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  1. Thank you. I see this now, but how to change record values of the symbol in the RM once you've attached it. My record format is a base template, but each symbol will want specifics edited, such as the symbols name or qualities.
  2. Data tags are neat and I've made a simple record to attach to various plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures and appliances so that I can automatically generate worksheet fixture schedules and data tag labels, but the records are not following the symbol from the workgroup library into the active drawing file. Am I missing a step? How do I make these stick? The only work around I've been able to make work is to make overall symbols of sets of symbols - kitchen package, for example - to embed the symbols with their record formats into the larger symbol of sets.
  3. Will the recorded sessions include all of the Live Training from Day 2? There was so much good information there, but it was like drinking from a firehose. I've block out some time to review the presentations with the ability to pause this week. I hope that they are up soon.
  4. arrgh Is that a command? Is under Tool palette? Does this mean that all windows are set to the same criteria? Pretty presumptuous. I set my windows in brick walls to offset for brick mould and have many projects with both brick walls with brick mould trim and sided walls which want face casings.
  5. Where did this go? This is from the 2021 menu -
  6. Oops, duh. Just user interface problem for me - or not enough coffee. Now the question is how to you delete posted question to community forum.
  7. How do you change image opacity in 2022? Attribute palette does not appear to permit this anymore.
  8. I'm having this problem and found an earlier post from 2012 - but need an updated solution -
  9. I have a 2020 Vectorworks Architect license, which I'm interested to sell. Please message me if interested.
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