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  1. GioPet

    Radio Button 'get-command'

    I am working on a simple Dialog with a set of Radio Buttons - depending on the selection, the script will perform different sub-procedures. I can't find a VS command to get the selected Radio Button. Any suggestion? thanks in advance! Giovanni
  2. GioPet

    How to organize classes / Ten Commands

    Hi all, in order to help the organisation of classes, I have developed a plugin that keeps your drawing structure organised when you paste objects from other drawings. If you merge incoming classes with the existing ones, the plugin remembers your associations so that you won't have to clean up your file ever again when you import objects from external consultants or other projects. This works well if you have started using AutoClassing at some point later on, and your drawings have a mix of custom and auto classes. You'll find a detailed explanation of how you can manage your classes with this tool here: [video:youtube] To download, visit https://www.smartpaste.co.uk/ I hope this helps! all the best Giovanni
  3. Hi Tui, thanks for the reply and the feedback! Most functions are available in the Free version of SmartPaste, which can is still a great addition to a simple workflow. I'll be soon posting some videos on how SmartPaste can automatically merge classes to match your structure when importing DWG/DXF files from Autocad. all the best Gio
  4. Hello everyone! I am excited to announce the recent release of SmartPaste 3.2 which features several new functions. SmartPaste is a plug-in tool that prevents the automatic creation of classes every time objects are pasted from a drawing to another, while giving you great control over your class structure in a very easy step. On this page: https://www.smartpaste.co.uk/sample-page/new-features-explained/ you will find a detailed explanation of how this plugin will maintain your drawings organised at all times while you paste content from other drawings and you won't ever need re-structure drawings from external consultants. Depending on your needs check out SmartPaste Free, SmartPaste or SmartPaste PRO. The following Vectorworks languages are supported: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish. You may also take a look at some free tools for your workflow here: https://www.smartpaste.co.uk/intuitive-tools/ Looking forward to receiving your feedback and comments all the best Giovanni
  5. GioPet

    Problems Encrypting a Python Script

    That's great Dieter I am sure there will be lots to talk about! g
  6. GioPet

    Problems Encrypting a Python Script

    Thanks Josh, I will follow your indication and see if I can solve it like that, if not, I will re-code in Python entirely and avoid the problem all together. Either way I will post my results here for future reference. G
  7. GioPet

    Problems Encrypting a Python Script

    Yes, I am mixing the two languages and it's working very well if don't encrypt anything, but i understand it's not ideal. My intention is to re-write my entire code in Python in near future, but this will take me a while as the algorithm is quite elaborate (and I am still working on my Python skills) So, before I jump entirely in Python, I am mixing the two languages for an important step-release of my plug-in that requires Python functions, while I leave most of the code in VS.
  8. GioPet

    Problems Encrypting a Python Script

    Hi Dieter, If I understand correctly, I can leave the $INCLUDE .px files in my main VS script and move all my python code in one single .py file (this is then called by PythonExecute by the main VS script). Then I write the xml to package the vsm file and the py, what about the .px that are called with $include? should they also be added in the xml? Can I then encrypt the .vsm file using the cmd+opt+shift+CAPS method on from within Plug-in Manager? Many thanks G
  9. Hi Dieter, yes, I have tried vs.Chr(38) but it behaves in the same way: The following displays correctly: amp = vs.Chr(38) vs.AlrtDialog(vs.Concat('ampersand = ', amp)) but when i use concatenation (either vs.Concat or python native +) AlrtDialog doesn't display the ampersand. Bu then I used the concatenated string to make a http call I realised that all my ampersand were there as expected...
  10. GioPet

    Problems Encrypting a Python Script

    Hi all. I have always used the method mentioned by matt71: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=169223 this has always worked well for VS scripts but since I have started implementing python in some of my VS, I encounter the same problems discussed in this thread. I have followed Vladislav steps using the xml file, however when I use the command 'Encrypt Script' I get an .xxt file. Changing the extension in the encryption dialog does not work, and the xxt file is not read as a plug-in by Plug-in Manager. ..How do I get my script to be encrypted as a vsm/vso/vst?? this is pretty crucial problem, thanks in advance for any help G
  11. Hi Dieter, yes I tried that.. What turned out is that the & was actually concatenated in the string, but for some reason vs.AlrtDialog does not display it. as I was using vs.AlrtDialog to check the string, it took me a while to figure out that actually & was there.. and thanks once more for your TIP, it's all very appreciated as I've still got so much to learn about Python! G
  12. I have found no way to resolve concatenation with '&' symbol, as it is ignored in the concatenation by both vs.AlrtDialog(vs.Concat()) and + I have also tried the folloinwing: amp = str.replace('&', '%26') but no success. any suggestion? g
  13. GioPet

    Dialog Builder 6 exporting Python - bug

    Wow, this is really useful, so much easier.. thanks for sharing Dieter G
  14. I have used DB6 to generate a simple layout and exported it for Python. The dialog runs perfectly in when I export it in VS, but python reports errors with the following functions: dialog = vs.CreateLayout( GetStr('dialog_title'), True, GetStr('ok_button'), GetStr('cancel_button') ) ERROR: TypeError: Can't content 'int' object to str implicitly vs.CreateGroupBox( dialog, kUnnamed4, GetStr(kUnnamed4), TRUE ) ERROR: NameError: global name 'TRUE' is no defined These appear to be bugs in how DB6 exports the Python code. For anyone who has the same problem, I solved it with the following: dialog = vs.CreateLayout( GetStr(3), True, 'ok_button', 'cancel_button') vs.CreateGroupBox( dialog, kUnnamed4, GetStr(kUnnamed4), True )
  15. thanks Dieter, I also had a quick look at your Dlibrary, very useful stuff! g