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  1. I am trying to get my head around this. I do understand your point, about the layer, and rotating that. However it seems like the the anchor point stays with the object. Am I right in assuming, that if I want to make an object rotate around its center axes, I should import it at the 0;0;0 origin, and move it in vision, instead of Vector Works?
  2. Hi bbudzon Thanks a lot for your great reply. I get your point, it makes sense. I will try your workaround 🙂 Best from Mathias
  3. Hello everyone I am working on a show, where we want to pre visualise a lot of stage element movements. They go on every axes, and rotate. My problem is, the rotation. Is it possible to change the anchor point of a object in Vision? It seems as it takes the 0;0;0 coordinate as default anchor point as default. Best from Mathias
  4. Hi Rob Thanks a lot for your reply! Looking forward to this 🙂 Best from Mathias
  5. Hi Guys Do anyone have this symbol? Ulrik, did you find it? Best from Mathias


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