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  1. Thanks a lot for looking into it. This does make sense to me. I think I have made a lot of mistakes whilst creating the template, that was a couple of weeks into the study book... I remember getting into Line Types and perhaps clicking the wrong buttons. Appreciate your help!
  2. I have tried the template once again and it didn't create those circles. I have used 'Clip Surface' command. I have attached the file, apparently those circles only existed on 'Stagedecks' Layer, but I remember it was on another layers as well. If you can shed some light on possible cause of this, would be amazing. Edit: I realised those shapes apprear when I use 'Rectangle' tool or Circle tool etc. They just pop right around the object. Circles .vwx
  3. Thanks a lot Mark! P.S. came across your webinars on youtube, looking forward checking them out!
  4. Thanks Pat. I've tried this before, unfortunately no success... I have however find out what triggers them. As soon as I use 'Clip Surface' function, they appear (4 circles and 4 lines). This however happens only in a Template that I have created for myself following the book. On a regular template these circles and lines do not appear anymore. What could it be?
  5. I'm no expert here, but I would try to use Duplicate Along Path function. Having floor as a path and chairs as objects... Curious to hear other options.
  6. Hello. I'm having issues finding a way to show stagedeck height apart from Top/Plan view. As soon as I change for Top view the Text Options parameters disappear. See pictures below. My end goal is to have Text Options (stagedeck height) parameters to be visible with Top view (and also in Viewport). Is there a way to go about this?
  7. Hi all. New to software and this issue keeps reappearing. All around my drawing (if I zoom out quite substantially) I see circles and lines overlapping each other. I cannot choose/select them even with settings being on 'Show/snap others'. This happens to all of my drawings eventually. Anyone has a clue what is it? See picture attached. That dark object in the middle is my actual drawing.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and to Vectorworks too. I've encountered an issue that I cannot seem to find a solution to, even on this forum. Quite often I'm working with different length legs for stage decks. See example attached. Is there a way to edit that or perhaps when creating a stage deck on a specific surface, it will automatically adjust the length of the legs on relation to the floor? Also, do stage deck clams exist in Vectorworks? Thank you in advance.
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