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  1. Did you pay? Do you even have VW 2010?
  2. Hello! When will I ever get free support of this kind? Why does NNA support one commercial operator and not another?
  3. How much will you pay for the better way?
  4. I know how to do it. How much are you willing to pay for me to tell?
  5. A link to additional resources is in the top left frame of the VSFR. That opens another frame with the VectorScript Appendix. Documentation of HScale is on the VW Developer site There are almost 200 VS-functions there that are not included in the ref guide that comes with VW (ie. almost 1700 functions?) It is surprising that there isn't a function to change the radius! Since I do mainy parametric objects, I had not realised it. You can calculate the scaling factor using GetBBox.
  6. No, it doesn't! As comes to HScale: what HScale? Not documented? An excerpt from VW2010 VS Function Reference: GroupToMesh H HAngle HArea HasConstraint HasDim HasPlugin HCenter HDuplicate Height HExtrude HHeight Hide HideClass HideLayer HLength HMove HMoveBackward HMoveForward HPerim HRotate HUngroup HWallHeight HWallWidth HWidth I ImportResourceToCurrentFile
  7. It doesn't? Not even on arc segments? (Should test myself, I know!) Well, blimey!
  8. I'm at loss here. Surely objects ? or their parts ? outside the page are not printed? What am I missing?
  9. Ha ha ha ha haa! Viewed, indeed! Why should VW/Mac -users subsidise you and your ilk: idiots or users of the inferior OS that requires huge amounts of support. I know already what you are. edit: Ms. Brudgers, I gather, has not contributed to development lately. She expects others to pay for that, too.
  10. VW has decent building modelling capabilities (substantially augmented by yours truly to select markets) and may one day even have BIM interoperability. Not holding my breath, though, since in the last couple of days it has been made clear that NNA salaried employees expect users to work for free for the Glory of the Chicken Maryland. edit: clarification re markets
  11. As a former ArchiCAD consultant, trainer and developer: VW has particular strengths, not (to my knowledge) available in competing software. Jeffrey already referred to the possibility of defining any geometry as any IFC-entity. The value of this feature is significant: it extends the concept of a ?VW workaround? to IFC-based BIM. In short: whatever means you can/choose to use to create the geometry, the result can be anything you want. In one of the dozens of IFC/BIM implementation and research reports produced in Finland (costing roughly 50 million ?), there is a telling tale by an ArchiCAD-user: ?The solid, free-form balustrades needed to be modeled as a series of straight walls.? Yeah, right. How is the System supposed to know that these particular walls are not walls but a balustrade?
  12. So would I, until there are different prices for different operating systems. Why should NNA subsidise Windows-users, who can't even install a printer? Your hobbyism, dear Windows-cult members, is costing us professional users money!
  13. Ahh, a good point, Miguel! Off the top of my head, I can't devise a routine to scale an arc segment. Surely it is doable, but not obvious. (I might first make the arc 360?, then change the BBox, finally reset the original angles. Off the top of my head?)
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