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  1. Hence my original suggestion of "Save as New Style" (though "Save as Door Style" etc. is also good). But Pat is right, Vectorworks surely has their own take on it all. Regardless, even if phrasing weren't changed, it should at least be made consistent across the tools.
  2. The eyedropper tool lets you filter for particular parameters if you click the Preferences button first:
  3. Take a read through this and see if it gets you where you want.
  4. I don't think there is a difference? Where are some places that the phrase "Object Style" is used? That phrase makes more sense than "Plug-In Style." In fact, I'd propose that the phrase "plug-in" be eliminated within the context of the UI entirely; an average user doesn't know what that even refers to. They don't care how an object is coded on the back end. All the objects are simply tools that come with Vectorworks.
  5. Another change that should happen in all of these Preference dialog boxes: If the object is currently unstyled, there shouldn't be a button that says "Convert to Unstyled." That's super confusing. It should be greyed out unless a style is actually being used.
  6. Yes, this seem to also be inconsistently implemented. For example, with the Wall tool if you click Preferences in the mode bar, there is already an option to "Save Preferences as Wall Style." But if you go to the Window or Door tools and click the Preferences button, no such such option exists.
  7. This actually came up twice today in unrelated instances... once in an online class and also in this topic. There needs to be consistency across all tools that have the ability to save new Styles. Currently some tools let you save a new style with the "Style" dropdown in the OIP (such as Doors, Windows, Title Block Borders, etc.). Other tools such as Walls and Slabs can only create new styles by right-clicking the object and choosing the option there. The ability to create a new style via the OIP should be added to all applicable Plug-In Objects. While we're on the topic, the phrase "New Plug-In Style from Unstyled Plug-In" is the most overly-complex way of describing that function. I can attest to the fact that non-advanced users have no clue what this means. It should say something simpler like "Save as new Style." Also, if an object is currently unstyled, instead of "Replace" it should say something like "Load Style." I think you'd get a lot more users taking advantage of style-based PIOs with these changes.
  8. There isn't a parametric toilet "tool," which is why you'd use a Symbol as found in the Resource Manager.
  9. It's only under the Right Click menu only for some reason. Same thing for Wall Styles. You're right, it would make sense for this to be added to the Style dropdown in the OIP to be consistent with other style-based PIOs.
  10. That's odd... I get quite a few results, though the seats you mention happen to be the first results. Make sure the scrollbar is working in your Resource Manager. I've come across an occasional bug where it gets locks and you have to resize the palette before being able to scroll down. Or to manually browse the available symbols, look under Vectorworks Libraries on the left for the Objects - Building Services > Sanitary category.
  11. I currently tell students to "never use 'Active Only' for Classes" because it just doesn't work. There are always nested classes in our workflow. This wish would make it much more functional and usable 🙂
  12. Looks like I've already upvoted 😂 By the way, the more I've worked with other 3D modeling packages, the more I actually really like many aspects of the way Vectorworks handles textures (particularly in regards to size, scale factor, and tiling). But two things should happen: Finesse existing functionality simply from a UI/UX standpoint. Add one additional level of mapping ability: custom UV Mapping. As I watch many industries swiftly move towards programs like Unreal, this will soon become imperative for Vectorworks to keep up and not lose market share.
  13. Also check View > Rendering > Line Render Options and make sure "Smoothing Angle" isn't too low. I usually start with 20 or 30°. I think the default is 1°?
  14. Do the objects have a Solid Fill in the Attributes Palette? What do they look like when you switch the Render Mode to OpenGL?
  15. Are you on a Design Layer or Sheet Layer? Is there a Wall or other object in the foreground that might be blocking the fixtures in that screenshot? (In Wireframe you see through everything, but in Hidden Line you don't.)
  16. Hmm, not sure then. I haven't heard of any bugs related to this, but who knows... I assume you've tried a full restart?
  17. When you change to a 3D view, what is then checked under View > Rendering? Does the object have a solid fill in the Attributes Palette?
  18. I've noticed this too, but I seem to remember that if you add "Fill Style" to the mix of parameters then it works. But that still seems like a bug.
  19. I suppose for those that don't want to pay for C4D simply as a shuttle to Unreal, Blender might be a nice alternative since it's free. I'll have to play around with that...
  20. How are you inserting your new Title Block? Best way is by double-clicking the red symbol in the Resource Manager, then double clicking to insert it on your page. (Don't do it via an existing TBB object.)
  21. Materials are editable, yes (I love the node editor), but the UV maps are not, unfortunately. Yes, some sort of UV-mapping is indeed exported from Vectorworks, but there is zero control over it. Some objects work fine, but many others don't, and there's nothing you can do about it in Unreal. Even if the texture looks correct, that UV mapping might not work properly for the lightmaps (which are an additional, separate channel of UVs that need to be configured in a certain way). Unreal can Auto-Generate lightmap UVs when importing the FBX, but I've not found it to be fully reliable. So to be successful, you need the ability to control UVs outside of Unreal. I just hope we're not expected to go VW > C4D > Unreal.
  22. Are you getting any pop-ups about existing Formats when you bring in the TBB? Make sure to say Yes to Replace any of those.
  23. So I have a relatively important question regarding this, having played around quite a bit recently with current methods of getting a Vectorworks model into Unreal (via FBX). When this new integration debuts, how are we expected to work on UV maps? Unreal Engine, as fabulous as it is, doesn't let you edit UV maps, as it's expected that you finesse those beforehand in your DCC (digital content creation) software, which in our case is Vectorworks. There is currently no capability to edit UV maps in Vectorworks, so unless there's some additional UV functionality coming, I'm not sure how a link with Unreal will be usable? It's important to note that Unreal relies on well-constructed UV maps not only for texturing, but for lightmaps and shadowmaps as well. All UV-based. I want to make sure the folks working on this connection with Unreal are thinking through a complete workflow, not simply the file connectivity aspect which alone might not lead to usable results. That being said, I'm really looking forward to further progress in this direction. Thank you for opening up more avenues for us!
  24. Yeah, I love that tool, I just wish it didn't revert to OpenGL every time I open Vectorworks. Seems like the least useful mode for the tool...


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