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  1. Also frustrated by this issue in version 2022. I was only able to get the plants to set on the surface after moving them to my model layer even though I have a plants layer (and other layers) set to effect the site model. HOWEVER, I still cannot adjust there z value to move them to a specific height. As was noted above, changing the z value does nothing. Selecting the plant in section or 3-d view and trying to adjust the height also doesn't work. Also tried to put a plant into a symbol to try to be able to adjust the height. Didn't work. Hoping a fix for this issue comes out ASAP.
  2. Is there a way to insert the 3D image (ie image prop for a plant) into a worksheet?
  3. Trying to do a simple worksheet to calculate cu. yds of material for landscape areas. Wanted to sum similar areas but worksheet doesn't calculate cu. yds for all areas. If I don't summarize by item, the cu. yds. show fine. When I do summarize, the cu. yds field is "----" with no number. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  4. Materials Default Worksheet.vwx Attaching a simple file of materials with area of '0'. Interestingly, when when I leave the material as the default material, it does report an area but not a volume. If I change the material, it then reports a volume but no area (Shown in attached file) Clarification on how these reports works would be appreciated.
  5. I looked at "Materials by landscape object" and "Materials Take-off -Spreadsheet" (which has a few typos in the table formatting BYW).
  6. I've found this a source of frustration as well. I often change the z elevation to something above 0 then back to 0 (or send to surface) and then the plant sits were it should. Unfortunately, it seems you have to do this one plant at a time as 'select all' hasn't seemed to work.
  7. Looking at some of the pre-formatted reports for materials. Wondering why the 'materialsurfacearea' reports as '0'? I can get the area by changing the function 'area' but would like to understand the difference between the two. 'materialvolume' works as expected. Thanks in advance.
  8. Cool animation Luis. Maybe you could do a “how-to” / tips and tricks video on that?
  9. Could someone tell me why my slope worksheet has no colors? I just dragged the preformatted 'Site Slope Analysis' worksheet onto my drawing and it doesn't seem to be working. Do I need to edit the worksheet (shown below). Can't seem to find any specifics on using this worksheet. Please direct me to them if they exist. Thanks in advance.
  10. Could someone tell me the best way to convert a google earth kml file to a shape file for vectorworks landmark? Also would appreciate any video tutorials that cover this topic. Thanks in advance.
  11. Asking a question here as it is related site modifiers. I have a model which has several site modifier conflicts according to the object info palette however no yellow error triangles are showing on the model. Why would this be? Is there a certain setting I need to have checked?
  12. Yes, my settings under components for the landscape areas where not set correctly. Still getting used to using that field. Thanks a bunch.
  13. Can someone tell me what all the red triangulation lines are on my texture beds in the attached image? How do I get rid of them? Thanks in advance.
  14. I am trying to export a 33,750KB VW2021 file to DXF/DWG. I am ending up with a 231KB dwg file and 4, 1kb GIMP patterns in a folder. I am using the default export settings and am getting no error messages but how can that be possible? Shouldn't the file size be much larger? Can anyone offer links/suggestions to help me get this export done properly? Thanks in advance.
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