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  1. I have a similar issue where TitleBlockRec-Arch has gone missing or hidden. If I import the record format from a different file and replace it in the current document the record format still won't show up in the Resources Palette (even though the file 'says' that it exists - based on the aforementioned import process). I wish there was a way to purge the record or all references to the record; maybe it has somehow become a '__' titled file/record? It's driving me crazy.
  2. I too occasionally have this problem. It doesn't seem to matter if the drawing is set to auto/manually save. I too have been able to navigate back to the server and overwrite the originating file. This issue seems to only occur with VW documents. Mac OS 10.6.6 Mac OS Server 10.2.9 (AFP file sharing) VectorWorks 2010 SP4 (Build 126481)
  3. Nope. The destination file is a clean, barebones new document (typical/default Vectorworks blank new document). What I did discover was a door object had a value of zero (0) for the door width. It looks like a door object had been used for its sidelight only instead of just using a window PIO to do the job; deleting the door before copying to the new/blank document solved the problem. I suspect there are a lot of PIOs (doors, windows, columns, etc.) that do not like having a zero value in critical height/width fields.
  4. On further investigation the problem may be isolated to Door objects. Still looking into this.
  5. I'm having an issue in VW 2010 (Mac) where I copy content from one drawing (content originally created in an earlier version of VW, now converted to VW2010) into a new file and suddenly the Menu Bar items are grayed out (and I can no longer use keyboard shortcuts). I can toggle between open files (a system shortcut), but if I try cmd + Q, then I can't quit out of vectorworks. Clicking on the red dot will prompt the Do you want to save the changes you made in the document ?fill-in-your-name.vwx?? The program effectively becomes unusable until I Force Quit it. Are there any solutions to this problem? I've tried repairing permissions on the mac, but that does not seem to help. I've also tried using default workspace settings with no success. Thanks! [img:left]http://www.lunningwende.com/menu_bar-Vectorworks.jpeg[/img] [img:left]http://www.lunningwende.com/menu_bar-file.jpeg[/img]
  6. Victory for the scythe-look users! Thanks for the quick response! I've submitted a bug report per your suggestion.
  7. Why did VW change the Arc Leader Type for Callouts in VW 2010? Specifically, I detest now having to assign a radius each time drop in a callout; the resulting callout now looks like a scythe, and I now waste a ton of time getting it to look 'proper'. I miss VW 2009's auto radius. Rather, there was no need to enter a radius (and physically couldn't), because of the built-in algorithm. Where did my seamless callouts go (where the arc start was constrained to be tangent to the shoulder)? Am I missing something? A different tool? Was the feature dropped because it involved too many calculations and slowed down performance?
  8. I too agree that Door, Window, Equipment, etc labels need to have an option show up in elevation and section; it's odd that this is not already an option since one can choose to see door and window swings in elevation. This is a huge time killer for me.
  9. I discovered that the double entries were caused by a viewport I had placed on a design layer (a building model I had placed on a site plan). Once I deleted the viewport of the building model and refreshed the door schedule worksheet the double entries went away. Side note: Instead of deleting the troublesome viewport, I added stricter criteria on the worksheet's database - "List object whose... 'Layer' + 'is' + 'name of desired design layer'." I went on and specified each design layer I had doors on. An alternate and more efficient method (I have quite a few floors with doors) instead stated 'Layer' + 'is not' + 'design layer with viewported building model'. Thanks for your help!
  10. I have an issue in one document (this does not happen in a new file - even if I copy a 'damaged' door into a new file) where I am marking PIO doors to show 'On Schedule'. When I recalculate the worksheet any doors that are marked to show on worksheet are entered twice. If I 'select item' from the worksheet, it goes to the same door for both entries. Why am I getting two entries for each door in my worksheets in this one document? One more bit of background info is that the file was updated over the years from V9.x to V11 to V2009. Has anyone else had this problem?
  11. I just read this in "What's New Brochure" for VW11: "Support for Multiprocessors R Support for multithreading means that raytraced renderings on dual-processor machines will be up to 40% faster." However, I think that means it only applies to a single machine. I would also like to see VW meshed with Xgrid. The Macrumors site is currently livid with cluster rendering comments: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=71499 When looking at VW as a modeling package and comparing it to FormZ or Maya, adding an Xgrid module to VW could easily topple its competition. Apple seems to find this a hot feature; VW should too.
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