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  1. yes, it is quite easy. As it is shown in that youtube video: draw any objects, convert them into lines, draw a frame over them and then click Änderung (Modify) --- in Schraffur umwandeln (convert into Hatch)----give it a name and correct settings. And then you have the hatch.
  2. Hallo, ich use Vectorworks in english and german vision. In german vision, Vectorworks can convert line drawing into hatch. i can't find it in english vision. Why is that? for example: is it possible to create hatch from line drawing instead of those levels in the hatch editor except using tile?
  3. thanks for your answer! yes i have also read this solution in an other old post, but it did not work with me. my document unit is meter, so i just divided 1 sq m. Unfortunately it shows for example: 20 sq msq m l/s BUT, i finally find a way to get it! i have to define a record "1 sq m" in record format and then use this record to be divided by AREA. Then it works! Just notice, DONT use "document unit", use "square meters". i still don't know why it has to be so complicated:( but at least, it works:)
  4. hi, i want to show calculation result in my data tag, and die result unit should be l/s. With using #AREA# value in the Calculation, it always shows in Tag sq m. How can i show the unit mark with l/s in my Data Tag?
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