the way of the lens. I tried to move the emitter away from the lens, but it don't seem to solve the problem. Are any of you seeing the same behaviour? Here the Mac Ultra only has a ring of light. When tilting and pacing it changes. The PXL does kind of the same. It has small flickering when moving. IMG_2470.MOV
  8. Thanks a lot Jesse. That has been my work around until now. 🙂 I was hoping someone knew a genius trick. 🙃 Do you have any documentation on how to build a GDTF fixture from scratch? I am having a little difficulty finding the complete information. Best from Mathias
  9. Hello everyone. Does anyone have a solution to this? Best from Mathias
  10. Hi all Do any of you have a trick for visualization of LED tape, and Digital Pixel LED tape? I have some custom fixtures that I use in different cases. The tape is like this one: Best from Mathias
  11. Thanks for your reply @bbudzon. I see - I just red @ajpen post about the bug. Sorry about that - it makes sense now 🙂 I am updating now 😉
  12. Hi I seem to run into a problem when exporting some set-elements from Spotlight, to Vision. My worksflow is to export to MVR, and then import the MVR to vision. But my textures seem to loose all color when exported to MVR. I use the alpha channel of the texture, as alpha channel in vision. Does any of you experience this behavior? Here are screenshots of my settings. I found that the textures in the vision texture folder is Black and white as well, like both are alpha textures. See the screenshot: Best from Mathias
  13. Thanks a lot for quick and precise reply! I tried different things now. It seems like there is a "Centerd Cylinder" in the beam. See attached - i moved it out of the beam here. Might just remove it from the fixture. Best from Mathias
  14. Thanks a lot Mark! I found it on GDTF Share. However it showes a little strange in vision. It is flashing when i move the fixture, just as when you have to surfases right on top of each other in vectorworks. So i often times only get the outline of the beam. See attached. Did i miss a setting someware? I tried to remove the fixtures, and do a new MVR export, and import into vision. Best from Mathias
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