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  1. Shr, I'm experiencing similar inconsistencies with the section line tool. It's frustrating that such a basic tool is behaving erratically. Robert, If you need a mac file too, let me know.
  2. When I double click an elevation or a section, to add or edit annotations in a Sheet Layer Viewport, the 2d projection of the model, typically rendered in hidden line, reverts back to wireframe. This makes it especially hard when I am annotating the drawings, or adding hatch or other details to the drawing. It must be a setting that I changed, because this is a recent issue although I do not think it is associated with SP2. Any clue as to what setting I may have changed? Thanks,
  3. I'll try that until this bug is solved. Thanks,
  4. Bug not fixed in VW2011 SP2. I'm losing time because of this bug. All the efficiency of using keynotes is wasted away in reformatting the keynote legend after each edit.
  5. Bug fixed in VW2011 SP2. Thanks,
  6. OK. Uploaded one to your dropbox. Thanks,
  7. Jeffrey, It's 35MB. But it looks like J Lucas filed the bug already. If you need a file, let me know. Thanks,
  8. The file is too big to load as is. I'll isolate the annotations, keynotes, and title block and submit it. Thanks,
  9. I'm using callouts as keynotes and experiencing strange behavior when editing or adding keynotes. Each time I exit the notes manager after editing a keynote, or when I add a new keynote callout, the keynote legend reformats itself. It seems to be editing the note text indent and I have to re-edit the legend formatting each time. Anyone else experience this in VW2011, it didn't happen in VW2010. Thanks,
  10. Regen's seem to take longer in VW2011, and re-rendering a 3D view even in Open GL is really time consuming.
  11. I'm having similar issues. So I don't think its you.
  12. @Ray - That works. I hadn't tried the batch .pdf export. I'm not sure why it takes longer to export my .pdf sheets than it does to print .pdf sheets, but it's better than taking them in to acrobat and combining them into one file. @ Dworks - That also works. Somehow, it never occurred to me to try that. Thank you both,
  13. When Batch Printing .pdf files, I'd prefer one file with multiple sheets over the current multiple .pdf files. Also when Printing .pdf files, I'd prefer the .pdf file include the sheet number in the name. Also since there is batch printing, batch page setup would be ideal. Thanks,
  14. if anything that just reinforces my satisfaction with deciding on vectorworks years ago. thanks,
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