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  1. On top of my main Floor Object, I created a 1/16" thick Floor Object for a bathroom and added a floor tile texture to it. Nothing. I edited the Floor Object (which is necessary to get Floor Objects and even Roof Faces to display their textures (VWIS078)) but, still, nothing. Finally, when I zoomed out, the texture became visible. When I zoomed back in again... it disappeared. I seems that the more one zooms out, the greater the difference between the top surfaces of floor objects needs to be in order for their textures to display... VWIS169
  2. It seems that in Vectorworks 2019, Door PIO and Window PIO Styles are not retained when they're inside symbols and when their Vectorworks file is closed and reopened. In VW 2018, this doesn't seem to be an issue. In File 01, attached, edit either of the symbols, and notice that the PIOs are "Unstyled." Re-assign their Styles, exit the symbols, re-check any of the symbols, and all's fine. Save the file, close it, re-open it, edit the symbols and, again, they've reverted back to "Unstyled." Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Ha ha. I originally discussed it exactly half-a-year ago with Tech Support on September 23. Door & Window styles are one of the main reasons I'm not still using VW 2016... PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VWIS148 01-Styles not Retained in VW 2019.vwx
  3. willofmaine

    Door & Window Styles in Symbols not Retained in VW 2019

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!! This is major (at least for me). One of the main reasons I moved beyond VW 2016 was for Door & Window Styles, a reason seriously compromised when this Symbols issue appeared with VW 2019. So, it is absolutely, extremely beyond great to now have this solution! (Which solution must be one of the simplest VW workarounds ever... ...one that I never would have figured out in a million years...). Thanks, Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. In Vectorworks 2020, when using the Framing Member Tool to insert a Framing Member, the Framing Member is assigned to the class of the last previously inserted Symbol. Create a default Blank File. Import and insert a symbol that is set to insert to a class other than the None class. Use the Framing Member Tool to draw a default Framing Member. The drawn Framing Member is not in the current None class as expected, but instead it's in the class of the symbol. Repeat with a different symbol assigned to another class, and the next Framing Member will be in the class of the second symbol. VWIS164
  5. willofmaine

    Framing Members are Placed in Class of Previous Symbol

    Okay, great, thank you. My only experience with 2019 is a few short-lived trials, so, I'm comparing 2020 to 2018...
  6. Vectorworks 2020. Open a brand new, blank file. Make sure Vectorworks Preferences > Display > "Center on objects after view change" is selected. At the top left of the page layout, create an extrude. Zoom in on the extrude so that it fills the screen (a "working zoom"). Toggle through a variety of 3D views, and the extrude remains centered each time, as expected. In Top/Plan view, save the extrude as a symbol, with Insertion Point set to "Next Mouse Click," and use the lower right of the page layout as the symbol's insertion point. Edit the symbol, zoom so that the extrude fills the screen, and again toggle through a variety of 3D views. This time the extrude disappears, unless you zoom out enough to see it off to the side, because it's not being centered after the view changes. Repeat this in Vectorworks 2018, and the extrude always stays centered, as expected, both inside and outside the symbol. I often create symbols with geometry that's some distance from the file's 0,0 origin, but I use the 0,0 origin as the symbol's insertion point so that I can cut & paste-in-place geometry into and out of the symbol. VWIS168
  7. willofmaine

    Door & Window Styles in Symbols not Retained in VW 2019

    This inability of Doors and Windows in symbols to retain their Door and Window Styles when in said symbols persists in Vectorworks 2020. It is absolutely, extremely beyond frustrating. Particularly since it was acknowledged by Tech Support exactly ONE year ago tomorrow, and again submitted to the "engineers" six months ago by Matt. VWIS148
  8. In VW 2020, the Scale Margin setting of the Drawing Label object also adjusts the position of the Sheet Number, so that, for example, with a 1/4" scale margin, the Sheet Number straddles the circle. (In a new blank file, all settings for Drawing Label are default, except: Number Style: Drawing and Sheet Drawing Number: 1 Sheet Number: 2 Scale Margin: 1/4") VWIS167
  9. willofmaine

    Drawing Label Scale Margin Also Adjusts Sheet Number

    I wouldn't know about 2019, as I've completely skipped that (well, except for several ill-fated attempts to use it...). I think if you try this in VW 2018, it will work as expected (i.e., only the position of the scale text is adjusted).
  10. In VW 2020, the icons at the ends of witness lines that indicate that a dimension is Associated with what's dimensioned are not visible. Well, unless Navigation Graphics is changed to Good Performance and Compatibility, and then they do show. Hopefully, someday, the "powerful" VGM will indeed both always let us see what we're drawing and let us move about in our drawings with speed. VWIS166
  11. willofmaine

    Can't Drag Grip to Change Length of Multiple Framing Members

    So... I'm the only one experiencing this, such that I should call Tech Support?...
  12. In VW 2018 and earlier, I could select multiple framing members (such as a built up beam or a group of joists that are all the same length), click on any one of the end grips, and relocate the grip to change the length (span) of all of the selected framing members. In 2020, this doesn't seem to work: after relocating an end grip, nothing happens. VWIS165
  13. willofmaine

