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  1. Thanks Mark! That gives me something to think about. Cheers
  2. Hi, We have created a template file that contains a lot of resources that we regularly use. We also from time to time need to share a project file with collaborators but we don't want to share the extra resources associated in the file. Is there a way to do this? Cheers, Dan
  3. Hi I am on Vectorworks 2021, every time I open Vectorworks I need to sign in to the Service Select to access the Premium Libraries. Is there a way for it to remember my log in details? Cheers
  4. Hey Bbudzon Thanks for this info. I will keep playing with settings. In terms of SLI, I think I am going to buy one of the new 30xx cards and not worry about SLI. Thanks for your help.
  5. Unfortunately frame rate is better without forcing SLI alternate frame rendering and only using one graphics card. 50fps without SLI, 40 with SLI.
  6. Sorry for the very slow reply... I am on: Windows 10 Pro, build 19041.508 nVidia driver 456.38 nVidia Control Panel 8.1.940.0 Vision I had a major breakthrough in terms of frame rate today. In Vision preferences I changed haze quality from 1 to 0 and although it doesn't look quite as good frame rate went from 5 fps to 30 fps on very high texture, shadow and surface light quality settings at 1080 resolution.
  7. I tested with VSync off and the frame rate is about the same. I was running a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with high texture, shadow and surface quality settings, dynamic shadows only on objects and VSync off. If I reduce to a resolution of 1280 x 960 the frame rate goes up to around 80 but this is a very simple scene- there is only 10 spots. As soon as I introduce 8 x Quantum Washes the frame rate drops to around 14 FPS with resolution at 1280 x 960, or a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and all quality settings to very low FPS is around 8. I was really hoping that introducing a second graphics card would improve this as this is still quite a small rig- once I start visualising a festival rig with multi element heads such as X4 Bars and JDC-1's things get really bogged down, and programming a music show with this frame rate isn't ideal.
  8. I have run some more tests and taken screen shots. Furmark without SLI - 35 FPS Furmark with SLI - 70 FPS (The green SLI indicator bar can be seen to the left) Vision without SLI (tested with Fraps) - 60 FPS Vision with SLI (tested with Fraps) - 50 FPS (The SLI inidcator bar on the left is showing no SLI utilization. I had to enable force alternate frame rendering on either card 1 or card 2 to get Vision to use both cards but there was no increase in FPS.)
  9. Hey bbudzon, I think I am on nVidia driver version 452.06 and am on Windows 10. Is there a way to enable Vision to display the FPS? That way I can run some proper tests.
  10. The only way that I can get Vision to use both cards is if I force alternate frame rendering in the NVIDIA control panel. Did you have to do that on your test machine? The performance increase isn't very noticeable.
  11. I have tried using the library default fixtures but when I change the fixture mode I get the same /Lights4 and .lit issues. I was working towards creating patch sheets that auto generate but I think for now I will use a User Field and enter the fixture mode manually.
  12. I have two GTX 1070's in my machine running in SLI. The SLI bridge is working but they don't appear to be running in SLI mode for Vision. Do I need to enable anything within Vision to make it utilise SLI? Cheers, Dan
  13. Hi Jcogdell Thanks for looking at my file. This is strange because on my end the fixture data in the OIP shows that the fixtures do have a mode assigned. I can reassign them which this gets rid of the Lights4/ temporarily, but as I reassign the next fixture type the previous reverts to back to Lights4/. I updated to SP5 and the .lit issue is not fixed, however the fixture type that was last selected before recalculating worksheets does not show Lights4/ or .lit.
  14. Thanks for the info @jcogdell. Is Lights4/ related to this too? Is there a workaround for now? Will this be address in version 2021?
  15. Hi, I am creating a report listing the fixture mode of instruments using the Fixture Mode attribute of Lighting Device Records and for some fixtures I am getting Lights4/ written before the fixture mode and .lit after. Does anyone know what causes this? Cheers, Dan


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