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  1. sounds like you have Vectorworks Preferences -> Display -> Display Light Objects option set to Never. Change it to Always as shown here:
  2. I just verified the crash has been fixed testing one build before the fix and one after: VW2022 SP2 build 614210 -- has crash VW2022 SP2 build 615870 -- no crash Looks like SP2 becomes publicly available in just over 1 month
  3. QA helped me locate the bug ticket that describes the crash you discovered https://jira.vectorworks.net/browse/VB-181752 Looks like the crash was macOS specific-- that's why I wasn't duplicating it. The bug was fixed last month and has been verified fixed in VW2022 SP2. I'll double check that it's been fixed and report back
  4. hm.. no luck crashing with Lighting Device: must be some other contributing factor.. could be a document/Vectorworks preference maybe. I'll ask around to see if anyone else can crash 2021-10-13 15-38-34.mp4
  5. I can't reproduce the crash. Maybe you can attach a video so I can try following your steps more precisely. This is what I see: 2021-10-13 15-13-41.mp4
  6. send to me jhutchison@vectorworks.net and I can probably tell you the reason it's happening. If it still happening in VW2022 then we can probably put in a fix for SP3
  7. appears to be zero height floating pane issue. I don't see this artifact with floating panes in general
  8. Can you save and attach that untitled3 file shown in the video so we can investigate?
  9. Hi, can you attach the file (or subset of it) exhibiting the problem here so we can take a look?
  10. Hi, if you can attach a file or subset of the file causing the slowdown along with a screen recording of what you are doing we could investigate more specifically.
  11. Thanks for reporting. Bug created for this issue VB-183037 and fix targeting future SP
  12. if you close the zero height floating multiview pane window that pops up when the file opens, are you still able to see the flicker while panning?
  13. odd. if you could attach the file or a fraction of it that still exhibits the issue and a screen recording if possible we could start an investigation.
  14. There was a recent crash bug that might be related to this. In https://jira.vectorworks.net/browse/VB-182592 the fix discovered was to uninstall Dell Command Center and Dell Support Assist. I wonder if there is software running on your PC that, like those 2 Dell applications, somehow causes Vectorworks to crash.
  15. maybe this can help for working in Design Layers: You can make a saved view called "GL without Edges" and in the saved view dialog turn off everything except "Restore render mode and options". You can then turn on OpenGL Draw Edges and make a saved view in the same way, calling it "GL with edges" Now you have an easy to switch between one look and the other by activating the desired saved view.
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