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  1. That's clever! I may try that. Thank you! Charles
  2. Yeah, the nuclear option just won't work! Thanks though! 😀 Charles
  3. Tom, The exterior walls are on the slab layer and they are among the things I need to modify. There is also a plan layer which has all of the interior walls, FFE, etc. I know how to mess around with the navigation palette to get things to do what I want, but I was a hoping there was some function that does specifically what I asked without moving stuff around. I did not build this model but inherited it and would rather not change the structure of it (pardon the pun) because of the any unintended consequences to visibilities elsewhere.
  4. Thanks, Michael. yes the text is linked to a record so each symbol instance can be unique. But I'll keep your suggestion in my back pocket! Charles
  5. I would like to create a symbol where the text is always aligned to the rotation of the symbol without flipping if I rotate it motor than 90º. In the attached image, A is the original symbol with a rotation of 0º, B is the symbol rotated 90º and C has been rotated 93º but he text has flipped. How can I prevent the text from flipping so the it remains in the orientation in example B? Thanks!Untitled.pdf
  6. Thanks for your responses. My problem is this: when I am working on the floor plan, the slab is the biggest thing and so I often select it by accident. Greying the class does not give me the visibility I need and not being able to modify the other classes or layers on the fly is more inconvenient than unintentionally selecting the slabs. Even if I lock the slab, it can still be selected. I want to see the slab plus see and select all the other objects on that layer.
  7. Is it possible to lock a class(es) so that you see it but can not select any of the objects in it? For example, I want to see the floor slabs in my model, but I don't want to be able to select them or even have them highlight when I mouse over them. Thanks.
  8. I don't even know where you see 2015. I don't even see it in settings. When I look at my posts, it doesn't give that info. But I am using both 2017 & 2018 these days and both are up to date now.
  9. Thanks, yes, I am now. I saw there was an update after I posted and remembered Check for Updates doesn't show all updates. (Why, I wonder?) Now, I'm struggling with the Undo command not working...
  10. Was VB-140556 ever resolved in VW 2017? I'm having this issue.
  11. I'd like to create a worksheet/printable page which lists all the attributes of the classes. Does anyone know a way to do this other than manually? • name • pen • fill type (show graphic) • line type (show graphic) etc.,
  12. I would like to write a vectorscript which will draw multi-planar 3D polygons. I want to be able to simply enter in the x,y & z coordinates of each point on the polygon. There would be about 12 points per polygon. Does anyone have an idea how to go about this or have something similar I might get started with? Would it/could it be a PIO? I have looked at some of the resources, but there does not seem to be a simple step by step overview for the novice scripter. Thanks!
  13. I used Publish to create PDFs from a project that has multiple CAD files and then combined those PDFs in Preview (a Mac program) into one file to be sent out for printing. When the sets came back from the printers', on 52 of 55 sheets, the fonts changed to Helvetica from Tekton, except on the tile blocks, which retained the correct fonts. But here is where it gets weird: I sent out to be printed another set using the same method last week and it came back fine: no Helvetica. I printed an 11x17 check set in-house and no font-switching. I plotted in-house one sheet from the file that had been sent out and came back from the printers' with Helevtica and it plotted just fine. Has anyone else had such an font issue? Could it be a Publish issue? BTW, the title block is a Sheet Border object using a symbol. But there are other symbols in the file that did experience the switch.
  14. After a quick look at that image, some of that looks like it has been modeled. The very uniform shades of grey of the walls, for example. But yeah, most of that stuff in color like furniture, drapes and things with texture, is probably not rendered. That's the output, more or less.
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