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  1. You can do this: select the door and click in Parameters (OIP); in the tabs, change the configuration type to open without frame and other settings, how the class; change the BIM data to demolition. Duplicate the wall. Change the dimensions and position, how the door, and the BIM information, too.
  2. I think IfcZone are useful to indicate spaces with equal characteristics, for example, areas most critical for contamination in a hospital or apartments of different price ranges in a new building.
  3. The space object is good for documentation, data presentation, and other uses like energy calculations. For accurate surveys of services and related materials, I make a record format for each building component, with the service specification and the unit normally used as measurement criteria, as a minimum. It's easy to add worksheet functions as new report columns for these reports. There are also pre-formatted reports for this, in the VW archives, with a lot of information that might be useful.
  4. Hi, Ivan Hörler. The correct concept of stories, elevations and layers is of the buildingSMART. You can see a simple exemple in the figure 151, in meters, at: https://standards.buildingsmart.org/IFC/RELEASE/IFC4_1/FINAL/HTML/schema/ifcproductextension/lexical/ifcbuildingstorey.htm
  5. VW Help (Concept: Programming studies): “The space objects are square when they are first created, but they can be reshaped with the Reshape tool.”
  6. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm?#t=VW2021_Guide%2FRecordsSchedules%2FUsing_preformatted_reports.htm%23XREF_70801_Using_Preformatted
  7. Click in: your space label; Settings (OIP button); Occupation (choose the space/use name); Label; a Field name; Format: choose a name in the pop-up; Add data: choose the information; Advanced parameters: choose the properties to control in the OIP: - space name; - month; … OK. Use the OIP buttons to change the data in the label space.
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