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This would be done normally with Classes or Layers, you can turn the visibility of them on and off much more easily than going object by object.

You can also then use Saved Views to recall saved sets of visibilities for different portions of work or presentation.

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Andrew, sounds like you are used to Revit?

In Vectorworks we show and hide classes in a more traditional fashion (like AutoCAD and ArchiCAD), through class settings.

However if you would like a work flow more like Revits Temporary Hide I would suggest the Visibility Tool, basically you can hide/show objects in a similar class by clicking on them depending on what you have selected in the mode bar. If you would like to show(unhide) something that is hidden press the V key while the Visibility Tool is active to temporarally show hidden objects and click on the ones you want to show again after selecting the correct mode.


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Thanks Vincent,

Yes, i did use Revit for 2 years, but I've been using vector works for over 3 years, you'd think id be used to it by now lol..

Just figured if theres a hide objects button, it would make sense to be able to unhide it later.

Anyway, you're help is much appreciated, should save me a lot of time in the future

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OK, I'm stumped. Ironically, I cannot find the Hide Objects button. There are loads of Vectorworks areas where I do not venture. Is this an OIP option for certain objects? A tool? a command? Vectorworks Help search finds no topic (But I'm going to nominate it for a topic if I ever find out what/where it is).

Can anyone point me?



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So I discovered it is actually possible to Hide and Show individual objects. I was pretty sure you could and I just did a test in Vectorscript.

There isn't really any documentation if you don't have any VS experience ( see http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Hide ) but with messing around I was able to made a pair of scripts - one to hide an object named "Box" and another to show all objects that aren't currently visible. Pretty rudimentary but possible. I've attached a file containing the scripts.

I may play with this further as the Show and Hide commands are some of my favorites in Rhino. They are very useful for isolation when modelling.


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If you edit your workspace, there is a menu command called Custom Visibility in the Legacy folder. You can use this to automatically write scripts to show and hide objects based on whatever criteria you want. It was removed from the standard workspaces a few versions ago.

And remember if you are using scripts to change visibility settings, the most important script of all is just a single line:


This will set the object visibility of all objects to visible. Usually does not do much good to hide objects if you can't get them back.

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