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  1. Nikolay Zhelyazkov, mjm and Jonathan Pickup, you just changed my life for the better! thank you so much for your patience!
  2. I thought I had it to this point but... I got there first: and then there: I changed the titles but it did not make any difference on my sheet: so back to square one... !
  3. 2017 Where do I get to the symbol/title block used by the Sheet Border? Sorry... It is so not intuitive to me...
  4. Yes!! this is where I want to go!!! THat's what I need! But double clicking on my title block doesn't bring me to the Edit Title Block Layout you show... it brings me to the Edit Title Block that I attached earlier...
  5. If you have look at the image I attached, I circled the titles in the title blocks that I want to translate... The dialog box you are referring to will not allow me to modify the small titles on the upper left boxes... I attached another image showing the dialog box... I want to modify the left side of it!!
  6. Hi, I would like to translate the title block I'm using (US ARCH HORIZ)... Is that possible, and if it is how do I proceed??
  7. I would like to download the service pack 5 but I can't find my serial number... where is it??
  8. I'm experiencing the same problem... Mojave... Where do I find my serial number??
  9. Thank you so much Bob Cleaver, Could you be more specific as to how you sort the database for separation of plant types...? Thank you for your time! Stephanie
  10. Thank you J. Wallace, I got up to editing the criteria for rows but I don't have the option "='Plant Record'.'ID' "... So i'm not sure what to di next...! If you don't mind I would really appreciate a little more details as to how to proceed! (if you have time of course!) The help section in VW did not bring any informations, other than pointing to my plant record... Thank you so much Stephanie
  11. Is it possible to organize a plant record so that plants are organized under a trees, shrubs and perennials subtitles (ex) and in an alphabetical order? Thank you!
  12. oh ok i'll wait for your advice! thank you!
  13. It looks like a bug to me, maybe since I rebooted my computer? Should I try to reinstall vw?
  14. thanks anyway! I tried your last suggestion but that didn't work either because in the plant setting, the top plan preview is still the blue Grass 02 and I can't seem to be able to change it...
  15. you can see here in my current document Plant placement tool, that Betula populifolia symbol changed for a Grass 02 as wall as tilleul existant (i did it twice!)...


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