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  1. Thanks Pat! Once I checked the options SUMmerize and Sum Values, it worked as intended 🤙
  2. Aloha, been very long time since I posted here! I am not very familiar with Worsheet in VW--rarely use it. I want to create worksheet that will give a list of Class in the file and total count of objects within the class. I have tile layout that has different sizes. I put each size in an individual class. It will be cool to be able to pull the count of tiles in each class along with the class name. I was playing around and was able to create the following Database with criteria "class is xyz" Function: "class" on the first column Function: "count" on the second column But it is not giving what I wanted... Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated! Thank you VW2021iMac
  3. Aloha, rDesign: Thank you so much for pointing this out! 👍🏽
  4. Aloha, Jim: Thank you so much for your tireless help! A quick question...is there pdf version of the "Vectorworks 2016 Help." It will be useful to me do refer to when I am offline. I did find the Getting started pdf files. Thank you so much!
  5. Opps! Too eager to help! :grin:
  6. Aloha, Christiaan: Here us the link... http://www.vectorworks.net/downloads/ServicePack.php?major=2014&servicepack=1
  7. Aloha, I just tried. It works just fine. Check if your Dimension class is turned on for the viewport.
  8. Aloha, Ray: Thank you for mentioning all other names which I neglected in my post. I was truly sadden by the way the forum was heading due to frustrations and users feeling neglected. I love VW since I saw it in the form of Minicad 7. The responses from NVW staff--even if it is not the solution to the problem posted, made day and night difference with the general tone of the posts! Aloha
  9. Aloha, Jim: You and couple others are very actively addressing many of the concerns that was brought by VW users. This is very much appreciated! Having at least one of you sharing your insights and possible solutions help a lot to us users. Your very frank explanations about memory issues and 64 bits are couple good examples. Keep up the good work! I hope you will continue this wonderful contribution. Aloha
  10. Aloha, Justin: There is one setting that you can try in MacOS X pref. Click on the "general" you'll see a check box for "Close windows when...." This may not work when the application crashes but try it...
  11. Aloha, Benson: Good point. That works for one or two...I can't imagine doing this when there is a need to do whole bunch of them. Wished there was a better solution... Thank you!
  12. Aloha, is there any way that I can move/reposition the annotated angle and distance text attached to the property line object? I have two segments that are too close to each other--causing the text to overlap. The only solution I found so far is to ungroup it; however, that converts the property line object to poly line and it loses at its bells and whistles. Thanks
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