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  1. Yes. It popped up sometime ago. Until the fix is in place, the workaround is to snap to the truss before converting the truss into a hanging position. Or, skip snapping to the hanging position and snap directly to the first unit or to the breakout.
  2. Hi Leonard, good to see you. No, not a separate license. Brick walls aplenty unless you follow very specific workflows and have things just right. Have you watched the training videos in the university? Can you post the file? Is the JDC1 a lighting fixture? Does it show the power info at the bottom of the OIP? Only works if both the position name and location fields are all the same. Try adding a breakout between the distro and the light. The screenshot doesn't look like you have the light attached to a position. You'll also need a power source (generator) for anything to show in the power web palette. Best, Scott
  3. @MartinBlomberg I played with your file. Finding the "sweet spot" for attaching corners can be frustrating, but once found, the assembly works without having to do the rotating you mention. Making this easier is on our list of needed improvements. Here's a video from my playing with your file. Hunting for the sweet spot.mp4
  4. @kevin.hayward, @mbuchan, and @Stig Runar. We're not ignoring you, 🙂. Your comments are valid, and I've added them to our list of needed improvements. You also have questions peppered in there, for which, unfortunately, I don't have answers that will currently solve them.
  5. Would you please post a sample file with the truss included? It'll be easier to help if we can play with what you're using.
  6. Set the safety to Usability for a 1-to-1 math result whenever you're playing with the math. hth, Scott
  7. @aheininen We do not see the issue you describe. Here's some testing from our engineering team. If you could try again, please. If you still have trouble, if you could make a video of your process, it would be helpful. Thanks, Scott 1.00 «-+»x Accessory.mp4 1.00 «-+»x Remove+Add.mp4
  8. @Juay, You're on the right track. If you repeatedly use LED walls with similar power needs, you could make a fake consumer object and convert it to a symbol. You'd then place it whenever you place an LED wall. So, if your wall needs five 20Amp circuits, you'd place five symbols and patch them to your distro. Hmmm. Now that I typed this out, I have a thought. You could use a lighting unit... Take a lighting symbol, rename it "LED Wall Power Input," and edit its record and geometry; so it doesn't look like a light. It'll end up on the lighting paperwork. Your lighting electrician might like it 🙂
  9. Not really. You would need to replace the objects placed by the tools with actual symbols, which also need to add an electrical consumer component. To fake it, you would place a small symbol with a consumer component at each video projector/LED location and connect the cable.
  10. At the moment, a fixture doesn't know it has an output. Therefore, it doesn't relay the power consumption from the fixtures after the first one. It's a known issue and is on our list. Your solution of running all the units to the distro is a good one for the time being.
  11. An easy cheat is to convert the hoists into lighting devices. They will then show up in the key. The graphic legend is another way to go.
  12. Are you familiar with Autoplot by @Sam Jones? He has a script to do exactly what you're looking for. I used it in all of my event drawings when doing rigging work. I made a video before joining VW.
  13. Great data tag. Thanks for sharing the string. This reminds me of a venue that needed a label added near exit doors on a drawing to show the fire marshal how many inches of exit door opening were allotted to the total planned occupancy (number of chairs) of an event.
  14. It's not just you. Accessories are not currently supported in GDTF or MVR. I'm sorry that I have no more info, but we do know it's a requested feature.
  15. Oh, the rabbit hole! 🙂
  16. Ah... Well... Have you asked @JBenghiat about this? He's amazing and might have suggestions better suited to solve the problem at hand. Let me know. S.
  17. Are you holding down an modifier keys when clicking on additional fixtures? Shift, cmd, etc? Do all the units have data in the Purpose field? Can you share the file?
  18. If you'd like to make your own tags, we have a video here in our data tag sharing pages.
  19. You're actually doing well with the file. To fix the few issues you've found... You had a duplicate hoist. If you select and drag the hoist away from the connection point, you'll see a second hoist. Delete one of them and then reattach the remaining one back to the truss. The model error "The ID is already in use... To solve this, go to the Braceworks menu and select the Reset Braceworks IDs menu command. To show the load info for each hoist, add a Data Tag to each. More info about tags are in the help file and https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/186-data-tags/ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/102258-data-tag-for-hanging-position-trim-and-weight/#comment-447185
  20. You can change the text style via the Text Style dropdown as well.
  21. You can turn those three off via their classes.
  22. @Cristiano AlvesAre you able to share your file?
  23. This is a common opinion many share about a lot of tools and features. As technology progresses and use cases expand, the levels of tool capabilities will always start to wain. As users suggest improvements and point out items that have become newly lacking, we add these to our lists of things to keep in mind during planning. Software development takes several paths. Answering the needs of current users with specific problems is one. Figuring out what users don't know they need yet is another. When I reflect on this, I think of the path from cars that started at 15mph, to seatbelts, to airbags and crumple zones. Keep the suggestions coming. Thanks, Scott
  24. At the moment, calculating midspan is not supported due to unknown twisting reactive forces on the middle area of a truss. When I'm calculating the loads on truss that need to connect at midspan locations, I fake it by inserting a corner block. Obviously, this is a workaround and does not offer accurate load calculations and the structural integrity of the truss sticks themselves. It does give you ballpark estimates to start discussing needs with your production team. As with ground support calculations, I would love to have midspan calcs offered. It's on our lists and we know users want it. No idea when/if it may come about.
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