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  1. I will do some more testing on another fixture and report back. Thanks
  2. Ok great, safe mode sounds like it could fix it. I’ll let you know how I go. Thanks
  3. Hey Bbudzon I'm so sorry, my mistake, it does save with the file. I must have got confused when I reimported the MVR file from Vectorworks. In terms of the colour temperature settings, the Thomas 4-light molefay fixture outputs stark white light but the colour temperature setting is on 3000 and changing the setting doesn't change the temperature. Does this setting only work on certain fixtures?
  4. Hi Bbudzon It appears that it is opening somewhere that I cant see it. When I try open the window the main Vision window looses focus which to me means that the recording window has opened and it is the window of focus, but I can't find it anywhere. I have tried disabling and unplugging my second monitor, mirroring both monitors, checking behind all windows of other programs but can't see it anywhere. Also if I hover my mouse over the Vision icon in the task bar (Windows 10) it only shows one window but that might not mean anything.
  5. Thanks for getting back to me Peter. A colleague of mine was having the issue so I will check with him to see what truss symbols he was using, and I'll run your scrip and see how that goes. Much thanks, Dan
  6. Hi, I am having an issue where lots of lines are drawn on angles from truss. This is making it very difficult to use the document. Has anyone had this before? Cheers
  7. Ah cool, yes that makes sense. I am using relative cameras. Thanks
  8. Hi, Beam multiplier and candela setting don't get saved in the v3s file. Is there a way to save these with the v3s file as every time I open a file I need to readjust these settings along with other settings. Cheers
  9. Hi, Currently every time I open Vision I need to enable the DMX camera I am using. Is there a way to enable the settings to be saved with the v3s file? Cheers,
  10. Hi, I am having an issue where the DMX recording window doesn't open when selecting it through Window>DMX Recorder. Any advice on how to make it appear? Cheers
  11. Hi Occasionally lights will have the wrong colour temperature. For instance I might have 12 Sharpies and 6 Par 64's, 11 of the Sharpies will be white, 1 will be tungsten colour, 5 par 64's will be tungsten and 1 will be white. It is as if some of the fixtures have swapped colour temperatures. Closing the re-importing the file will sometimes fix the issue. I have had this issue previously over the years, it used to happen a lot more frequently but it still happens occasionally.
  12. When rendering a still image through Render>Render Still Vision crashes. It outputs the still image but the program crashes. This is a relatively simple scene exported as MVR from Vectorworks. Render quality is very high and resolution is either 1920x1080 or 3840x2160- both crash. I have done plenty of renders before with more complex scenes and haven't had this issue before.
  13. I am having issues with conventionals and focus positions in version 2021. Is the solution to export everything as MVR and export conventionals as ESC? Thanks
  14. Hello, this same issue has just happened to me. Redrawing lines with polyline with bezier vertex mode does not fix it, I need to turn off the arrowhead and then add a short line with the line tool and add the arrowhead to that.


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