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  1. Hi everyone, I've been looking for a solution to this issue of trying to smooth out a faceted surface after it's been extruded. Obviously my options are redraw it with a complete curve however this would take a while and undo a lot of the other work I've done on the object. In OpenGL it's not an issue as the facets are hidden however in Hidden Line mode we see the lines. I know you can smooth it out by adjusting settings in Hidden Line by increasing the angle but that's more a workaround and related to hiding lines rather than actually smoothing them and removing the facet lines. Is there a tool I'm missing for this? In SketchUp, the tool is related to the eraser tool and with a keyboard shortcut and you can smooth out a surface easily. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me how to stop the Resource Manager timing out please? When I search for an item, e.g light bulbs, I get the search results but then if I don't pick one quickly, the search results often reset. I'm sure it's a simple fix but any pointers very welcome. Thanks!
  3. Jackson99

    Snaps and Clip Cube

    Just looking up this exact issue, so annoying! Come on Vectorworks - Pleeeeease sort it out.
  4. Jackson99

    Drafting Aid - Line into Segments - LOCI ISSUE

    Of course, I never really knew what that did. Thanks!
  5. Jackson99

    Drafting Aid - Line into Segments - LOCI ISSUE

    Thank you Benson and Kevin, that's much appreciated. They're excellent solutions, will give them a shot today! Cheers!
  6. Jackson99

    Drafting Aid - Line into Segments - LOCI ISSUE

    Thanks for testing it Mark. Basically prior to copying in the model and it was a blank doc, the loci's stuck to their line but after bringing in the model, they would then be off. Kevin that's interesting to know and I think that's the reason. So I often need to use this tool to spay objects out on an elevation (i.e not in Top/Plan). Is there a solution for using the line-split tool with loci's in this way or can it only be used in Top/Plan? Is there an alternative tool for 3D? Thanks for your time guys!
  7. Jackson99

    Drafting Aid - Line into Segments - LOCI ISSUE

    I noticed that this file worked fine in terms of the loci lining up however when I copied in the 3D elevation, they were off again. Very bizarre...
  8. Jackson99

    Drafting Aid - Line into Segments - LOCI ISSUE

    Hello Mark, Yes I tried the same command in a blank doc and it worked fine. Here's the file... Thanks a lot for taking a look. Jack test file.vwx
  9. Hi all, I regularly encounter a strange issue when using the Line into Segment tool under Drafting Aid. I'm not sure why but when I select Place Loci, my loci points don't line up with the line I've placed and place them off-centre. I've attached a before and after screenshot. Has anyone else encountered this and have a solution? I'm sure it's a simple fix, a setting I haven't set... Thanks in advance!
  10. Jackson99

    Clip-Cube not displaying correctly through viewport

    Yep Clip-Cube option checked. I'm not sure I can share the file as it's subject to an NDA but I'll see if I can strip out anything. Thank you.
  11. Jackson99

    Clip-Cube not displaying correctly through viewport

    Hi Mark, Thanks for your suggestion but yes that's the odd thing, I'm always viewing it in Open GL, including before sending it through the viewport. It automatically defaults to wireframe when arriving on the Sheet and then after update, reverts to Open GL again but removes the clip-cube view and changes the angle.
  12. Hi gang, I'm experiencing issues with viewing a clip-cube view via a standard viewport. I set my view up, cutting through my model with a clip-cube, front view, Open GL... looking great. I create a viewport and take it through to one of my sheets. It immediately displays as wireframe with the correct orientation but with the red update box around it. I press update and then it goes wrong... I get the model from the opposite side, out of alignment and without the clip-cube. I double click on the viewport and try and put everything back how I want it but the same thing just happens. I'm using 2019 on Mac. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  13. Jackson99

    Glitchy when exporting as a PDF...

    Hi Tim, Thanks for getting back to me. Thankfully the issue has righted itself. Not sure how or why but it's fixed! Thanks anyway!
  14. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing an exporting issue that I've never had before in that parts of my layout model aren't exporting correctly. Certain sections are appearing on screen ready to publish and then the finished PDF is missing certain parts. I've attached a before and after. Any ideas..?


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