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  1. mreadshaw

    Turn off focus indicators

    Excellent. Thank you!
  2. How the hell do I turn off these indicators? Incredibly annoying...
  3. mreadshaw

    Stop a publish part way through

    Is there a way to stop a publish while it is happening. If I am updating a viewport in a different drawing the backgound the publish action just sits there waiting for the viewport to render first while also locking up Vectorworks. Thanks
  4. mreadshaw

    Title block not wrapping text

    One field in my title block doesn't automatically wrap text. There are 3 fields that should wrap text and are setup identically but only 2 work properly. The only difference that the one that doesn't work is linked to the sheet title while the other two are linked to custom fields. Any ideas why this would happen? File attached. PromosaUSA-TitleBlock.vwx
  5. Is it possible to draw a line of any distance and have symbols automatically populate along the line? It is a feature I saw in someone else's AutoCAD and thought it would be very nice to have. In particular I would like to use it to draw fence lines. I have the 8' sections of fence as a symbol and I want them to replace the line (or object) to the closet 8' so a 24' line would become 3 symbols etc. I have fundamentals and spotlight. Thanks!
  6. mreadshaw

    Stage line CADs

    You can request .dwg files and import them. I have converted all their stages to symbols this way. Not the most efficient from a resources standpoint but works well enough. Most everyone speaks English at SL. Shouldn't have a language issue if you use English.
  7. mreadshaw

    Change label color with light

    Thanks! I thought that should have done it but I'm using 2017 and nothing happened. Good to know it's a bug and hopefully it can be fixed soon.
  8. mreadshaw

    Change label color with light

    Is there a way to get the label text for a light to change to the color of the light. I like to color code the different lights in a plot and currently I make a duplicate label for each type of light and manually change the text color to match the fixture color. Can this be done automatically? Thanks!
  9. mreadshaw

    Gobo - Light Ring Spill

    How do you get the beams to be broken up? Is that using in VW or a a separate program? EDIT: Figured it out. Needed to check receive shadows in background options.
  10. mreadshaw

    12' Cryo Jet

    Is the "Cryo Jet" instrument in VW2017? It doesn't show up when i search that term. Would be handy.
  11. Is there a way to make all new sheet layers use a default title block? I have a custom title block and and custom template. The template has one sheet layer with the title block but I almost always need more sheet layers. If I use the "new" command it creates a blank layer. My work around is to duplicate the original sheet layer and adjust the viewports etc. Is there a way to make any new sheet layer in a template default to using a certain title block? Thanks.
  12. mreadshaw

    OIP Issues - Tab Key

    Agreed. Never did this while using a Mac. Very frustrating now that I'm using windows.
  13. I have a light instrument that functions properly with focusing and tilting but when it doesn't have a focus set it is tilted forward slightly. It isn't a huge deal but looks a little weird if it's up close. I attached a picture showing the symbol and a instance of the lighting instrument without a focus. Thanks for any help!
  14. mreadshaw

    Stop resource manager from being always on top.

    Ah! I see how it works. I have the resource manager, attributes, and snapping palettes all docked and it seems that docked palettes lose the + button and therefore the auto-hide doesn't work with my setup.
  15. mreadshaw

    Stop resource manager from being always on top.

    Auto-hide only work for docked palettes for me. The auto-hide floating is checked but it doesn't do anything. Maybe I'm missing some other option?


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