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  1. I have both of them back in my original document now. They seem to come and go but next time they have gone I will try turning off soft shadows.
  2. Hmmm, good to know. Thanks for having a look at it. Its strange there is 1344 light objects when the file is empty besides the two directional lights.
  3. Yep both same class. I duplicated the second from the first. I am on Vectorworks 2023 SP7, Windows 11. Top/Plan view shows the one on the left, Top view shows the one on the right.
  4. I have two directional lights in a drawing (90 degrees offset from each other) but only one symbol is showing. Is this a bug or only one will show? They both cast light. It has happened in a number of documents I have created. x
  5. It seems that even one clamp isn't visible if it is inserted as a symbol. I converted it to a mesh and it came good. I 3D edited a lighting fixture and added a clamp (rather than add it as an accessory). It wasn't visible once I exited the 3D edit window so I converted it to a mesh and it can now be seen.
  6. Thanks Scott, I just DM'd you the file. Thanks!
  7. Unfortunately I don’t have any solutions.
  8. No ceiling or wall pieces, its just a stage, risers and lights.
  9. Hello I am having a similar issue where the fixture has a clamp (edit 3D from Resource Manager), but aren't showing them when put on to the plan. They do however show in some of the Graphic Legends. I have every class and design layer turned on. I am on version 2023 SP7.
  10. No worries, I just DM'd you.
  11. I am having an issue with the lines of the steps not rendering in the hidden line render. Anyone have any suggestions? There is two sets of treads there as in the plan view below:
  12. I am having an issue when I try to edit the 2D component of a label legend where it only shows the 3D view. When I open the 2D label legend editor the view looks like this below. Top/Plan view is selected. While I am still in 2D label legend edit I can go to a front view and it shows what looks like the 3D editor. Editing in the 3D view has makes no changes to the 2D label legend. This has happened over a number of Vectorworks files. I have deleted all label legends from this file and started fresh but still having the same issue. I am on version 2023 SP6 but this was also happening in SP5.
  13. Hello, this has just happened to me again. I am on version 2023 and updated to SP6 yesterday. Clicking the multiple view panes icon fixed the issue.
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