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  1. I haven't used C4d, its just client that asked for an export of a file we're working on, the strange thing is I can't find the file in the folder created at the export action. @JuanP may have an idea.
  2. Does anyone out there has any suggestions ?
  3. When Trying to export to cinema 4d, the file doesnt seem to appear in the file explorer but it does create the tx folder. Im using vectorworks 2022 Thanks in advance for any help Sebastian Vidales
  4. Hi @Ben Atwood Thanks for your reply. Actually it happened on just some of them.
  5. I ran into the same issue, when trying to render through cloud publishing using VW cloud services option, none of the lights rendered. While troubleshooting I tried cloud publishing a single sheet layer through Dropbox Integration, and it worked! Only in a couple of minutes I had my PDF with lights rendered. Then I tried for a second time, and the status circle appeared to be complete but the syncing to dropbox took more than 8 hours. Im currently trying it again and same issue happens, the cloud services app shoes the complete circle on the status column and the on the bottom left corner it shows the syncing is in process.
  6. Thanks! @JuanP I had another file open at the same time, which didn't have this issue, once I closed the second file, everything went back to normal.
  7. Has anyone had this issue? Most of the options in the menus are grayed out!
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