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Arrow Issues in 2018 SP3

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This was fixed in Vectorworks 2019 SP0.

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I'm having issues with markers in 2018 SP3 on Windows 10.  In old versions, markers drew perpendicular to tangent of the line they were marking at the REAR of the arrow (IE, how you would expect an arrow to be drawn.  In 2018 SP3, the behavior has changed and now draws perpendicular to the tangent at the NOSE of the arrow, resulting (especially when using the freehand tool) for the arrow head to be misaligned badly (ie, having the arrow hanging off the line by its nose.)  Anyone else having this issue? is there a workaround?





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Issue looks to still be present in sp4, but I don't see a bug submission for this anywhere, submitting one now.

Workaround looks like it would be to exit the polyline and add a straight segment off of the original endpoint the length of the marker, to correct the appearance.

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