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Open GL/Shaded mode issues



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I've never had this problem before 2022.

"By settings to gray" do you mean the fill color?


It seems to be trying to "help me" as  I 3D rotate around by ghosting or hiding walls/elements it thinks are blocking my view.

Perhaps I'm finding the new logic to layer, working, and screen plane options confusing? I tried going back to 2021, but now the file is altered in a way that it no longer views correctly there either. It's weird. Because as I turn off other layers, it seems to come back to normal, based on the layer order/visibility.

I feel as though it's setting in 2022 I just do not yet understand.




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Oh, do you mean "gray others..."

No. It's not that....and it's not the whole layer... it's only components it perceives as being "in front" on any given layer as I am viewing many layers simultaneously.

If I rotate my #D flyover whatever is "in front" goes translucent or transparent to avoid "blocking my view" of objects on other layers further back.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

hi, I agree those screenshots look a bit strange. At first I was thinking maybe that was a unified view related problem (Document Preferences -> Legacy 2D -> Turn off unified view) but I wasn't able to reproduce. Then I thought about huge model which can introduce precision issues giving something Shaded render that looks like that.  Technically it looks like depth testing is inverted. If you can send me the file, or just part of it, then I can tell you what the problem is.  Thanks

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I'll try to attach the file it here...

I've wasted countless hours trying to figure this out. As I try to adjust it's making some elements completely invisible from any view, now.

Even saving the file back  to 2021, the 2022 software  has altered it in a way that make the file unusable.

Very frustrated. I wish I had never upgraded.


Also, I really wish VW would resolve the EDUCATION watermark requirement.
it's very frustrating for designers who work in many industries. its makes collaborating an issue.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

When I opened the file I didn't see the glitch -- I didn't find an object far from the origin but I can reproduce your glitch by adding in a sphere at 9999999' away from the origin, like this:      So Andy nailed it.  This is a numeric precision issue with Shaded (it's a common issue with OpenGL/DirectX/Metal/Vulkan as they use 32-bit floating point numbers for performance instead of 64-bit).

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