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    I have been having the same issue for the past year . I tried reinstalling windows, switching printers (Canon and HP) . Its not a PDF issue because it happens when i print direclty from VW. I think there is some problem with the way that vectorworks is talking to postscript. If you rasterize your PDF and then print the issue disappears.
  2. I have been having this problem for the past year on multiple printers (HP and Canon) I tried fresh installing windows with new drivers and vwx and i still have this issue.
  3. Hi, I have some simple 2D polyline objects in my design layer. When i have a rotated plan (90, 270, whatever) AND I am inside of a group. and I go to Rotate->flip horizontal I get unexpected results. My flip horizontal is indeed flipping the object horizontal, but over the world axis rather than the object axis. I'm running VW 2021 Sp4 on windows 10.
  4. In regular 2D drafting. Section cut markers showing up flipped etc etc.
  5. Intel i7 6700K 16 Gigs Ram RTX 3080 tons of ssd, right now os is on a samsung 970 EVO Windows 10 Issues have persisted from 2017-2020 Sp 6
  6. This issue has existed for me since 2017. It's annoying and a useless convention. I wish VW would fix it.
  7. I've run VW for 8 years both on windows and mac platforms. 2017 introduced a bunch of visual issues (markers showing up flipped, 0/0 visual bugs) etc. Since these issues persist across both OS and I have upgraded my GPU (from a GTX 970 to a RTX 3080) I'm really wondering what kind of setup should i have to have no visual bugs. Should I install studio drivers or do I have to buy a quadro card to have no graphics issues in VW? I'm currently running 2020 SP6.
  8. @Peter Vandewalle I never import hatches when I import rhino or acad DWGs for this very reason! What a mess.
  9. The purged objects was so far the best trick. I had 2200 coincident symbols!
  10. I went through and i put everything into groups by geographic location in the file, it still is pretty slow. Because we are dealing with several different users inputs we also have several hundred classes. Harder to untangle that. I wish vectorworks had a visual tool for re-mapping classes. It would make dealing with autocad and rhino users much easier.
  11. @Pat Stanford thanks--I wonder. Unfortunately other users of this file imported a bunch of dwgs from another autocad project. The result is many thousands of ungrouped objects at the design layer level.
  12. Hi I'm wondering how I can make vectorworks run faster. I have run vectorworks for the past 8 years and I'm dealing with a file that is heavy, like 40 megs of almost all 2d linework, few bitmaps, some BIM objects like walls and windows. Nothing is textured. My PC normally runs VW just fine and snappy. I switched to best performance already. My computer is i7 6700k, 16 gigs of ram, SSD, GTX 970. I'm running 1080p screen. This file just drags everytime i do anything or zoom in or out. I've tried purging it already. I'm checking my activity monitor and it never peaks above 30% load on CPU, GPU, Ram or disk. It just seems like is vectorworks calculating the stacking order of all the vectors or something. Is there something I could do to make this faster?
  13. sounds like the ODA library just cant handle common characters in file paths... I always use underscores in my file names and normally dont have problems exporting DWG..but exporting to a NAS device seems to have pushed it over the edge, probably because of the \\ in the file paths
  14. I am also having issues with this error. I tried purging what I could (I am not going to purge coincident objects etc.) but it didn't solve anything. Edit: I did solve this. The issue is it fails when writing to a network attached storage drive. it works when saving to the local drive. I have a Synology based drive.
  15. I mean, recursive references would be cool but honestly I'd settle for the ability to manually input the sheet number.
  16. Right, but you are doing this inside your design layer. Its grayed out if you do it within an annotation workspace.
  17. Hi I am working with a design group that has a specific approach to how drawing labels must be formatted. Instead of the drawing label referencing the current sheet (which always seemed like a useless function to me), they want the drawing label to reference the sheet where it is first buttoned. IE, if the plan is on sheet 1, my elevation is on sheet 2. Sheet 2's drawing labels are Detail 1/Sheet 1. You can set VW drawing label to show sheet numbers, but there is no apparently functionality to do custom sheet numbers. Does anyone have a in object work around? The only thing I've seen a few other people do is to paste the drawing label outside of the drawing viewport annotation onto the sheetlayer and explode the object, but its gonna get messy fast.
  18. @shorter The problem with your perspective is that it is as a salesperson not a normal professional user. If you cant contribute anything constructive to this discussion encouraging Nemetschek to improving subscriber experience, then stop replying. Maybe it's because you have a profit motive in selling licenses, that you feel that VW is unassailable? This is a continuously toxic problem with this forum's userbase.
  19. @shorter If you're only interested in gaslighting its better not to reply. You can read above this post of people who are having compatibility problems. And it sounds like you are describing exactly that software can only work on each annual release of OSX as described. Hence, works for one year.
  20. @Nicolas Goutte Gosh I cant think of a reason why... Maybe because there are 100 million OSX users? Are you trolling?
  21. @Jeremy Best OK BUT.... The new thing about VW in the past few years regarding compatibility is that typically VW launches its new annual version every september. Apple launches their new OS every october. The new software is NEVER compatible with the new OSX on launch. It's become the common wisdom NOT to upgrade to VW new versions until at least SP2 every year because they are not compatible with the new apple OS. This creates a situation where most users on OSX are a half year behind upgrade cycles. Because VWX file types are linked to the software version, this means offices have to migrate simultaneously. This means that Nemetschek, by not making sure VW is ready to go on day 1 of new OS releases, is creating a situation where most users are getting about half of their upgrade value by being always a half year behind the upgrade / compatibility cycle. This isn't the way a contract software should work. Adobe, hate em/love em, have this well under control. It would be nice if Nemetschek staggered their release cycles so they could work out all the kinks. It would be a major upgrade to user experience.
  22. Is it really so much to ask that Nemetschek works to make sure that this very expensive piece of software functions for more than a year? planned obsolescence much?
  23. Exactly this--everyone in my office knows not to upgrade until 6 months in. VW's timing of their releases so close to annual OSX refreshes in a guarantee that we'll likely have compatibility problems. Unfortunately these forums are only used by a handful of people so the depth of the problem is probably not well represented (like I know i'm the only person in my organization that bothers to read posts on here.) Every refresh cycle I look at the list of unrepaired bugs that i've reported in every release since 2016 and the relative cost of a Rhino license. All that 2019 introduced for us was it broke all of our organization wide title blocks. I'm not looking forward to exploring the issues of 2020.
  24. Where we are going we won't need revisions anymore. Thanks Nikolay
  25. Am I stupid? I'm also missing the Center Line Marker tool.
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