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  1. I would personally love the ability to Lock the position of any object while keeping it otherwise editable. But for now, Pat is correct that using Modify > Lock and Unlock with keyboard shortcuts is the current best solution.
  2. Go to System Preferences and click on Keyboard. There you'll have options for what the Touch Bar shows.
  3. Indeed there seems to be something buggy happening with that file. I was able to view it in 3D only intermittently. Not sure what the issue is, sorry. Hopefully someone else will chime in; you might also try the Tech Support Request link at the bottom of the page.
  4. Agreed. It is absolutely imperative that a built-in rendering engine remains a core part of what Vectorworks offers. Third party connections are great, but I worry that they will become an excuse for Vectorworks to not keep Renderworks up to date. (An alternative to Renderworks would be fine as long as it's integrated the same way.)
  5. This technology exists and it's not in the regular version of Vectorworks? Why in the heck not? 😄
  6. Indeed that's currently not possible. But I very much wish it were! Or it would be great to have the ability to convert a line drawing into a hatch as Tom mentions, because the Hatch Editor interface is esoteric garbage. In any case, Tom is correct that the only way to achieve what you showed is an actual Hatch resource that has multiple little lines instead of long solid ones. If it were me, I'd just take the hatch, keep it solid lines, and simply make it a grey pen color with a thinner lineweight. Not exactly what you're wanting but at least better than the harsh black default.
  7. Still a bit difficult to tell from the video... Here are some things to try, but these are just guesses: -Go to the View menu and make sure "Clip Cube" is off. The Clip Cube is a way to hide portions of a model in order to focus on whatever geometry is within the Clip Cube. I sometimes don't realize it's on which can make it seem like everything disappears in 3D views, when actually the Clip Cube is on and is outside of my screen somewhere. -Does the issue only occur with the Flyover tool? What happens if you use the Views dropdown and go to Front, Side, Right Isometric, etc.? -Have you tried doing "Zoom ob objected" in the 3D view once everything seems to disappear? -Is there actually true 3D geometry in the file? Or are you simply expecting to see planar objects on the ground plane as you orbit around? If it's just planar geometry, it's possible that the objects are on Screen Plane and the Unified View options are set to hide Screen Plane objects in 3D views. This can be checked by going to the View menu > Unified View options. Make sure Display Screen Plane Objects is checked. They still won't behave as 3D objects, but at least they won't disappear. You'd still have to select the geometry and change the plane to Layer Plane for each object (there's a script somewhere on this forum to help with this if it's indeed your issue...). If you know the file is an actual three-dimensional model, ignore this paragraph completely. -Have you had success viewing 3D objects in other files?
  8. Vectorworks absolutely needs to modernize basic text abilities. It's honestly a bit embarrassing how clunky such a fundamental tool is that literally everyone uses. Along with the text tracking issues mentioned here, some other major needs are bullet points, hanging indents, a visual font menu, spellcheck as you go, columns, etc.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's not possible with an actual Hatch. You could try creating a Tile fill instead - you can set the linework within the Tile geometry to have a patterned pen.
  10. I've never had any issues till Tools > Purge, but I have had many issues with trying to purge unused colors from the Attributes Palette. I don't even attempt it anymore after too many funked up files.
  11. There's a bug currently where texture thumbnails don't generate when editing a texture while you happen to be inside a Symbol... Are you doing this while inside of a Symbol Edit window?
  12. Also make sure the filter dropdown is set to "All Resources" otherwise it might only be looking for a particular resource type and coming up empty.
  13. Without having to rebuild anything I think you should be able to get the Solid Subraction's texture to look correct using these parameters in the Render tab of the OIP.
  14. Saved views do not save or connect to Camera objects, no. They simply save the point-of-view that you see when you make the Saved View. If you'd like to turn one of those view into a Viewport that contains a RW camera, follow these steps: Activate the Saved View. Insert a Camera Object (click twice to insert in arbitrary spot - you just need the object). In the Camera's OIP, click the "Match Current View" button. Create a viewport with the selected camera. Note that the viewport/camera and the Saved View are not linked to each other, despite coincidentally having the same point-of-view. So if you change one or the other, they won't affect each other.
  15. I'm not positive if this is what you mean, but I think you'd want to choose New Folder > Symbol Folder. You could make one folder called "Doors" and one folder called "Windows." They would both need to be the Symbol Folder type specifically, which can also contain Plug-In Objects.
  16. I've noticed this too, that when you ungroup a PDF it seems to re-rasterize the image as lower quality. Curious why that is...
  17. I've had the same experience as Tom and would love the ability to change the preview for multiple symbols at once. It would be incredibly helpful for setting up personal libraries.
  18. Glad you found my texture guide helpful! That page and a few others are actually unlisted on my website; they happen to be take-home guides for classes that I teach. I'm considering adding a few of them to my public "Resources" page though 🙂 https://www.andybroomell.com/resources By the way, there's a spot to enter your email at the bottom of that page for anyone who'd like to be informed when I add new public content (which is not as often as I'd like since work has thankfully picked up recently). But over time I'm definitely hoping to add more stuff!
  19. I used that script quite a bit in 2020 and wish Vectorworks woulds name Viewports that way automatically. It's great! However, I found that in 2021 running the script would break many of the the connections between smart markers (such as Section Lines, Reference Markers, etc.) and their viewports. Not sure why. Also haven't tested in latest SP...
  20. I too have noticed an odd increase of posts with someone's name as the Subject line. I wonder if it's because the box is labeled "Title"? Maybe something like "Topic Name" or "Post Subject" would be clearer.
  21. Out of curiosity, when was the RW Camera tool originally designed? It seems like it hasn't really been touched since I started using Vectorworks a decade ago (outside of adding camera effects for renderings). So hopefully some of the original restrictions might now be addressable? Trying to be optimistic, haha [Edit: I just realized you might be referring the Video Camera tool since that's what the original poster was asking about, though I assume this tool simply builds on RW Camera functionality. So to be clear I'm only referring to the RW Camera tool in my posts.] By the way, I have a list of other camera-related improvements that I'm hoping to file at some point when I have time. They're mainly related to making the camera tool itself more usable, and less about the interconnected workflow with viewports. The camera tool is super important to users in the TV & film industry, but it's currently lacking in a few areas and should be updated to keep Vectorworks competitive with SketchUp. So if by chance cameras are to be discussed internally in the near future let me know so I can light a fire under my butt to get these things typed out. 🙂
  22. Wasn't me 😁 (I barely understand Marionette)
  23. I just submitted a VE for this on JIRA... VE-101307 Of course I forgot I had typed up this thread in 2018 so I ended up retyping practically the same thing in JIRA. But here's the request as it was filed:
  24. Looks great! Can I ask why such an accurate model was needed?


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