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  1. That's a good tip. I can set up a worksheet I guess to toggle auto-co-ordinate on and off globally in all vp's so that the numbering will work. That script of yours really is such a help so i hope it is an easy fix. Thankyou.
  2. So it doesn't seem to make any difference if the section line is on a design layer or in vp annotations. To make things more complicated I've also found the number referencing gets confused after running the script. See movie - all works as it should until i run the script and then both the navigation is lost as well as the number get confused. Test file with script attached too. 2021-02-17 15-02-18.mp4 Viewport Rename Test File.vwx
  3. Well my first project on v2021 was originally started in v2019 however I wanted to work with a fresh v2021 file (perhaps to avoid some of the export issues you might be encountering?) So instead of simply opening the v2019 in v2021 and carrying on I went to the trouble of creating a fresh v2021 file from a new v2021 project template (itself created from a fresh blank v2021 file). I then went and imported as much as I could into this file from the v2019 file. I had to create all the sheet layer items from scratch which took some time as SLVP's are no longer transferable between files in v2021. I also had to update all the drawing labels, grid lines, reference makers and section lines to the new plug-in style versions. Something which I think you would have to do anyway. I think these updated tools alone are a big improvement over previous versions. So far it is going ok but I'm really just getting started. I think v2021 is faster. The new grid lines are taking some getting used to. Biggest downside in my view so far is not being able to copy sheet layer vp's between files as already mentioned and now this little issue with navigation from section lines. I haven't noticed any of the issues from your orig post but I'll keep you posted. ūüėä Cheers
  4. Hey @michaelk It seems that in v2021 the rename viewport scripts (which are fantastic btw) still work however they do something to section lines. After running either of the scripts Section lines lose the ability to navigate back to their section viewports. As far as I can tell the section viewports still seem to be connected to the section lines. It's the navigation from section line to viewport that is lost. Have you encountered this and do you know if it is fixable? Thanks
  5. I've just checked and it does seem to give me that option in 2021. So looking closer it seems that if you use the "Create section viewport" command from the View menu then all works as normal and you can navigate to the VP from the section lines. However if you draw a section line first using the Section-Elevation Line tool then in the OIP you click on "Create a section viewport..." you get a section viewport but you don't get the option to navigate to the vp from the section line. I don't quite understand the logic of that. EDIT: On further investigation I've just realised running a custom script which renames viewports is causing section lines to lose the functionality to navigate back to the section viewport. So the above isn't quite correct. I.e. you can indeed "Create a Section Viewport" from an already drawn section line and the section lines does have the ability to navigate to the section vp. It's running the script which makes it lose this navigation function.
  6. I'm also making the transition to v2021 from v2019. I noticed that the "navigate to viewport" option is no longer available when a section line is selected. Is there are way to do this in v2021?
  7. Yes you can. See vid using v2019. Also attached is the file with the revision tag, revision classes and scripts all set up. Feel free to use and share. 2021-02-16 12-45-06.mp4 Revisions.vwx
  8. The thing is that with the methodology used in the the video link I posted earlier you set the class of the tag to a specific "Revision" class and the tag picks up the class description of that class. E.g. place the tag into the "Revision-A" class (whose class description is simply "A") and the tag will show an "A". So if you are going to use this method then you don't really want/need the revision data tag to go into any specific class on insertion as the intention is to change it do a selected revision class anyway. I really like this method. In fact I have taken it further and have made a set of scripts so I can quickly reclass the revision tags and associated rev clouds. Se short vid. 2021-02-16 08-45-18.mp4
  9. I think this functionality was introduced in v2021. Sorry I didn't realise that.
  10. I've just started using v2021. Has anyone else noticed the eyedropper tool doesn't seem to be picking up/applying vp overrides in v2021? Is this a known bug or is it just me? Cheers
  11. Right click on a data tag and select "Plug-in Object Options" You can set the insertion class there. This sets the insertion class of the tag but you still won't be able to change the colour of individual tags. You can only change the colour of all of the tags of that style by editing the tag graphics. If the graphics colour is controlled "by class" then you can also just edit the class. Either way it will change all the tags of that style. Functionality to change the attributes of individual symbols/tags has been on the wishlist for some time.
  12. Yes i'd be interested to know more about working with ifc in vectorworks. VW help is a bit slim on the issue. @Michal Zarzecki I looked at some of my recent ifc exports and they are not that big. A 70Mb vw file exports to a 20Mb ifc. Maybe play around with the export options in the Export IFC Project settings. I just have it set to "Export Custom Property Sets" which I think means only stuff with IFC data attached. i.e. parametric objects like walls, slabs etc. If I have extrudes in the file I want to export to ifc I add an IFC record to it otherwise extrudes won't export.
  13. I don't want to hijack this thread but another issue with floating view panes is that if I have a FVP open when I close a file, when I reopen the file the FVP returns but often looks like it has minimised. In fact it hasn't minimised but rather shrunk right down and I have to stretch it back to how I want it again. It's actually quite tricky grabbing the edge of the mini pane to get a handle to stretch it back out again. I would really like to have a FVP on my second screen but this issue is such a pane that I have in fact stopped using FVP's all together. The FVP should return how it was and not change. This behavior was vw2019. I've just upgraded to vw2021 and hoping (perhaps over optimistically) that this little issue has been sorted. Thanks!
  14. You can disable the labelling in the dtm settings. Yes I just add my own labels. Agree it is definitely clunky as it is.
  15. Apart from having two worksheets the only way I know is to rotate the worksheet 90¬į then rotate all the text alignment of all the cells back 90¬į so the database row reads like a column. You can then add spreadsheet rows (now columns) below (now next to) the data base cells. Not the greatest workaround and probably doesn't suit your needs but that is the only way I know to do what you want.
  16. Boh

    Wall Opacity

    Opacity and the attributes palette only control 2d attributes. For a 3d isometric view you will need to adjust the textures used i.e. add transparency to the textures. Wall textures can be a bit complicated as they can be controlled by the wall style components. There's a bit of a run down in this thread if you get stuck. Also if you only want the transparency to show in one viewport then you will probably have to apply textures by-class so that these textures can be overridden with the transparent textures in the viewport. I'm not sure if this will work with wall textures set by component. It may be a trial and error scenario...
  17. Thanks for the explanation Stephan. Nevertheless, as an architecture practice, Interior XS is sufficient for our needs and we only use it occasionally. We certainly do not need to draw our cabinetry to that level of detail. So to have these classes, which are if no use to us, appear in every drawing we open is a bit annoying. It would be good if there was an option whereby this functionality can be disabled. Can it be controlled within the xg folders? Thanks
  18. On the other thread @Stephan Moenninghoff said: 'Those are some special classes which I think we reset hard after some operations. I think this is new. " I have asked if we can stop it somehow...
  19. Thanks Stephan. Is there anything I can do to stop it? We don't use Interiorcad enough to warrant these classes popping up in every file. Cheers.
  20. It pops up in all files incl template files.
  21. It's odd that this happens with no apparent way to disable it. Please let me know if you manage to fix it. Cheers
  22. Hey @michaelk. Did you get an answer to this question? I have just asked the same one here:
  23. Can someone please explain why I get these interiorcad classes auto generated everytime I open a file and how I can stop it happening? I have just downloaded interior xs onto vw2021. Cheers
  24. You can do exactly what you describe with symbols but not with groups. You can turn a group into a symbol via the create symbol command on the model menu.
  25. If they are all have the same override then why not change the class attributes and have no overrides? Overrides come into their own when you want some viewports to show different attributes to others. That said viewport styles would indeed be very useful.


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