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David S

Wish List 2019? Live Section cut viewports functionality/display


Good morning Jim. Attached (left) is a section cut through a model. Being able to do this greatly speeds up our clients' design decisioning because many are not spacially aware. To see the design in context to stairs/fridges & beds etc helps them get a sense of space. I can say since we adopted this method our planning design process time has reduced by about 30% which is great as we work on a fixed fee AND we get paid quicker!. Currently I section viewport cut from the clip cube and manipulate the model until I get a "good view", and then export an image file. I have to repeat this process if the designs change but if it was a *live* "angled" section I would not have to do this. At present if I create a live section viewport to do this the angle options/image options are quite limited (see diagram 2) It would be great if this was possible in VW2019! I have been chatting about this with your colleagues in the UK. Otherwise all up and running on 2018 now and really enjoying the new functionality. The office is starting to look like the NASA command center with all our split screens!  Cheers David

83 Wensleydale Road ext cut.jpg

83 oblique.jpg

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Thank you - this method is a great workaround.

I agree - simply turning the clip cube into a view-port would cut out many of these steps.

I guess it would require 'instances' of clip cube - similar to view-port cameras?


Seems a great tool though :)

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-- Update --

I realize that as I continue to work on my file and navigate around- the view-port is obviously knocked out of the correct rotation.

So I have to go back to a "Saved View" Prior to exporting each time?

Is that the workaround? To confirm that I'm always in the correct orientation for my design layer / sheet layer viewports to pick up the correct view?


(Sorry - tired , I'm not sure if that made any sense!"

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