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VW 2010 Callout Arc Leader Type, HATES IT. - Is there a work-around?


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Why did VW change the Arc Leader Type for Callouts in VW 2010? Specifically, I detest now having to assign a radius each time drop in a callout; the resulting callout now looks like a scythe, and I now waste a ton of time getting it to look 'proper'.

I miss VW 2009's auto radius. Rather, there was no need to enter a radius (and physically couldn't), because of the built-in algorithm. Where did my seamless callouts go (where the arc start was constrained to be tangent to the shoulder)?

Am I missing something? A different tool? Was the feature dropped because it involved too many calculations and slowed down performance?

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Hi, it might be late for you, but you can download here a file where you see a worksheet. This worksheet permits you to batch edit the faulty Callouts.

* Import this worksheet in all your files containing callouts converted from previous versions.

* Recalculate the worksheet.

* Find the cells in the worksheet showing a yellow background, these are all values related to the parameter 'Leader Radius" in your callouts. Edit any value where you see a huge number. Set something realistic. You can experiment.

In this fashion you can fix all converted callouts file-wide.


If you see a "Line Length" of zero, you can edit that as well. It shouldn't be zero.


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You can add "& INVIEWPORT" to the search criteria of your database.

Yoginathaswami, the power of VW resides in Worksheets and criteria, the greatest power. You can use them as "console" for parametric objects. When you have many objects in a project, worksheets are a fantastic batch-editing tool.


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Then post the bug.

While I have notified the engineer about the concerns of this list, there needs to be some input and documentation from your end, too.

This is a regression, if this is the case.

The user-defined radius option was implemented because it was a oft-requested feature, at the time. The implementation was suppose to give users the flexibility of having BOTH options by using entering either a radius value, as desired, or entering "0" (zero) to get the original tangent arc behavior. We had this working. If this is not working, then it is a bug and a regression, at that.

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The user-defined radius option was implemented because it was a oft-requested feature, at the time.

This is why enabling user polls for the entire 'Wish List Requests' forum would be a helpful change. Then NV could see just what percentage of users want something to change or stay the same. Take a look at any of the ArchiCAD forums ArchiCAD-Talk - Annotation Wishes - they have a user poll attached to every request item.



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For the record I think the Bezier leader is the absolute worst of all the options as far as functionality goes. It is basically like using a polyline as your leader right? Except the Polyline Tool is so easy to use and manipulate and creates beautiful smooth curves. The bezier leader option on the other hand starts as some crazy shape and takes a lot of work to manipulate into smooth curves.

I know this may not be a priority because few offices use curved leader lines for their annotations but coming from an office that does we are basically forced to not use the Callout Tool at all because we either get really graphically unpleasing leader lines or we waste drawing time trying to manipulate them into "acceptable" curves--curves that can be achieved with the Polyline Tool on the first try every time.

Could we maybe see the Bezier leader function a little more like the Polyline Tool in the future, the control handles and the way the line is manipulated are far superior with the Polyline Tool.

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This was the closest thread I could find to my problem with the arc callout tool...

I agree that the custom radius is annoying. But even worse for me now that our office has switched to 2012 is that the leader just disappears when in line with the shoulder. I get an arc as long as the angle is anything but horizontal, but once I move it to horisontal, it's gone (shoulder stays). The only way around this I have found is to switch it to line instead of arc. Is anybody else having this problem? Or am I doing something wrong?


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