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Automatic Date & Filename

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The Data Stamp is a handy tool to identify the current date and actual filename of the drawing. But the date should update automatically, so we have a track record of any intermediate changes---without having to remember to manually update each time we print or close the drawing. This seems to be an easy and obvious function of the Data Tool, but I put it in the Wish List years ago, to no avail. I can't find an automatic add-on from any of the usual resources. Does anyone know where I can find an automatic date stamp, or how I can modify the current one in VectorScript? Thanks.

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This has been discussed quite a bit.

But there was a script posted here: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=105242

I haven't used it, but maybe it would do the trick for you.

My way of dealing with this is I just place a date stamp on a sheet, Modify>Create Symbol.

Now I place that symbol on each Sheet. Before printing I just double click any one

of those symbol instances, then select the date stamp and toggle off/on the fields

I want to update, and that will update the stamp for all sheets. It is just a few clicks,

although it would be nice if there was an option to have it automatically

update on its own before printing an similar operations. We'll see if it gets

implemented, but not as critical as many other features I'd like to see improved.


I just looked back at an old post on this topic...and found this script:

(Posted by Islandmon, whom said he got it when someone else posted it long ago)

Here it is:

ForEachObject(resetobject,(R IN ['Data Stamp']));

Yes, that single line above is the entire script.

I just added this as a tool.

Tools>Scripts>Vectorscripts Plug-in Editor,

then New, and make it a tool, then add it to your workspace.

It works really well:

Click on the tool, then click on a Data Stamp object and it instantly updates all of the Data Stamps in the entire drawing.

Reduces my process I described above to just two clicks rather than five, woo hoo!

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I have been using a VectorScript for years that updates a Date/Time/File Name text block on my title block whenever I print a file. I place this "Date Stamp" vertically on the binding edge of my standard sheet template. That way its on all drawings and updates automatically whenever you print.

All the stuff you need is posted on the Vectorworks Resource Share - VECTORSCRIPT forum page at:


Check it out and see if it works for you.

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Thanks for the auto-update "Date Stamp" script. I have tried to modify it to add "Print Date" to the beginning of the string. I get error messages when I run it, so apparently the syntax is wrong, but I don't know enough to fix it. The text in blue was added, and I have tried both a comma and a semi-colon after the new text.

Can you see the problem?

stampString := 'Print Date: ', Concat(dateValue,' ? File: ',docName,' ? Drawing prepared with VectorWorks-', vMaj, '.', vMin, '.', vMai, ' for ', compPlatform);

SetText(textH, stampString);

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For your VectorScript education, the Concat( ) function takes 'text strings' and variable values (separated by commas and inside the parentheses) and stings them all together into one text string. The items between the single quotes are literal text strings and the variables display their actual values?thats why your string 'Print Date: ' needs to be inside the parentheses, as Pat said.

BTW: If the bullets ( ? ) in the text strings don't showup correctly in Windows, then replace them with a dash or some other character that works.

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There is a current date data link in the titleblock border which worked great for me but stopped working a couple of releases ago. I’ve been meaning to post on the forum about it. I’d be interested if it works for anyone else.

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15 minutes ago, Boh said:

There is a current date data link in the titleblock border which worked great for me but stopped working a couple of releases ago. I’ve been meaning to post on the forum about it. I’d be interested if it works for anyone else.


Do you mean 'Sheet Data.Current Plot Date'? It works for me. It updates to current date on publishing if an 'Auto' plot date format is used in the TBB settings + 'Reset all plug-in objects' is enabled in Export PDF settings. Or did it work differently previously?


(I only started using this a few weeks ago after learning about it here from someone else)

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