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Anna Guzman


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Hello, still new to Vectorworks, and trying to create a SITE MODEL SLOPE ANALYSIS REPORT from the 3d grid colored slopes. I can't seem to get the area for each slope range. I managed to create on from the 2d colored slopes but I think its not grid based, and I get weird areas. How can I get a report like this one, but based on the 3d grid colored slopes? Or what is it that this preformatted report is counting in the "projected area" and why am I getting such big amounts of square meters?



This is the site I want a report on. I have the colored slope grid, but how can I add the area depending on the color? 


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My guess is that it is not square meters, but rather square millimeters.


My suggestion would be to draw a very simple site model in a new blank file and try the slope analysis on that. Something that is simple enough that you can manually calculate the area and see if you can  figure out the required conversion factor.


Once you have the database of all of the slopes, you will use the SUMMARIZE function on the Color column to collapse them into a single summarized subrow. Click on the disclosure triangle on the database header row (3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc. If you don't see the header row, go to the worksheet View menu and make sure Database headers is checked.) and check the Summarize Items  check box. You probably also need to check the Sum Values check box to get the total for all of the Summarized subrows.

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Looking at this, the report you're using reports on a record called Site Model Slope Analysis. The field that contains the data does seem to store the information in square millimeters regardless of the unit setting of the file. Therefore, to get the value to display cubic meters, it needs to be divided by 1000000, like this: =('Site Model Slope Analysis'.'Projected Area')/1000000 


I am now going to look closer at the data and see if it updates depending on the style you've chosen... I'll report back!

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