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  1. There was a fix for this flickering issue put in SP2 but a problem was found with it recently so it was reverted. SP3 has a better fix with no issues found yet. Here is video of upcoming SP2 on left (still has flicker bug) and SP3 on right (bug fixed): 2022-11-08 14-50-50.mp4
  2. Shaded render mode in Vectorworks 2022 supports 8 lights only. Shaded render mode in Vectorworks 2023 removes that limitation https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap <edited for PR>
  3. When I opened the file I didn't see the glitch -- I didn't find an object far from the origin but I can reproduce your glitch by adding in a sphere at 9999999' away from the origin, like this: So Andy nailed it. This is a numeric precision issue with Shaded (it's a common issue with OpenGL/DirectX/Metal/Vulkan as they use 32-bit floating point numbers for performance instead of 64-bit). 2022-06-30 14-18-26.mp4
  4. hi, I agree those screenshots look a bit strange. At first I was thinking maybe that was a unified view related problem (Document Preferences -> Legacy 2D -> Turn off unified view) but I wasn't able to reproduce. Then I thought about huge model which can introduce precision issues giving something Shaded render that looks like that. Technically it looks like depth testing is inverted. If you can send me the file, or just part of it, then I can tell you what the problem is. Thanks
  5. I logged a jira bug suggesting the Datasmith Direct Link Preferences dialog have an option to specify the origin in VB-188291 Twinmotion numeric precision issues
  6. We would be interested to do a performance analysis for Shaded mode on your file to see why it seems slow, if that's a possibility.
  7. So it sounds like the issue only happens on that particular computer; I didn't see the same glitch on a simple file. You could try turning off VectorworksPreferences->Display->Accelerate graphics as that enables code paths that are heavily dependent on GPU and driver. If you can tell us the machine specs then maybe we can reproduce the issue with one of our machines. The dxdiag utility can write detailed machine specs to a text file that you can upload here, like this: 2022-02-15 09-58-03.mp4
  8. It looks like you might have been in a perspective 3D view with some selected objects and then switched to Plan but the selection graphics didn't go away as they should have. Is the bug easy to reproduce? If so, can you attach a recording of opening the file and getting to the point in the picture above? Perhaps the issue is something specific to that file. If you can attach the file here, or email it to us jhutchison@vectorworks.net then we can look into that possibility.
  9. sounds like you have Vectorworks Preferences -> Display -> Display Light Objects option set to Never. Change it to Always as shown here:
  10. I just verified the crash has been fixed testing one build before the fix and one after: VW2022 SP2 build 614210 -- has crash VW2022 SP2 build 615870 -- no crash Looks like SP2 becomes publicly available in just over 1 month
  11. QA helped me locate the bug ticket that describes the crash you discovered https://jira.vectorworks.net/browse/VB-181752 Looks like the crash was macOS specific-- that's why I wasn't duplicating it. The bug was fixed last month and has been verified fixed in VW2022 SP2. I'll double check that it's been fixed and report back
  12. hm.. no luck crashing with Lighting Device: must be some other contributing factor.. could be a document/Vectorworks preference maybe. I'll ask around to see if anyone else can crash 2021-10-13 15-38-34.mp4
  13. I can't reproduce the crash. Maybe you can attach a video so I can try following your steps more precisely. This is what I see: 2021-10-13 15-13-41.mp4
  14. send to me jhutchison@vectorworks.net and I can probably tell you the reason it's happening. If it still happening in VW2022 then we can probably put in a fix for SP3
  15. appears to be zero height floating pane issue. I don't see this artifact with floating panes in general
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