    Framing Members are Placed in Class of Previous Symbol

    So... I'm the only one experiencing this, such that I should call Tech Support?...
  14. Create a default Blank File. Draw an extrude. Assign the default "09 Square..." hatch to the extrude. Select the extrude and create an Auto Hybrid (AEC > Create Auto Hybrid; default fill display is Fill > Use 2D Attributes of Contained Object(s)). In Vectorworks 2018, the Top/Plan view of the Auto Hybrid is displayed with the hatch, as expected. In Vectorworks 2020, it is not. There's no fill at all. VWIS163
  15. willofmaine

    Auto Hybrid doesn't use Fill Attribute of Contained Object

    So... I'm the only one experiencing this, such that I should call Tech Support?...
  16. VW2020. Almost three years later. Please make it so that when we right-click near the bottom of the screen, the entire pop-up context menu is entirely visible, without having to scroll down within the menu. I don't really understand the need for a "threshold:" if the bottom of the menu will be off the screen, have the software move the entire menu up so that it's all visible. Regardless of how closely to the screen edge one right-clicks... VWIS066
  17. When right-clicking on an object that's near the bottom of the screen, I wish the Context Menu that appears would automatically move up so that it's fully visible on the screen. As it is now, it's often necessary to scroll down within the menu to access the desired item. When activating the Properties Dialogue Box, particularly for component dimensions of "chain" dimensions (which seems to be the only way to edit them), the Box is always very small, and it's usually necessary to either stretch the Box to a larger size and/or scroll to access the desired fields. Unless there's a way to set the default size of the Properties Dialogue Box, I wish it would default to a much larger size.
  18. willofmaine

    Polygonal Marquee Mode needs click drag in 2020

    Me too (if I could find the time to clean the list up and make it useful...). In the meantime, having the marquee mode consistent from one tool to the next (whether or not it might be its best implementation) is a nice improvement!
  19. willofmaine

    Polygonal Marquee Mode needs click drag in 2020

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  20. willofmaine

    Polygonal Marquee Mode needs click drag in 2020

    Interesting. That's how the Polygonal Marquee mode of the Reshape Tool has worked (at least for me) for a long time (including in at least 2018 and 2019). Either way, it's a mode I rarely use, so I often have to re-learn to drag-click to get started... Not sure why it isn't just click 'n' go...
  21. willofmaine

    2020 Viewport Attribute Scaling Bug

    Okay, I can replicate your problem when I use a Page Scale Complex Line Type: it goes to 50% as expected with "Preview," but not in the viewport itself. However, the hatch, as long as it's Page Scale, does go to 50% of its original size, as expected. Oh, wait, hold the phone. Evidently that's only upon the first attempt. After that, it appears to be as you say... If I create a new viewport, and skip the "Preview," the hatch seems to respond to the Advanced Properties, but the line type scale does not. Seems you've maybe stumbled on a bug. But at least it's a sporadic bug... the best kind...
  22. willofmaine

    VW 2020 render progress bar?

    With VW 2020, I'm seeing both the teacup and the progress bar for a Renderworks perspective (albeit with a delay before any sign that the rendering has started and before the progress bar appears). But for section viewports, no progress bar. I miss the progress bar...
  23. willofmaine

    2020 Viewport Attribute Scaling Bug

    Hmm... I can't replicate either of these; they seem to work as expected. But maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue...
  24. Scroll all the way to the top of the page & click on the triangle that's at the far left...
  25. Viewport Text Scale Resizes Annotations Text VWIS156 I spent much of yesterday looking at this forum & testing VW 2019 SP3 to the end of escaping the misery that is VW 2018 - which has been especially bad with an increasingly large project and a looming deadline. It's been like running in quicksand. I couldn't find anything, really, to prevent making the leap. So I leapt. Splat. Immediately after converting and opening my project file, a problem: for whatever reason, Arial 37 point text associated with symbols in plan viewports is larger than it is in Vectorworks 2018. Huh? So I enter the viewport, enter the page-scale symbol, and struggle to draw a rectangle to measure the actual height of the text. Which is hard because it's difficult to select and move the rectangle; there's no pre-selection highlighting and it has not grips. Finally, I scroll zoom and, voila, now the rectangle can be selected and moved as expected. This inability of Vectorworks to immediately display changes, which was introduced with Vectorworks 2017, persists with 2019 SP3 (I also saw this with yesterday's random testing). It's really annoying to undo an action or otherwise take evasive action, only to find that, oh no, wait, I did originally succeed with making that change! Just didn't know it. Call me a rebel, but, I think CAD softwares, being graphics programs, should always, consistently, persistently, reliably and immediately display the drafting or designing that one is doing. VWIS093 Back to the text size issue... After sorting out the measuring process, turns out that in VW2019, 37 point Arial text is 0.49" tall, but in 2018, it's 0.375" tall! To make a long troubleshooting story short: It turns out that, in VW2019 SP3, the "Text Scale" option of a Viewport's "Advanced Properties..." now controls the scale of the text within a Viewport's annotations, as well as the text that's on the design layer (the Help description still says "texts referenced from design layer"). Not only that, but Window & Door ID tags (and who knows what else) are not scaled by the Advanced Text Properties > Text Scale as they should be (so, they and their text part company and end up all over the place). VWIS156 Hopefully this scaling issue will be fixed very soon.


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