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  1. Dear Sam Jones, First of all, thank you for considering my question ! Regarding truss inventory : Total truss inventory including all Hanging position Partial truss inventory for one Hanging position An example is better than a long explanation ! The worksheet below are simplified for the example. The idea being to include other information relative to trusses (Symbol according to Data visualisation also)] For the loads, I am looking for the information found in the OIP: "Total Hung Weight". Which, if my understanding is correct, is the set of all equipment associated with this Hanging position (not only those with known records). You will also see, below, the type of Data Tag that I use for the Hanging position. Thanks in advance !
  2. Hello Vectorworkist, I've been looking for an ideal Truss workflow for some time (maybe too much!). But I can't find any that suit my purpose. I mainly deal with simple straight trusses; no complex rigging. And, being relatively new to Vectorworks, I feel like I'm missing some logic that should be obvious. I found several very interesting posts in this forum, but none convinced me completely! I like the Hanging Positions because they allow me to get : The overall length of the truss assembly The total weight of the elements and loads This groups the trusses together and makes it easier to move (this could of course be replaced by a simple group) But : It doesn't seem possible to create a truss inventory reports sorted by Hanging Positions I don't feel like I'm trying to do complicated things... Simply add trusses, group them for easy shifting, know the total load and create sorted reports. How do you or would you do ? PS: I'am not a Braceworks user !
  3. Dear Vectorworkist, When inserting a symbol (in Top/Plan or Top view), I can't get these symbols to snap onto 3D Locus inside other symbols with a height. They are always inserted regardless of the Z value of the Locus (they are inserted on the ground). This is not the case in isometric views. The feedback from Vectorworks help is that this is not possible because Top/Plan and Top views do not deal with the Z axis. That answers my question, but doesn't help me much. I therefore consult the community ! Let me contextualize this question ; this may help you understand it better... We work with modular furniture. Tables and table tops are interchangeable. We have tables of different heights (symbols) and we have tops (also in symbols) that can be installed on any table. Practically, we would like to be able to insert the tops directly on every tables at the right height. Would other users be in a similar case and have tips for getting around this limitation? Happy drawing to all, Good day, Furniture - Test.vwx
  4. Thanks for your feedback. This next step will be a deep one !
  5. Hello Vectorworkist, First post around here ! I am trying to obtain a list of Symbols according to criteria present in their Records Fields. Knowing that the Symbols are not inserted in the drawing ; but they are obviously present in the Resource Manager. We work with products to which accessories can be added. The main idea is to be able to display a Popup List in the OIP of our products including compatible accessories. The Symbol accessories would contain Record Fields to verify their compatibility with the products. Currently, we cannot find a node (or several) allowing to retrieve the Symbols present in the Resource Manager and, then filter them. If you had the solution (or a starting point) !
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