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  1. @Robert Janiak I think the issue with the laptop I am trying to use is the lack of a proper graphics card. Version 2018 worked on it but I guess the graphics requirements are higher with the new version. I will have to stick to my desktop computer for now.
  2. Where about do I contact technical support to get access to JIRA? I can't find a link on the JIRA site, is it somewhere on the Service Select site?
  3. Hi I feel that it would be really good for Vision to use the same keyboard shortcuts as Vectorworks which would make moving between the two softwares more seamless. Cheers, Dan
  4. Hello I am having trouble with Vision 2019 on Windows 8.1 64 bit. When I open the software I get the splash screen and then the program closes. I have tried running in administrator mode, my graphics drivers are up to date and am running SP1. I had the same issue on SP0 but Vision 2018 worked fine. Is there any known issues with Vision 2019 on Windows 8.1? Cheers, Dan
  5. Hello Firstly, is this the best place to report bugs? Secondly, I have a rig of GLP X4 XL's and some of them are visualising with a hard edged beam and some with a soft edge. Also there are a number of them that are a slightly different colour. The colour being driven from the console is definitely the same across all fixtures. Cheers, Dan
  6. @LJ TMSI recently ran into a possibly similar issue with a GLP GT-1, where clearing the console wouldn’t reset the animation wheel back to open, but after a while of playing I was able to rotate it so that it stopped in the open part of the wheel. This issue was distinctly different to the original issue I experienced in this post.
  7. @bbudzon No issues so far from my end! This release has fixed so many of the issues I had from previous versions and it has save me a lot of time in terms of troubleshooting etc.
  8. I am very impressed by the improvement 2019 has over the other releases!
  9. That is excellent news. I will be using Vision quite a lot over the next month or two so I will update to 2019 and will let you know how I go. Cheers
  10. I find myself switching between Vectorworks and Vision quite often. Particularly when coming up with a new design or concept, so the ability to quickly and easily do this without losing saved views and global properties is a must. Also when coming across the problem of fixture addresses stopping working there is often a bit of back and forth to find an address that works. The most ideal situation would be for Vision to be built in Vectorworks, so there is no application switching and any update that is made in Vectorworks is automatically updated in the visualiser.
  11. DBLD

    GLP GT-1

    Hey guys Just to update, I have run Update Libraries within Vision and while running Vision as administrator in Windows and it is still missing. Cheers, Dan
  12. DBLD

    GLP GT-1

    Hi Rob I have run the Update Vision and Update Library commands within Vision and still the same issue. Could this be because I can't get the GT-1 fixture library in Vectorworks? Cheers
  13. DBLD

    GLP GT-1

    Thanks Rob, I will give that a go. Cheers
  14. DBLD

    GLP GT-1 fixture library

    Ah yes, perhaps you are correct. I am in Australia. Can anyone from Vectorworks confirm that might be the case?
  15. DBLD

    GLP GT-1 fixture library

    Hi Mark Thank you for your tips. Unfortunately both those things are enabled. Strangely my list of Service Select fixtures is a lot shorter than yours.. And this is the list of GLP fixtures I have which is in the Vectorworks Library as opposed to the Service Select Library. Cheers, Dan


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