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  1. Thanks Michael! Somehow it had been deactivated - Never knew you could double click on these
  2. Hi, Ive just recently noticed my snap to angle function is only picking up 90° angles. It used to snap to 30, 45, 60 etc, but now thats no longer the case I did have a former staff member using my VW for a while just before I noticed it stopped working. Is there any setting that could have disabled this? (Note: Does this in all projects, new and old, and all workspaces) Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Ah i found the problem, I'm an idiot Forgot I had the clip cube on - problem solved
  4. It might be worth noting the object is composed of NURBS surfaces - could this be the issue?
  5. Hi, Im having a strange issue where 3D dwg files are disappearing in any 3d view I can only see or select the imported object when viewing in plan view When i goto edit 3d component, i can spin the camera and see it at any angle, but then when i exit editing mode it disappears again. Ive got all classes visible, and it is on show/modify other layers & classes Ive tried changing the class, the fill and the line weight Is there anything else I can try to fix this dilemma? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Thanks Vincent, Yes, i did use Revit for 2 years, but I've been using vector works for over 3 years, you'd think id be used to it by now lol.. Just figured if theres a hide objects button, it would make sense to be able to unhide it later. Anyway, you're help is much appreciated, should save me a lot of time in the future
  7. Hi, Im just a little lost about this, but if I use the 'Hide Objects' button, how do i unhide them afterwards? For instance, i want to hide the roof whilst I'm working on a floor plan, but i obviously still want the roof later on. Any idea how i can unhide the object later on?
  8. Hi, Im trying to design a little video for our website that shows how our stone cladding system works, and I'd like to animate the bits and pieces to move into position at each stage of the video. So far I've added in a AW Moving Object, using a 3d symbol, and added an AW Object Path. When in the obj info palette for the AW Moving Object, I try to enter the path name, but it just reverts back to <> They're both on the same design layer and class, I'm not sure why it won't connect. If I preview the animation, it just disappears... This is the first time I've tried using it, so I've probably done something stupid or have a setting turned off but I can't figure it out. One a side note, is animation works worth learning, or are there better alternatives out there (Without paying $3000 for cinema4D) Thanks a lot in advance
  9. Thanks jnr and Jim, will give wiping it a go. I hope it is machine specific, because after I told my boss he went and purchased a $6000 new Mac Pro - the black cylinder looking one. Hopefully when it arrives there will be no more problems
  10. So, I just downloaded 2015 Less than 10 minutes of using it for the first time, it freezes. Now it won't even open - just sits there bouncing on the app bar. All I tried to do was insert a title block, whats going on? Can it be because I still have 2013 & 2014 installed? Would uninstalling them help? Or should I revert back to 2014 and wait for more service packs?
  11. Hi, I was working on a project when all of a sudden everything on sheet layers disappeared. I can't override class visibility in the View>Class Options menu. Everything has disappeared from my sheets except for the currently selected class, and changing the Class Options to show/modify all doesn't have any effect. Everything was fine up until I created a new viewport and couldn't edit or select it. Ive tried restarting the program, and restarting the computer too. There seems to be one class, 13, which is unaffected and does turn on and off when changing the Class Option visibility. All the rest will not show up unless the class is selected. Any ideas would be very much appreciated Thanks,
  12. I just came across a nice set of drawings from a design firm, in which I found there were clickable links on the details and sections which took you to the appropriate page in the pdf. Very convenient, especially large pdf files which take a long time to scroll through. I was wondering if this is something vector works can already do? Or if not could it be a feature sometime in the future? Thanks guys, just my two cents
  13. Hi Guys, Yes loft surface was the answer I was looking for! I think I overlooked that option because I was looking for solids rather than surfaces, but I see loft surface has a create solid option. Thanks! Problem solved
  14. I need to make a solid 3d object from 2 polygons, and a simple extrude just won't do because the 2 polygons are not parallel or the same dimensions. I know this can be done, I've done it before, but I can't seem to find the command to do it. I had to select both the polygons and a path connecting them then use some command but can't remember which, and I've been looking for hours.. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks,
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