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Kevin McAllister

Snaps and Clip Cube


I wish I could snap to sections created by the clip cube when in true views (ie. Right, Left, Front, Back etc..). I wish that snapping in general while working with the clip cube was better.


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i would like this too, so that the face of the clip cube works like a working plane and you can snap to the point where the clip cube cuts the model

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Maybe even some Clip Cube lock, that I don't always accidentally grab the Clip Cubes Sides
while working with Objects.
And vice versa a Clip Cube Edit Only Mode to grab only its faces but no Objects,
with optional snapping deactivation ?
Maybe an option to show all Objects over standing the Clip Cube completly,
like they blinking appear when Selection Tool hovers anyway.

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The clip cube is very useful for examining sections.


However, I often want to check a dimension... let's say for example the headroom under a flight of stairs at a particular point, like either of A or B in the attached diagram.


Unless I'm missing something it's not possible to get the tape measure tool to snap to points or lines that are on the section cut plane.


This is very frustrating because the information is all there, it's just not possible to extract it easily.


The only way to do it accurately seems to be to make a section viewport, and then measure the dimensions by going into annotation mode.



Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.49.22.jpg

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5 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:

@JimW do you have the ability to combine threads? I believe this is the same as my earlier wish - 


Aha, yes, I didn't see that thread.

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Just looking up this exact issue, so annoying! Come on Vectorworks - Pleeeeease sort it out.

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