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  1. This is a dumb question but what happened to the revision marking tool? it disappeared from my toolsets.
  2. B Cox

    Missing revision marker tool

    Where we are going we won't need revisions anymore. Thanks Nikolay
  3. B Cox

    Missing revision marker tool

    Am I stupid? I'm also missing the Center Line Marker tool.
  4. I'm having an issue with VW2019 SP2. I usually work with 'adjust flipped text' turned off. However, text inside my annotates is still flipped/rotated etc. VW does not properly show me the condition of the text, so I have to blindly export my sheets to PDF to truly see the condition of my text. Does anyone else have this problem? I also noticed another stupid problem in VW2019 SP2--if you do duplicate along path on a closed path (like circle or ellipse) it doesnt use your original object as the initial position. You have to split the path or you end up with random but equal positioning of generated duplicates.
  5. Bumping these two bugs.
  6. When i am annotating my drawing in VW 2018 5.1 and Mojave and using the constrained linear dimension tool i reguarly get beach ball crashes when i am finishing off the string. What gives? Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. B Cox


    Bump this. another day, another bug.
  8. B Cox


    I have crash logs as well, admins?
  9. B Cox


    No clue? Its been happening for me in one file for days since upgrading to Mojave. I have to remind myself no chains. Why does this happen?
  10. The link in the announcement for 5.1 takes you to the forum post with the link to the SP5.0 link. I downloaded and installed even though I have 5.0 already. VW is still showing 5.0. Is the link totally misdirected? Or does VW just not report the correct SP?
  11. B Cox


    Theres the critical piece of info--yep Its showing 461124
  12. B Cox


    Same Result
  13. B Cox


    It tells me Vectorworks 2019 is available. And then that Vectorworks is Currently Up To Date. WHich is also what it said before I downloaded the linked file. Can you provide a good link to a 5.1 installer for OSX?
  14. I'm having issues with markers in 2018 SP3 on Windows 10. In old versions, markers drew perpendicular to tangent of the line they were marking at the REAR of the arrow (IE, how you would expect an arrow to be drawn. In 2018 SP3, the behavior has changed and now draws perpendicular to the tangent at the NOSE of the arrow, resulting (especially when using the freehand tool) for the arrow head to be misaligned badly (ie, having the arrow hanging off the line by its nose.) Anyone else having this issue? is there a workaround?
  15. I Can confirm this issue is NOT CORRECTED in 2018 Sp5
  16. Jim, It looks like you forgot to add the link to the post? Also does this SP have compatibility with mojave now?
  17. Since Nemetscheck estimates 50-60% of its username is running OSX, it is really frustrating that consistently the new release of VW is broken by the concurrent updates to MacOSX. Although I know Mods point to forum announcements, many people do NEED to upgrade their operating system (or buy new fast computers with Mojave pre-installed to use new VW features?) As a result, most users I know DO NOT upgrade to the new VW until mid year, and also have to hold off upgrading their OS, thus missing out on security patches, performance tweaks, feature releases. Wouldn't it be better for Nemetscheck to stagger with Apple and release upgrades to VW mid OSX cycle? (release in april rather than october?) That way there would be adequate time for testing and compatibility trouble shooting?
  18. Exactly. SP0 is like a useless release. Too buggy and incompatible with current environments to use. It might as well be called Beta 1 Beta 2 Beta 3 until Sp4
  19. B Cox

    pulley & belt system

    There is a way simpler way to calculate this--you can just use the Reshape tool on your belt and pulley to drag it in space (marquee select what you want to move) and move to various locations. then remeasure the 'belt'
  20. Hi I'm wondering if Nemetscheck is testing VW2019 with OSX 10.14. Last year they didn't test it thoroughly and failed to advise VW 2018 users NOT to upgrade to OSX 10.13 and I had to downgrade VW after 1 week of release to keep working. I hope their business communications will be better this year.
  21. I've been having a few crashing problems with grouping viewports / drawing labels that I have reported on this forum already. I ran into a new issue today. I grouped 3 viewports together to drag them around my sheet layer and immediately they became invisible. Ungroup and visible again. I know its a small thing but a weird & annoying behavior. Anyone else had this issue?
  22. B Cox

    VW 2019 and OSX 10.14

    Last year macOs High Sierra was released 1 week after VW2018 and it broke VW2018.
  23. B Cox

    VW 2019 and OSX 10.14

    They should really email the whole userbase. not everyone has time to browse forums to figure out they shouldnt follow an upgrade path
  24. B Cox

    Adjust flipped text

    Just do it in the document prefereneces


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