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Vectorworks to Maxwell


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Would anyone be interested in an exporter/plugin to export VW models to Maxwellrender ? I am interested to ask NextLimit to provide for such a plugin. But only if there is enough support for it here.

I don't know of any architects in Holland who renders in VW. Nemetchek discourages rendering in VW by excluding it from the standard versions of VW. I am sure because its not exactly up to date with current technology.

Any thoughts on this are appreciated. I think hardly any architects model in VW anymore in 3D. The competition has left wireframe modeling and boxed perspective view far behind it. But still VW has some handy tools for engeneering in 2D/3D that makes it interesting to assemble 3D info for 2D drawings. Once the 3D info is there it might make sense to render in a state of the art renderer like Maxwell.


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With more than 400,000 users worldwide, can be a good business for Next Limit.

VW supports textures and cameras, I think next limit can handle a direct plug in for VW. It will be really nice to have something like maxwell with direct connection to Vw.

Already I use VW-->C4d--->Maxwell.

Asked for that 2 years ago, in Maxwell Forums:


I know 3 more users of Vectorwoks and maxwell that would like the plug-in.

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Maxwell is the ultimate render app. Its renders unbiased, iow the final rendered image should be as real as it gets.

It allows me to use very simple Sketchup models to render realisticly under the physical sun or a studio setup. As if you are using wood or foam to make models. Once you are a bit handier in Maxwell some details of buildings can be looked at in a way only a unbiased renderer can give you. Hard to explain really, its magic.

I understand the use of C4D but the use of what Nemetchek offers in terms of rendering I find below any level. Its almost discraceful for such a wonderful app as Vectorworks really is. But it might open the way for Maxwell.

I wonder if I get anymore replies here. Maybe I should change the topic's subject in "who would like the best render app on Vectorworks".


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Cinema 4d already has a plug in for Maxwell. Archicad has one. Allpan too. It's look that the only one missing the party is Vw.

Microstation and Sketchup does have the plug in, too.

Maxwell is a render engine, not a modeler. So I think is a complementary software for unsurpassed quality in renders, but if you need a Render for the day to day basis Renderworks is Ok. For animation, velocity and Really Very Good renders (Not as Maxwell ones) in a tight timeline: Cinema 4d is a Shiny Star.

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So is exporting to DXF or 3DS not an option for going from VW to Maxwell?

It is an option. But you have to re-texture again in Maxwell Studio or cinema 4d (3d studio, modo, etc). The Idea of a plug is that you can do all your illumination and texture work in Vw, then hit render via maxwell, and voil?. Maxwell plug ins also support the creation of native maxwell textures inside the supported software.

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I love a good render, but I'm curious to know if there are any clients in the residential design market that want, and are willing to pay for, such high quality renders. How much are they willing to pay?

Or is this more for the large commercial projects, lighting design or for smaller object modeling which would be easier to do in those better modeling programs?

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The Idea of a plug is that you can do all your illumination and texture work in Vw, then hit render via maxwell, and voil?. Maxwell plug ins also support the creation of native maxwell textures inside the supported software.

This would be a far superior option to exporting models into other software to get better quality rendering. And at the price of the plugin you've got to wonder why it hasn't happened.

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Here, in my country, everyone wants good renders. People that uses Vw for models, don't render in Renderworks. They prefer to render in C4d, Maya or Max plus Vray or Maxwell. It's some kind of sickness, always good renders!

And believe me: it's a huge market in relation to the size of the country.

For example, check the portfolio, of this company:


Many offices produce similar or superior results inside their structure.

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I have been asking for this for 5 years. Maxwell is pretty affordable. We are a small firm and the ability to do high end renderings in house would be a huge benefit. I would still see myself using renderworks for my day to day and then switching over to Maxwell for important presentations and final images. We would pay for it for sure.

Maybe for 2013...????

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Sketchup has got a foothold in our office now because we've recently employed someone who's experienced with it and can produce decent models far quicker than we can in VW.

We're looking at rendering options and are probably going to get a Maxwell licence. Any other suggestions? Super annoying that it doesn't have a VW plugin.

Edit: cripes, just noticed you can buy "Maxwell for Sketchup" which is a fully integrated Maxwell engine for Sketchup for ?75!! There's a few limitations but that seems like a pretty good bargain for Sketchup users:


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Christiaan:

With Renderworks 2013 you can export to COLLADA or FBX which can both be imported by Maxwell Studio. SP2 fixed a bug with this (thanks to Fritsch for the bug report) but it is one way to get VW models to Maxwell.

The sky is the limit if you export to C4D, lots of engines including Maxwell plug in to C4D and you get animation etc. etc.

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Just released - Maxwell for Revit. I really do not understand why that Vectorworks is still the only major modeling / CAD software that does not have its own plugin. There must be a technical reason for this. Does anybody know what it is about Vectorworks that makes the manufacture of this pluggin so prohibitively difficult?

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